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22 Feb
1/n Behind the scenes @independantsage on Friday was incredibly exciting & fun. There were Professors & Dr’s, from Maths to virology & epidemiology, experts of repute in their respective fields, being invited to ask a question was an opportunity I wanted to grab, because at
2/ the end of the day, if no one challenges the calculated acceptable deaths & life changing debilitating illness of Mums, Dads & Children, it will continue interminably & CV19 will at some point become the nemesis it constantly strives to become. Pinocchio, it’s nurturer, gives
3/ it as much chance as possible to mutate into something really nasty, not withstanding it’s appalling consequences in terms of death, but also it’s catastrophic effect on the major organs, Kidneys, Liver, Brain & Pulmonary System. This virus is nothing like flu, it’s a complete
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