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against your specific neighbourhood's character | the 'j' sounds like 'y' 🇸🇮 he/they
5 Jun
love to take a piss and be reminded that one of my favourite twitter people wants to drown me 😇
also the dude can write, fuck archpaper.com/2021/02/keller…
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4 Jun
Love to see more modular supportive housing. This one looks like it's a @MontgomerySisam project?
to give you an idea of what this may look like, a recently complete project using this method but a different architect.
not to outright dunk on these buildings but the tech is still ramping up here so the more of these projects the better. the economy of scale to create beautiful modular buildings will hopefully emerge in coming years.
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4 Jun
In an effort to preserve the core processing unit of the Flesh Gundam under unprecedented stress, a rigorous and deliberate maintaince program was started. Kind of surprised to find this has resulted in inadvertent changes to the chassis.
In all seriousness if you're like me and weight based excercise seems to be the best way to soothe the brainworms, the lifesaver this year for me was an adjustable kettlebell. Bit of an upfront investment but small footprint for apartments and fun/aggressive full body movements.
Also I have a tan for the first time in my life so maybe the sun/touching grass is helping too.
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4 Jun
I have decided I'm no longer going to tweet about housing in Toronto. I am going to live in that decomissioned subway station and scare surface dwellers with my transparent skin, bioluminescent appendages, and glowing red eyes.
Life is too short to argue with NIMBYs and YIMBYs. I'm going to become a cryptid.
Somehow despite this proclamation I am losing followers. People really hate to see a girlboss winning/becoming the stuff of urban legend.
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3 Jun
you may have loved honest ed's but did honest ed's love you?
there's zero moral judgement here btw. a landowner made a business decision based on an asset they controlled for years. but this should be a factor in your nostalgia.
For the record I am a deeply unpopular (but correct) person on this topic
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2 Jun
Ok so for normies: the way the redevelopment of this parliament hill site works is a local architect licensed here provides "Architect of Record" services while an international starchitect will take on the bulk of the upfront design work
the models differ, but typically this means Schematic Design and Design Development will be go to the Design Architect, with the Architect of Record doing Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
This means that you need a high quality design from the starchitect AND a local who understands our codes, trades, suppliers, etc. etc. etc. So for instance, the ROM crystal was designed by Daniel Libeskind...but the local architect was B+H.
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2 Jun
Lime: too sweet!!! But I could still eat a whole bag so a win in my books. @sophsa says too sweet period, fails it on the full bag test.
Mexican Chicken Tomato Flavour: immediate dissent amongst the judges. I found the tomato overwhelming, Sophia was initially really into it. Over-oniony aftertaste killed it tho. Ultimately fail by both.
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25 May
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23 May
Four years sober and still crushing a two-four on the May 24 weekend Image
Of course just like the old days 24 cans wasn't enough so I've also got something a little harder Image
One "shot" Garden Seedlip, sprig of mint, ice, top with Fever Tree Elderflower tonic. You're welcome.
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21 May
I woke up feeling angry this morning and had no outlet. Did a 100 kettlebell swings then donated the same amount to @trccmwar. If you are in the position to, I encourage you to do the same.

Now I'm going to log on to Microsoft Teams as if I didn't rage swing a 40 lb weight like a maniac for the last 20 minutes 🥳
thanks mike, have a great long weekend 🥰
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15 May
Morning vibes with appropriate music for a pour over 😉
For the *pushes glasses up to bridge of nose* uncultured. kotaku.com/persona-5s-cof…
Even if you haven't played it, the soundtrack is this amazing blend of jazz, funk, rock and incredible vocals. theverge.com/platform/amp/2…
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14 May
I'm getting vaxxed at the MaRS building, the first building I ever completed a marketing package for. I was working for the BB gen. contractor and created a series of hardcover books illustrating the internal complexity that was given to prospective tenants to hire us for fitouts
That was also how baby intern Dan found out binding glue requires time to cure. Watching my boss pull out oozing page after oozing page on what was supposed to be delivery day haunts to me.
My next job, my first full time gig that I got while finishing my undergrad at night, ended up being with B+H, the building's architect. I essentially wrote copy about it for four years straight.
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13 May
you want me to choose between @seanmaciel and @seanw_m??? i mean one can choose between heads and tails but ultimately there is still just one coin, so there is just the concept of Urbanism Sean, and I love each of them equally.
Before the plague times I would gather the Urbanist Seans at dusk and cover them with the finest silks and linens. Then I would kiss them each on the forehead and wish them sweet dreams before starting the long night's watch, lest a wandering trad try to steal and eat one.
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13 May
to shit in peace while shouting song selections at my bathroom google home like a demented god, has been the height of decadence. damn right i want someone to hold my hand thru it.
i'm mad this makes me even more likely one congrats to @hellotushy Image
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11 May
here's my contribution: twee urbanist shit. i definitely participate in this myself, but i find it harder and harder to wear a cute little TTC tshirt with the 512 streetcar on it when fare enforcement beat the tar out of a young Black man on that line not so long ago.
like what am i saying when i celebrate how much i love the streetcar i take daily to work when it fails so many of its riders, hm? toronto.ctvnews.ca/ttc-investigat…
i think if you asked a young person not plugged into a highly specific period and media scene what they thought of the whole Spacing enterprise as a whole, they would likely say it's cheugy. But then again I think urbanism is fits that definition by large.
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10 May
ikea is selling an allen key table lamp kill me
ikea is going thru a phase
in hindsight the lamp was fine, i draw the line at the flashlight tho
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8 May
my trusted 11 PM advisors...which colour: light medium or dark ImageImageImage
you're all gonna argue over these and then i'm going to buy the norman foster ones Image
ok here's another one: speckled light, grey, pink, dark blue? ImageImageImageImage
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7 May
omg 7 minutes till my horrible robot son awakens from his slumber and cleans my house
It's so hard. One second they look up to you and the next they don't have time for anything you have to say :(
Roomba Prison
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7 May
twizzlers have wheat in them. are they just very thin chewy red bread? discuss.
twizzlers are limp raspberry breadsticks
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