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trying to achieve what's possible when people care about each other, the living beings around them, and the Earth. reformed archaeologist, semi-librarian.
7 Apr
My brother, Kyle Benjamin Spiller, died tonight at around 8pm in Denver of COVID-19. He had been stable the past few days but not improving. His body just wasn't getting enough oxygen, even with a heart/lung bypass doing the breathing and pumping for him.
He had only been married for two years. His wife, Charlotte, had one hell of an impact on him and it was heartwarming to see him start to learn how to love himself. I am so grateful for Charlotte and knowing Kyle wasn't lonely anymore- he had found a real partner.
It wasn't easy growing up with Kyle. He was 4 years older than me and had a bigger personality than I did. We both spent a lot of our childhood trying to make sure our single mom was ok. Mom told me today that he always made her laugh, and now what was she going to do?
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