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20 Nov 20
It is natural to have adversaries and have various levels of disregard towards "another" group. But I think many Armenians will agree that the intensity of hostility we have been receiving recently is mind-boggling to say the least.
I started reading some psychologists on this topic and found Bernard Golden, who wrote about the group dynamics of hate, saying that group participation in hate fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie that fills a void in one's identity.
He also describes the hatred of individuals and groups as a way of distracting oneself from the more challenging and anxiety-provoking task of creating one's own identity.
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12 Nov 20
With the advent of the ceasefire, the old corrupt remnants have organized mobs demanding the democratically-elect government to step down, demanding that they get back into power.
These opportunists demand it at this time and in such a way exactly because they are not interested in democracy. Because those corrupt mayors and governors who will falsify votes for them are not in power anymore.
They weaponize and make use of the pain of the parents that have lost their 18-year-old sons in this war, not in any way different how Aliyev weaponizes the IDPs of the first war. I see no difference.
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10 Nov 20
I would like to see EU dare to speak up against Aliyev or Azerbaijan's human rights record from this point on. EU allowed and pretty much enforced Aliyev's dictatorial rule for life.
Oh yes, in the coming years you will see more journalists jailed, peace-activists beaten there. Do not dare act surprised.
Your both-sidism and silence gave the green light a dictator needed. And you knew very well that this war was about a dictatorship against a democracy. Power-hungry megalomaniac's threatened stance in the region. His manipulation of his own population. Of course you knew.
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