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War, politics, climate change & food, in the Middle East & elsewhere. Author of Day of Honey: A Memoir of Food, Love, and War. RT≠endorsement, views my own, &c.
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14 Aug
Last week, a big American newspaper asked if I wanted to weigh in on the Beirut Explosion.

I lived in Beirut for the better part of 15 years. I wrote a book about my time there. As you might imagine, I have a lot to say.

Ten years ago—hell, five years ago—I might've said yes.
Don't get me wrong: I love Beirut. I've lived there for longer than I've lived anywhere else on earth.

But what happened in Beirut last week is profoundly not my story.

I didn't grow up there. I'm not from there. Unlike a lot of my friends from there—
(and btw I don't say "Lebanese friends," because Beirut is full of Syrians, Palestinians, refugees & residents & citizens & other statuses, up to & including stateless; migrant workers from many different countries; & all kinds of other folks, many of whom need help right now)
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4 Jun
True story: One of my oldest friends joined the NYPD. I've known him since I was a baby. We went to daycare together. He taught me my first bad word, asshole, a formative moment. He was like a big brother.

His anti-bike hysteria is a big part of why we're not friends any more.
The last time I called him, maybe two years ago, he launched into an unhinged, Giuliani-style rant against bicycles. Not for the first time. It was like one of those uncomfortable scenes in Taxi Driver where Travis Bickle is losing it & everyone else is kind of edging away.
This is someone who started out as a decent guy—kinda f**ked up, like all of us, but not a hater. He entered the Police Academy the same year I entered grad school in journalism. We used to joke about this. Over the years, as the job slowly destroyed him, it stopped being funny.
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10 Mar
Friends, let's talk about fear.

Some fear is productive. It keeps us alive.

Some fear is destructive. It keeps us terrified, paralyzed, &, most of all, obedient.

Which is which? How can we tell the difference?

A tale of two threads about the #coronavirus.
Yesterday—the day before six primary elections here in the US of A, don't for a minute forget—two threads went viral.

This is the first one:

and this is the second:

You've probably already seen them both. Or something like them.
They seem similar. But if you read closely, you'll spot some key differences.

And it's in those differences, my friends, that we can see just how fear & misinformation are spread.

Even by smart, well-meaning people like @CherylStrayed & @PattyArquette—people we trust.
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