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Author of the 'David Saunders' book series. Historian and Explorer. My wife and I are to be found either in the Dordogne or on our travels.
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7 Aug
Dinner this evening

Langoustine risotto followed by crème brûlée.

The wine Graves Christian Auney cuvee Cana (2019)
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31 Jul
@aeble @GyouGyou Part of the fun. I want to experience the Kazakh winter.
@aeble @GyouGyou Chaos here.

Gate to the chicken run has been left open, chickens everywhere.

Dog's attempt at herding not successful.

Daughter only interested in her special chicken (named Hector)
@aeble @GyouGyou Majority of chickens back in keep. Hard-core minority still at large. Getting ready for dinner out now. Wife in full 'Friday night mode.
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29 Jul
I checked again. It was a rose bush.
It seems the meeting at the other estate agent did also not "go well". It's a matter of valuations.

i) The family valuation

ii) The industry valuation
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10 Jul
New Thread:

Over the last few days the father, since reunited with Idiot Son (he may or may not be happy about that) has been pursuing a tactic of trying to persuade various institutions to allow him an exemption from Brexit. He started with the EU and felt I should know.
Why he felt I would be in any way interested after last weeks debacle is beyond me. He in particular likes to have my feedback on his emails before he sends them.

His key point is always the same, this is not the Brexit he voted for and someone else is to blame.
He asked who to contact at "them EU lot" I said never a bad idea to start at the top and suggested Ursula von der Leyen.

He asked if he is a Brit. I had to explain that she is a woman and no Brits still work at the EU as the UK had left the EU. This seemed to surprise him
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7 Jul
Coming soon.

The story continues - how did the Idiot Son make it to the Dordogne, what did the Mayor think of him, how is that dog bite, where are his shoes?

All will be revealed.
Despite his trials and tribulations at St Pancras the idiot son did make his later train.
He arrived in Paris where he was astonished to discover that the city has more than one train station.

He has to cross Paris, he does not speak French, he has no shoes.
He messaged me:

"Paris has so many stations and the taxi drivers all refuse to speak English. I know they are doing it on purpose. Also no proper London black cabs here, only Citroen cars, not sure I trust them"
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7 Jul
To those that said it was fake - you are wrong.
What it exaggerated for comic effect - of course

Days of increasingly violent death threats from Brexit supporters culminating with a direct threat to my family and a concentrated bot attack on my home systems made me walk away.
Our family is ok and with some help from a friend in London we have a considerably more robust IT infrastructure at home.

I had not appreciated the absolute venom and hate felt by Brexit supporters to any that disagree with them.

We live in sad times.
To those that asked, yes law enforcement is now involved and dealing with the individuals. I understand some have already been spoken with.
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29 Jun
Just had conversation with a British couple who have a holiday home near us. They voted for Brexit and have made no arrangements whatsoever for what happens on Jan 1. They have now discovered the reality of their situation.

The blame apparently is with "Brussels".
Quick follow up to this:

They have always assumed I am British and only recently discovered I have dual nationality. When I told them and revealed all my EU rights were protected I was told that was,
"very unfair" and "typical of the EU"
Further follow up.

Their son (lives in UK, uses house for holidays) called me at lunchtime.

"Is this true what those bastards in Brussels are doing to my parents?, we'll see about that. They have no right right to treat us that way"
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