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Monetarism is the underlying cause of our disease; human progress and peace through development is the cure. Eurasian integration will benefit all of humanity!
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Aug 12 13 tweets 3 min read
☢️ “Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the ‘second Chernobyl’ and innocent Ukraine: The fact that the strikes are being carried out by the Ukrainian side does not bother anyone. The Rybar team decided to analyze who is to blame and why what is happening is happening.” — Rybar 🧵 “Shelling does not pose a threat to the reactors themselves. The outer shell of the reactor is 1.5 meters of steel and concrete. To destroy it, it is necessary to use tactical nuclear weapons. And the reactor lid can withstand a blow of 20 tons at a speed of 200 km/h.” — Rybar
Aug 11 4 tweets 1 min read
“The Bank of Russia supported the initiative to create domestic financial and commodity market indicators. We are talking about the formation of alternative prices, which are currently set mainly by Western exchanges.” — Konstantin Dvinsky “At the moment, economic entities are still forced to focus on foreign indicators. Both on exchange and indexes of rating agencies. Of course, this is not normal. However, it was abnormal both a year and five years ago.” — Konstantin Dvinsky
Aug 11 4 tweets 1 min read
🇷🇺🇹🇷🇮🇷 “In July-August, it became clear that Putin was forming a ruble currency zone in Middle East. Erdogan announced ruble would become main currency in trade between Russia and Turkey. Ruble is also becoming main currency in trade between Russia and Iran.” — Russian Demiurge “The inclusion of Turkey and Iran in the ruble currency area already means receiving a share of 18.5-19% in the BRICS reserve currency basket. Filling Middle East with rubles will automatically draw Iraq and possibly Lebanon. With Syria, everything is clear.” — Russian Demiurge
Aug 10 13 tweets 2 min read
“The new world economic order that has taken shape in China and other countries of Southeast Asia differs significantly from the imperial one that existed before. Moreover, it is formed in two versions:” — Glazyev “Socialist in China and democratic in India. With diametrical political differences, they have similar systems for managing the development of the economy. This is, first of all, the dominance of public interests, which are given preference over private interests.” — Glazyev
Aug 9 4 tweets 1 min read
“Friends, I really do not like it when my country and my people are mocked! The Kyiv unfortunate manager, and after him the woman prime minister of Estonia, apparently, is not all right with the ability to think.” — Grigory Karasin, Russian Federation Senator “They do not just run into an excursion into the history of international relations and the principles of the OSCE. Alas, they are one step away from the Nazi concept of special geographical zones for peoples and states that do not suit them.” — Grigory Karasin, RF Senator
Aug 9 13 tweets 3 min read
“The theme of British interference in the internal affairs of other states is so fascinating that it deserves a good film adaptation (more than a few). Scripts are freely available. These are our briefings.” — Zakharova
mid.ru/ru/detail-mate… And journalistic investigations
Aug 7 5 tweets 2 min read
“America is rapidly going into financial collapse. The United States has lost its moral leadership in the world for a long time, they are the main violator of international law. The decline of Pax Americana is rapidly happening.” — Sergei Glazyev “China has long been ahead of the United States both in terms of production of goods and in high-tech exports. The growth rate of the Chinese economy has been 34 times higher than the American one for 30 years.” — Sergei Glazyev
Aug 7 4 tweets 1 min read
“On August 6, 1945, 77 years ago, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Three days later, the second city, Nagasaki, was destroyed. Which posed no threat.” — Volodin 🧵 “Washington killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, solely to show its power and intimidate the whole world. The United States remains the only state on the planet to use nuclear weapons.” — Volodin
Aug 6 4 tweets 1 min read
🕯 Today marks 77 years since one of the monstrous tragedies in human history — the atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

“To this day, the terrible death of innocent civilians resounds with pain in the hearts of millions of people on the planet.” — Lavrov On August 6, 1945, for the first time in the history of mankind, the US used a nuclear weapon in combat conditions, actually testing its effectiveness on the civilian population. US Air Force Enola Gay dropped a “Baby” bomb over the city, which exploded 576m above the ground.
Aug 6 6 tweets 2 min read
“Everything is in Russia’s favor at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised where the American equipment ends up. It’s a tragedy that could have been averted. All we had to do is listen to what Putin and the Russians were saying since 2008.” — Colonel Douglas Macgregor
Aug 5 7 tweets 1 min read
Sergey Lavrov’s statements:

🔻Russia is ready to discuss with the United States the topic of the exchange of prisoners, but within the framework of the mechanism agreed upon by Putin and Biden; 🔻China is ready to strengthen strategic cooperation with the Russian Federation and jointly effectively build an international system with the UN in a key role;

🔻JCPOA should be renewed exclusively in the form in which it was approved in 2015;
Aug 5 5 tweets 1 min read
“I note with satisfaction that, despite the current international turbulence, the range of mechanisms for our dialogue is expanding, the level of industry platforms is increasing, trade, economic and humanitarian ties are deepening.” — Lavrov “I will especially note the implementation of joint initiatives in the field of science and technology within the framework of the ongoing Russia-ASEAN Year of Scientific and Technical Cooperation.” — Lavrov
Aug 4 5 tweets 1 min read
ASEAN FMs’ Statement On The Cross Strait Development 3 August 2022

“ASEAN is concerned with the international and regional volatility, especially in the recent development in the area adjacent with the ASEAN region, which could destabilize the region...”
mfaic.gov.kh/files/uploads/… “and eventually could lead to miscalculation, serious confrontation, open conflicts, and unpredictable consequences among major powers. ASEAN calls for maximum restraint, refrain from provocative action and for upholding the principles enshrined in United Nations Charter...”
Aug 4 5 tweets 2 min read
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrives in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, where he will take part in a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Russia-ASEAN format. 🧵 “The self-isolation of the West from Russia continued in Cambodia, where Lavrov arrived to participate in ASEAN events. At the airport, he met with head of Turkish Foreign Ministry flying from Phnom Penh. And tomorrow... I'm afraid there will be photos again 😹🇷🇺🙋🏼‍♀️” — Zakharova Image
Aug 3 5 tweets 1 min read
“The saddest thing is that the rust is undermining the ‘holy of holies’ of the UN system — the Security Council. The meaning of the veto power that the founding fathers endowed the permanent members of the UNSC with one single purpose is being devalued.” — Alexei Drobinin “To prevent the interests of any of the great powers from being infringed, and thus save the world from a direct clash between them, which in the nuclear age is fraught with catastrophic consequences” — Alexei Drobinin, Russian Foreign Ministry
Jul 30 4 tweets 1 min read
“Ukraine has a history of converting ‘blacklists’ of this nature into ‘kill lists’, where those who speak out against the policies of the Ukrainian government are being murdered or threatened with violence.” — Scott Ritter 🧵 “I am certain you agree with me that Congress cannot be in a position where, through its actions, foreign governments are provided the means to intimidate citizens of the United States from exercising their Constitutionally protected rights regarding free speech.” — Scott Ritter
Jul 22 22 tweets 4 min read
🇷🇺🇪🇹🇪🇬🇨🇩 "Russia and Africa: a partnership looking to the future" — Sergei Lavrov will visit Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, and, possibly, one more state. Lavrov will visit Addis Ababa on July 26-27, where he will meet with several African Union ambassadors. “On the eve of my visits to a number of African countries, I would like to share with respected readers my reflections on the prospects for Russian-African relations in the current geopolitical context.” — Lavrov 🧵
Jul 22 10 tweets 2 min read
“The United States has done a lot to destroy foreign policy and economic relations with the OPEC countries. The number of US allies is declining exponentially, and the OPEC countries are most pronounced in the trend of isolation from the US.” — Spydell 🧵 🇮🇷🇱🇾🇳🇬🇩🇿🇦🇴🇴🇲🇬🇦 “For example, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Oman, and Gabon do not have a single dollar in treasuries, Venezuela has reduced investments to almost zero.” — Spydell
Jul 21 34 tweets 6 min read
As the war in Iraq unfolded with shocking destruction of that country, Russian political figure and economist Sergei Glazyev took to the airwaves with a bold appeal to nations opposing the invasion: Act now, to create a new monetary system. 🧵 Glazyev has a two-decade-long record of opposition to the destructive policies of the existing international financial institutions and the private interests behind them. His 1998 book on the implementation of liberal economics in Russia is titled Genocide.
Jul 21 5 tweets 1 min read
“Ukraine interfered in US elections. In three and a half months, midterm elections to Congress will be held in the United States. It is imperative for President Biden to keep the majority of his supporters in him. Otherwise, he may be impeached.” — Volodin 🧵 “And he is unlikely to become a candidate in the next presidential election, which he plans to. Ukraine plays an important role in these elections. While still a vice president, Biden was a participant in her political life and an active supporter of the Maidan.” — Volodin
Jul 21 10 tweets 2 min read
🛰 “Unlike previous wars, Ukraine uses thousands of small commercial Starlink communications satellites from billionaire, playboy, and drug addict philanthropist Elon Musk. More than 12K communication terminals have been delivered to Ukraine.” — t.me/vpanalytics 🧵 “The use of space satellites by the army began with the Falklands War in 1982. At that time, American reconnaissance satellites provided the British with real-time data on the movement of Argentine ships.”