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Academic MD & author of The Legacy of Jihad, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, Sharia Versus Freedom.
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18 Jan
1/ Dershowitz: Impeaching Trump After Presidency Is ‘Plainly Unconstitutional,’ Senate Shouldn’t Accept… via @epochtimes
2/ “The Constitution is very clear. The subject, the object, the purpose of impeachment is to remove a sitting president. And there are two precedents."
3/ "One is very obvious. When President Nixon resigned in anticipation of being impeached and removed, there was no effort to impeach him after he left office.”
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15 Jan
1/ U.S. hospitals, per 1/15/21 update, are operating below capacity, nationally, & statewide, despite C19: Total U.S. inpt bed utilization 74.5%, 18.6% occupied by those “with C19”; ICU bed utilization 79.0%…
2/ Alabama to District of Columbia…
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14 Jan
1/ “Epidemiologists have been calling SARS-CoV-2 a ‘novel virus’, implying no pre-existing immunity. Nevertheless, it is clear that some considerable pre-existing immunity is present but has not been incorporated into the modelling”…
2/ …“govt policy decisions are being made based on the number of positive PCR tests (indicating the presence of a viral RNA fragment rather than current infection) instead of investigating the proportion of the population that has developed antibody, B cell or T cell immunity.”
3/ “The fact that antibodies and T cells were also cross-reactive with other human coronaviruses (the seasonal cold viruses NL63; 229E; OC43; HKU1) suggests that exposure to some of the common cold viruses can induce immunity to other coronaviruses.”…
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13 Jan
1/ Crucial questions remain unanswered about Capitol siege: "This new evidence raises the first compelling question that remains unanswered. How could Trump incite an attack that had already been pre-planned and was in motion before his speech ended?"…
2/ A senior intelligence official told Just the News he has found no evidence that the president, the White House or the National Security Council was alerted in formal intelligence briefings to the pre-warnings or suspicions of violence the FBI and NYPD have admitted they had.
3/ What did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other leaders in Congress know — and when did they know it — about the possibility for violence and the Pentagon's pre-attack offer to send National Guardsmen to reinforce the Capitol Police?
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12 Jan
1/ Patrick Byrne: This Is a ‘Communist Party Takeover’… via @epochtimes
2/ “That’s what the left is trying to do here. They have a bill that they’re ready to pass as soon as they get in that basically imposes a Chinese-style censorship state,” Byrne said during an interview premiered on Monday. “I think this is a Communist Party takeover.”
3/ “What they’re going to try to do is take the FBI and DHS and CIA, and just completely unleash them as instruments of oppression against their domestic political opponents, all under the disguise of ‘We’re fighting domestic extremism … you saw Congress get overrun,’”
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10 Jan
1/ Why Trump Will Weather This Nonsense: "I view the video, and more than 95 percent of the people who made their ways inside clearly were just drifting and roaming around, walking mostly in single or double file, as in a tour of the Capitol."…
2/ "That was not an insurrection; it was a grown-up misbehaving — and, by the way, quite peacefully and jovially. It was not Black Lives Matter breaking a street of windows, ransacking stores, and burning down buildings."
3/ "It was not Antifa shooting rockets into federal buildings including court houses. Rather, it was a bunch of people who played 'Follow the Leader' and, out of curiosity as much as anything else, meandered into and out of the Capitol."
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6 Jan
1/ Unmasked SARS Cov-1 honesty from Australia, Apr 2003. “Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes”. "masks are only effective so long as they are dry" "I'm sure everyone would agree that it is un-Australian to profiteer from people's fears & anxieties”…
2/ NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher yesterday warned that distributors & traders could be prosecuted if it was suggested the masks offered unrealistic levels of protection from the disease.
3/ "I'm sure everyone would agree that it is un-Australian to profiteer from people's fears and anxieties," Ms Meagher said
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5 Jan
1/ Update, 1/4/21: National… & state… data reveal C19 is NOT “overwhelming” hospital bed capacities for total inpts=71.3 capacity, w/ 17.7% occupied by C19 pts; ICU total capacity=63.2% Image
2/ Alabama → District of Columbia… Image
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3 Jan
1/ “States throughout the U.S. are failing to distinguish between patients hospitalized because of COVID-19 and patients who merely test positive for the disease while being hospitalized for other reasons”…
2/ WI Dept of Health. "The # posted is for hospitalized patients, so those numbers represent people who are being treated for C19 in an inpatient setting. There may be other things going on with them, but they are included in that number if they are C19 positive & admitted."
3/ New Mexico Dept of Health: "When the state releases its daily COVID count, all COVID related hospitalizations are counted which includes those who are specifically hospitalized for COVID & those that test positive while hospitalized for other conditions."
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2 Jan
1/ BREAKING: Sens Cruz, Johnson, Lankford, Daines, Kennedy, Blackburn, Braun; Sens-Elect Lummis, Marshall, Hagerty, Tuberville: “[W]e intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given' and ‘lawfully certified'...
2/ ..."(the statutory requisite), unless and until [that] emergency 10-day audit is completed”
3/ “Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. "
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22 Dec 20
1/ Plus ca change…~60 yrs ago Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang called out the NY (un-) “intelligentsia” dilettantes “who sustain Communism throughout the Western hemisphere” in his 1958 book “The Secret Name”
2/ “They are the only people who have missed the great historical fact that the ‘Workers Paradise’ presented in Karl Marx’s psychopathic essays of the mid-19thC is now the cruelest, most extensive, & most oppressive colonial empire in all human history”
3/The title of Lin Yutang’s book derives from the remarkably prescient 1842 observations of Heinrich Heine: “Communism is the secret name of the dread antagonist setting proletariat rule with all its consequences against the present bourgeois regime. It will be a frightful duel"
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22 Dec 20
1/ Top German Covid expert pours scorn on Boris Johnson's ‘mutant strain’ claims, saying ‘politicians simply called it 70% more infectious’
2/ "Suddenly there's a figure out there, 70%, & nobody even knows what it means. The fact that top politicians are reciting scientific content to the media, saying that there's been a mutation and that cases are growing by this and that much here and there, that's unusual."
3/ "The question is - was it the ['new strain' of the] virus's fault, or was it simply that in the area where this virus happened to be... methods of transmission came into play which would have brought any other virus to the surface?"
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21 Dec 20
1/ Rhode Island Crosses the Threshold of Covid-19 Testing Transparency--Still, much more covid-19 testing cycle threshold (Ct) transparency is required in Rhode Island, and across the United States…
2/ Drs. Claire Craig and Jonathan Engler debunked the rather corrosive mythology of asymptomatic covid-19 spread, in a December 19, 2020 review
3/ Indeed Craig and Engler concluded there was “no evidence”, beyond China, “that anyone has developed even moderate COVID-19 based on true asymptomatic spread, as opposed to pre-symptomatic spread.”
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20 Dec 20
1/ @ClareCraigPath @jengleruk debunk the corrosive myth of asymptomatic C19 spread: “after examination of the most frequently-cited papers, we are struck by the paucity of persuasive evidence of anything but the most minor of symptoms resulting from supposed asymptomatic spread”
2/ …“most or all of which (i.e., asymptomatic spread) could be misdiagnoses and in any event are at no more than anecdotal level”
3/ “There is no evidence, outside of China, that anyone has developed even moderate COVID-19 based on true asymptomatic spread, as opposed to pre-symptomatic spread”…
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16 Dec 20
1/Fraud Analyst Finds Average of 2 to 3 Percent Shift for Biden in Counties That Used Dominion… via @epochtimes
2/"The man is Ben Turner, who used to be the chief actuary at Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance. He now runs Fraud Spotters, a consultancy specializing in detecting insurance fraud."
3/ The difference persisted even after he controlled for a number of factors, including county population and various demographic characteristics. “I recommend we audit the machines,” he concluded.
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13 Dec 20
1/ ChiComms Uber Alles: “Switzerland agreed to allow agents from China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to roam freely – unsupervised - inside the country in a secret agreement that came into effect on 8 December 2015”…
2/ Agreement was with China’s “Min of Public Security (MPS), the nation’s police agency, in charge of policing, national security, & w/ dedicated branches dealing with espionage & counterintel. It is also implicated in widespread, systematic, & wide-ranging human rights abuses"
3/ “key purpose of the deal is to allow agents of China’s MPS free access in Switzerland, for unsupervised operations across the country. Switzerland agreed to keep the identity of visiting agents secret. Agents are selected by China, and Switzerland has no part in the selection”
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13 Dec 20
1/Oxford U Evidence-Based Med Clinician Researcher: Mania for mass rtPCR Covid-19 testing is an expensive blunder
2/ "PCR swabs are key to schemes such as Test & Trace & to imposing tiers of restriction..the foundation of our long-hoped-for recovery. Yet our research has established that these PCR tests are routinely inaccurate. And, they are telling people they have C19 when they do not"
3/ "while a positive result does indeed show someone has come into contact with the virus and was probably infected at some point, this simple yes/no answer cannot tell us how recently they had C19, whether they are still sick or whether they are capable of infecting others"
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3 Dec 20
1/Dominion whistleblower from Detroit, MI on why others may not come forward: “I’ll tell you why. My life has been completely ruined”
2/ “I’ve lost family. I’ve lost friend. I’ve been threatened. My kids have been threatened. I’ve had to move”
3/ “I had to change my phone number. I’ve had to get rid of social media. Nobody wants to com forward. They’re getting threatened”
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1 Dec 20
1/ HHS data as of 12/1/20 are NOT consistent with U.S. C19-induced general hospital bed, or ICU bed, shortage, or overuse…
2/ % Inpatient Beds Occupied (All Patients), By State
3/ % ICU Beds Occupied (All Patients), By State
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1 Dec 20
1/ Michigan GOP poll-challenger for 9-years on (transparently fraudulent) “military ballots”: “Not 1 of the ‘military ballots’ was registered voter”
2/ “The (transparently fraudulent) ‘military ballots’ looked like they were all exactly the same Xeroxed copies”
3/ “They were all for Biden across the board. There wasn’t a single Trump vote, & none of the voters were registered”
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29 Nov 20
1/ True investigative reporting by the LA Central City News chronicles massive 2020 election fraud: “Ironically the NYT has recorded the fraud for all times, though they have not reported it”…
2/ “NYT election report reveals 104,984 stolen votes in GA, 347,768 in PA”
3/ “Georgia: When Ballots From Nowhere Arrived in Multiples of 4800 Votes”
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