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20 Aug
A thread: A PSA for people to actually show more mutual understanding and NOT jump to pass immediate judgement on other people - without further clarification or information. This is regarding the public "policing" covid compliance. #COVID19Vic #auspol #melbourne #COVID19nsw
I went to the Yarraville Woolworths Metro, and just before I entered the door I realised I left my telephone at home (Which is very rare). Meaning I couldn't scan the QR code at the entrance - and required to approach a staff member for manual checkin.
As I'm walking in a mature aged (mid 60's) anglo saxon guy, who is also entering at the same time - sees me enter and immediately starts accosting me at the entrance exclaiming "why havn't you checked in". I reply "I left my phone at home"....
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25 Jul
πŸ†Tokyo 2020 Olympic InfoπŸ† *Pinned Tweets*
A clever artist has created anime characters for world nations "World flags" for the Tokyo Olympics -
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25 Jul
Olympic Team - Australia -
Aus Olympic team -
#TokyoTogether #AUS
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