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6 Jul 20
Tomorrow is "Arthur's" 18th birthday. He's been held for 9 mos by ICE in Cowlitz county youth jail, despite never being charged with a crime. ICE plans to wake him up at 5 am + send him to #NWDC in Tacoma, defying a federal judge's order (relevant text of the order below)... text from Judge Gee's 6/26/20 court order
Cowlitz County has been paid about $45,900 for collaborating in the arbitrary detention of this boy, per the terms of its contract with ICE below (the day rate was amended in 2017 to $170/day)...
But tomorrow, ICE wants to move him to #NWDC so GEO can start to pocket that nightly $$$. Again, he's never been charged with a crime; ICE separated him from his family in the US w/o any public safety justification. He's being caged for cash...…
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5 Jul 20
URGENT For the past 9 mos, ICE has held a migrant boy in the juvenile jail in Cowlitz County, WA. ICE found him when looking 4 his friend; he's never been charged with a crime in his life. On Tues, he turns 18 + ICE plans to send him to the #NWDC in defiance of judge's order...
He arrived in the US as an unaccompd minor at 14; ICE has never shown evidence he is a danger or a flight risk. But Cowlitz Co. is making $170/night to warehouse him, until the cash he generates can be transferred to GEO...…
Months ago, Cowlitz released all US citizen children from its youth jail in order to protect them from the spread of COVID-19, but migrant children continue detained -- even in case like this boy, who has never been charged with a crime in his life...
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28 May 20
Great to hear calls for new public health guidelines for air travel in light of COVID-19. But any credible guidelines must tackle the public health practices of #ICEAir, which have been ignored for years despite contagion, abuse, and violence on planes. A thread:
In recent weeks it's become clear that ongoing deportation of infected migrants is spreading the virus to countries with struggling health systems, like Guatemala -- where the Health Ministry says as many as 50-75% of deportees have tested positive,
...or Haiti, where PAHO is now warning of an "impending humanitarian crisis" in light of COVID-19, and yet deportations continue apace, despite calls for their suspension by @RepWilson and @EdMarkey…
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16 Dec 19
Este documento q recibimos hoy de la Agencia de Inteligencia de la Defensa EEUU confirma lo que ya se sabía sobre el flujo de información entre gringos, salvadoreños, y hondureños durante la guerra -- pero agrega nuevos detalles. Abro hilo.
P. ej., en el operativo Azenón Palma del 82, en el marco del cual sucedieron las masacres de El Calabozo y La Conacastada, el documento dice que mataron a 260 guerrillas y capturaron a 25. En este operativo, desaparecieron muchos niños/as y adultos. Sus familias aún los buscan.
El documento también dice del operativo Azenon Palma, "El operativo entero fue planificado en detalle en la Academia Militar de San Salvador." Como ven, eran los mismos batallones (bajo los mismos jefes) quienes participaron en varios operativos.
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20 Nov 19
Fun facts from the trenches of govt transparency work: yesterday we got this response to our FOIA request for copies of ICE's records of prior approval for recent arrests at WA state courthouses. /1
In official policy, ICE says it will only conduct arrests at courthouses when "operationally necessary," approved ahead of time using a document called a Field Operations Worksheet, so we'd requested that doc for cases where enforcement actions may raise red flags. /2
Like the 6/20/19 incident in Thurston County in which plainclothes agents wrestled a man to the ground outside the courthouse, described by the presiding judge as “having all the lookings of a kidnapping.”… /3
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