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Writer/PhD in microbiology. What you need to know about COVID-19 here: https://t.co/d02NtTvwOg #science #environment #politics #covid19 #reason
14 Sep
Tip how to end #covid19craze:
1)Ask your government healtcare representatives about peer reviewed scientific evidence that #lockdowns, #masks and vaccine will stop the #coronavirus.
Don't accept WHO as source ask about peer reviewed scientific evidence. /1
2) Ask about peer reviewed scientific evidence about what makes SARS-COV-2 so much different than the rest of common cold coronas which circulate and why doesn't affect kids. No WHO etc websites only science articles. /2
3) Ask why is the need of vaccine and how they can prove it's safe in case safe vaccines need several years of testing. Since Moderna's vaccine is most advertised but uses new methods it would need a few more years of testing.
Do they want you to be guinea pigs?
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