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15 Apr
"You cannot ask me to change the genius of my culture, the genius of my religion. There is no free for all situation here. You convert & I convert & whoever has a better organization is going to convert more. This is not a percentage of the market. Here it is one-sided...
..I cannot change the genius of my culture bcoz I don't believe in conversion.

Conversion is violence. It is pure violence. It wipes out cultures. It is not merely violence against people, it is violence against people who are committed to non-violence.

My dharma is not violence. It does not allow conversion, and that dharma has to be protected. The State has to protect it. If the protector does not protect, people should have a new protector to protect. " - Swami Dayanand Saraswati

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14 Apr
4 factors behind the myth:
1. You have to just put a slogan, there is a stampede behind it & it comes to be taken as one of those 'truths that we hold self-evident'. No one looks up anything. Most have not heard anything beyond the assertion that Ambedkar wrote the Constitution..
.. a 'fact' which by now has sunk into their visual cortex because at every turn they see statues of Ambedkar holding the Constitution.

2. Reproducing records in the partial form: Only those passages are reproduced in which he is speaking in the assembly..
. From among the speeches of the last session in which everyone was thanking everyone for the contributions he had made, only those portions of the passage in which the member is complimenting Ambedkar are reproduced.
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11 Apr
Three points of view(M, K, D) relative to Iz!am with respect to the large scale temple demolition in medieval India:

M: Destruction of temples was necessary & pious act sanctioned by theology as temples were the center for worship of false gods of Kafirs.Maintain the status quo.
Kafir (H in this case): It was an evil act of Jihad. These are symbols of the oppression of Kafirs. As supposedly we are 'free', our sacred temples must be freed from the forcible colonial occupation of invaders.
Dhimmi: It had nothing to do with religion. It was done for wealth, politics, etc. They didn't destroy all the temples. No judgment should be passed. Anyway, it happened in the 'past'. Hindus must forget it and learn to live with it. Maintain the status quo.
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8 Apr
Kashi Vishwanath temple complex, with the Nandi statue (photo taken in the 1880s). Nandi is still facing the Gyanvyapi mosque which was originally the Vishwanath temple. The Nandi has been waiting!!! Image
A sketch of the Gyanvyapi mosque/Vishwanath temple by James Princep in 1831. There was a clash between Hindus and Muslims in 1809 when Hindus tried to construct a small shrine on the narrow strip of land between the mosque and the temple. They seem to have succeeded. Image
The Gyanvyapi mosque, with the remains of the temple wall visible on the backside.
Saqa Mustad Khan in his contemporary work Masir-i-Alamgiri: "It was reported that according to the emperor's [Aurangzeb] command, his officers had demolished the temple of Vishwanath at Kashi." Image
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23 Mar
Apart from the fact that the symbol used by Hitler was not Swastika but Hooked Cross (Haken Kreuz), here is what the Chief Rabbi of Israel stated in a joint declaration of the second Hindu-Jewish summit in 2008: "Swastika is an ancient and greatly auspicious symbol...
..of the Hindu Tradition. It is inscribed on Hindu temples, ritual altars, entrances, and even account books. A distorted version of this sacred symbol was appropriated by the Third Reich in Germany..The participants recognise that this symbol is, and has been sacred to Hindus.. Image
...for millennia, long before its misappropriation."

@yodaberg If you have an issue, first take it up with your ex-chief Rabbi and Jew leadership, it's them who affirmed #Swastika as an auspicious and sacred symbol to Hindus. #SwastikaIsSacred Image
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17 Mar
Some of the things that have happened when Modi-Shah is here:
1.Many Hindus lost their lives in anti-Hindu Delhi riots thanks to the surrender of the central govt to Jihadis of Shaheen Bagh.
2.Thousands of Hindus got arrested for celebrating Diwali.
3. The sanctity of the Sabarimala tradition was broken.
4. A Hindu was killed by the bullets of the Bihar police for participating in Durga Viswarjan.
5. More 'Sabka Vishwas' schemes are in the full swing,
6. Bhagwan Ram is being called 'Imam-e-Hind' by the RSS. etc.
Some of the things that haven't happened when Modi - Shah is here:
1. Removal of the red virus from textbooks.
2. Autonomy of Hindu Temples from the state control.
3. Equal rights for Hindus in RTE, and in matters of religion.
4. Repealing of the Places of Worship Act 1991.
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4 Mar
In the year 2019-20 scholarship given to
14.23% Muz!ims=1771.64 crores
2.3% Christians= 376.57 crores
79.8% Hindus= 602.57 crores

Lion's share to Ministry of 'Minority' Affairs, a euphemism for Ministry of Muz!im Appeasement which is now called true secularism, Sabka Vishwas. Image

% religious population data as per census 2011.
Didn't think would have to state the obvious. But for some blockheads who in the replies are talking absolute nonsense (Hindus applied less, Muslims applied more that's why they got more, etc) :
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26 Feb
Propagating 'hostage population theory' Maulana said: "There would now be 9 Hindu provinces against 5 Muz!im provinces & whatever treatment Hindus accorded in the 9 provinces, Muzlims would accord the same treatment to Hindus in the 5 provinces."
What a lovely message of unity!
The credit must be given where it's due. The pan-Izl@mist Maulana had indeed given d message of unity (of a different kind).

"If even a grain of d soul of Izl@m is alive among its followers, then I should say that if a thorn gets stuck in a Turk's sole in d battlefield of war...
..then I swear by the God of Izl@m, no Muz!im of India can be a Muz!im until he feels that prick in his heart instead of sole because the Millat-e-Izl@m (the global Muz!im community) is a single body." - Maulana Azad
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5 Feb
Reproducing some of the writings/speech by this Stalinist known as an 'eminent historian':

1. Lord Indra is 'rowdy & amoral'.
2. The god Krishna has a 'rather questionable personal record'.
3. Lord Shiva is just 'a development of phallic cults'.
4. Bhakti is just the reflection of the complete dependence of the serfs or tenants on the landowners in the context of Indian feudal society.
5. Another myth which, through repetition has been made to stick to the artifact called Hinduism is that it is a tolerant religion.
6. Hinduism is d youngest of all religions, a 19th-century neologism popularized by d British.
7. Nor did any sanatandharma exists,it had to wait for its first codification by d Englishwoman, Annie Besant who,in collaboration with..Bhagwan Das drew up a textbook on sanatandharma.
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27 Jan
In Jan1670, Krishna Janmsthan Temple was destroyed on orders of Aurangzeb.

The contemporary account Ma’sir-i-‘Ãlamgiri records:

"On 27th January: During this month of Ramzan..d reviver of the faith of the Prophet issued orders for d demolition of d temple situated in Mathura..
..famous as the Dehra of Kesho Rai. In a short time by the great exertions of his officers the destruction of this strong foundation of infidelity was accomplished, and on its site a lofty mosque was built.. (2/4)
..Praised be the august God of the faith of !zl@m, that in the auspicious reign of this destroyer of infidelity and turbulence, such a wonderful and seemingly impossible work was successfully accomplished... (3/4)
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3 Jan
Not eating beef is not only religious for Hindus but it also has some historical-political context. As @Infinitchy says it is a symbol of H resistance.

In medieval India, cow slaughter was rampantly used as a symbol of Hindu subjugation by Invaders.

Here are some instances:
1. Firuz Shah Tughlaq broke the idols and mixing the fragments with pieces of cow’s flesh, filled bags with them, and caused them to be tied around the necks of Brahmins who were then paraded through the camp
2. In the reign of Akbar near Nagarkot in an idol temple nearly 200 black cows were killed and then Turks took off their boots and filled them with the blood and cast it up on the roof and walls of the temple. (Tabqat-i-Akbari )
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1 Jan
The 'greatest Hindu' blamed Hindus for the Moplah genocide of Hindus. Gandhi said:

"Hindus must find out the causes of Moplah fanaticism. They will find that they are not without is no use now becoming angry with the Moplahs or the Muzulmans in general." 26th Jan 1922
After the Moplah genocide of Hindus, the 'greatest Hindu' asked Hindus to love Moplahs more. Gandhi said:

"..Even so is it more necessary for a Hindu to love the Moplah and the Muzulman more when the latter is likely to injure him or has already injured him" 26th Jan 1922
The 'greatest Hindu' whitewashed the Moplah genocide of Hindus by calling it a revolt and felt that it came as a blessing. Gandhi said:

"I feel the Moplah revolt has come as a blessing to a system that is crumbling to pieces by the weight of its own enormity" 20th Oct 1921
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27 Dec 20
Sri Aurobindo's thoughts on the "biggest Hindu":

"He [Gandhi] has no reason in him at all, never was reasonable at any moment in his life & I suppose never will be..I don't think he is himself really sure what he will do next.He has not only 2 minds but 3 or 4 minds."
"Gandhi is a European- truly a Russian Christain in an Indian body...What he preaches is not Indian spirituality but something derived from Russian Christianity, non-violence, suffering, etc" - Sri Aurobindo on 22nd June 1926
"All his [Gandhi] preaching is derived from Christianity and though the garb is Indian the essential spirit is Christian. He may not be Christ, but at any rate, he comes in continuation of the same impulsion." - Sri Aurobindo on 22nd June 1926
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4 Dec 20
Today is d birth anniversary of d veteran historian R. C. Majumdar who refused to bend history to suit the interest of secularists & presented Izl@mic imperialism in medieval India as it was & not as Stalinist & Muzlim historians & d politicians were tailoring it to become. (1/n)
For him, this “national integration” based on willful blindness to the recorded history of the havoc wrought by Izl@m in India, could lead only to national suicide. (2/n)
He writes: "Unfortunately, slogans and beliefs die hard and many Indians especially Hindus are peculiarly sensitive to any comments or observations touching upon the communal relation in any way. (3/n)
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20 Nov 20
“With the grace of Prophet Mohammed and Allah, almost all Hindus in Calicut are converted to Islam. Only on the borders of Cochin State a few are still not converted. I am determined to convert them also very soon. I consider this as Jehad to achieve that object.” - Tipu Sultan.. his letter to Syed Abdul Dulai.

“Don’t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam? I am determined to march against that cursed ‘Raman Nair’ very soon (referring to the king of Travancore)..
..Since I am overjoyed at the prospect of converting him and his subjects to Islam, I have happily abandoned the idea of going back to Srirangapatanam now." - Tipu in his letter to Budruz Zuman Khan. #TipuSultan
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30 Sep 20
Noone demolished Kashi Vishwanath.
Noone demolished Keshavadeva Temple, Mathura.
Noone demolished Ram Janmbhoomi Temple.
Noone demolished Bindu Madhava Temple,Varanasi.
Noone demolished Sun Temple, Multan.
Noone demolished Sun Temple, Modhera.
Noone demolished Somnath Temple.
Noone demolished Sharda Temple, Kashmir.
Noone demolished Martanda Temple, Kashmir.
Noone demolished Avantiswami Temple, Kashmir.
Noone demolished Rudramahalaya Temple, Gujrat.
Noone demolished Bijamandal Temple, Vidisha.
Noone demolished Naganathaswany Temple, Tamilnadu.
Noone demolished thousands and thousands of Hindu Temples. It were intolerant Hindus who went back in time using time travel machine and built Temples of Hindu God and Goddesses underneath mosques.
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27 Aug 20
Tipu in his letter of 19 Jan1790 to Budruz Zuman Khan: “Don’t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam? I am determined to march against that cursed ‘Raman Nair’ very soon(referring to the king of Travancore)..
..Since I am overjoyed at the prospect of converting him and his subjects to Islam, I have happily abandoned the idea of going back to Srirangapatanam now."

Tipu in his letter dated 18 January 1790 to Syed Abdul Dulai:
“With d grace of Prophet Moh@mmed & All@h, almost all Hindus in Calicut are converted to Islam.Only on d borders of Cochin State a few are still not converted.I am determined to convert them also very soon.I consider this as Jehad to achieve that object.”

Indeed a great fighter!
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14 Aug 20
What is said: Paki got independence on 14th Aug & India on 15th Aug 1947.

What actually happened: On the demands of Mu$!ims for Mu$!ims by Mu$!ims(across whole India) a new “Medina” was created after the “Direct Action” which resulted in millions displaced & killed. PC- @upword_ Image
For the first time, Indigenous civilization lost its 1/3rd of the homeland “permanently” to an intransigent “minority”. (remember this fact next time someone uses the magic word “minority” to guilt trap gullible Hindus)
Indics were ethnically cleansed&forced to flee from their centuries-old homeland with only fault of theirs that they trusted erstwhile Congress leaders &when d time came leaders threw them to the wolves,taking all the credit for independence while pretending nothing else happened
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4 Aug 20
Once again defeating d submissive attitude of Hindus is on glorious display. While the community is making repeated assertion over just one mosque that they will never forget, they will continue to tell next generation that once a mosque stood there,once a mosque always a mosque+
even if that mosque was built after demolishing the pre-existent Temple on one of the most sacred sites of Hindus. Hindus instead of raising the question of large scale demolition of Temples by theologically inspired !zl@mic invaders and asserting for reclaiming and freeing +
other holy places (like Kashi Vishwanath, Keshav Dev Temple, etc) which were forcibly converted to mosques by !zl@mic invaders are busy inventing some "Muslim Rambhakts" (which is by definition oxymoron) and hoax called "Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb", inviting Iqbal Ansari +
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28 Jun 20
This is a heart-wrenching tale of the medieval response to the destruction of temples and image desecration across the land from Sun Temple of Multan in West to Kamakhya Temple in East, from Sharda Temple, Kashmir in the north to Temples of Tamilnadu in South. (1/n) Image
From primary sources in a well-researched book author, Meenakshi Jain traces the journey of Deities and outlines how temples were built again and again after their destruction by multiple waves of attack by theologically inspired Is!@mic invaders. (2/n)
The book examines the continuous desperate attempts to safeguard the images by ferreting them out of the Temples to some safer places, by burying them in the ground, by moving them from one place to another, by hiding it in forests, etc. (3/n)
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