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4 Jun
BREAKING: @weareoversight public records lawsuit against State Senate President @FannKfann (et al) results in new trove of documents being released.


(h/t @modernista64)
DM me with any finds in the 500 page trove.
Although, @weareoversight has helpfully highlighted a dozen or two. (Right hand column)
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28 Apr
LIVE-TWEETING today's court arguments on the #AZaudit, beginning at 10:30.

We'll be joined by election security consultant and triple threat @ThePolitiKat and all around threat (and election attorney) @TomRyanLaw!

Ct filings, more: bit.ly/AZlaw1186
And, you can follow along with us (and keep us on our toes) by watching here (Ct's site): bit.ly/3tOmM0m
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27 Apr
Some personal ANALYSIS of today's hearing and where we're at. (From a post-hearing interview with
"I don’t see either Judge Martin or the AZ Supreme Court shutting down the Senate/Ninjas audit/recount at this point. The unfortunate origin... 1/4
...of this legal dispute is that this audit is extra-legal – we never anticipated this kind of post-election game. So, the State Senate – the body that passes the election integrity laws we already have in place – did not lay down any procedures ----let alone laws ---- to...
...to be followed by the Cyber Ninjas.

That problem was exacerbated because @maricopacounty, @SecretaryHobbs, @azdemparty & even the media kept WAITING for procedures to become public. So, they didn't go to the courts...
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27 Apr
1. There is no court order currently hanging over the audit. (Which doesn't mean they should go haywire, natch.)
2. Hearing tomorrow at 10:30 on whether to put an order back in place.
3. No change in media/public access. First Amdmt Coalition is now in case, but...
...for limited purpose of fighting Cyber Ninjas efforts to file their procedures under seal.
4. @SecretaryHobbs also in, Staci Burks out. (Libertarians want to file amicus brief.)
5. (you fill in what you feel belongs here)
6. more analysis later, at bit.ly/AZlaw1184

As we note on the blog, this was started when we started a legal news program on @SunSoundsofAZ. We are resuming that program this week!

If you appreciate our coverage, PLEASE donate: bit.ly/SunSoundsDonat…
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27 Apr
LIVE TWEETING, 11am COURT HEARING On Maricopa County Election Audit/Recount.

TUNE IN here for play-by-play and commentary from the @ArizonasLaw, @tomryanlaw and @ThePolitiKat.

MORE court filings and updates: bit.ly/AZlaw1184
While we're waiting, I'm happy to announce that we were able to help convince the Superior Court to treat this as a "high profile" case. That means the court filings will be publicly available much more quickly and online.
Roopali Desai for the Plaintiffs' is now on line. Just waiting for the Kolodin Klown Kar show to roll up for the defense. -The "I" TR
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8 Dec 20

"Arizona Kraken" case, oral argument on three Motions to Dismiss

(Most recent article: bit.ly/AZlaw1122)
Also, on a (very) related note:
EARLIER this a.m., we reported on the 1st Application for Attorneys' Fees in an Arizona election lawsuit. @SecretaryHobbs seeking $18k+ vs. @AZGOP for the 2% case.
Judge Humetewa asks parties to include arguments clarifying:
1) safe harbor date significance
2) who the heck the plaintiffs are - Trump electors, voters, lawmakers, etc
3) significance of Judge Warner's finding in State Court contest - awaiting AZ Supr Ct decision --PW
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21 Nov 20
SHARPIEGATE 2: Sterling coverage of Friday's trial by the unparalleled @tomryanlaw

MUST READ live-tweeting

(Threading for inclusion in article at bit.ly/AZlaw1112)
Ok, on line with the Sharpiegate hearing.
"Covid 19 had a significant impact on how we prepared for this election. Encountered significant issues with poll workers cancelling in the March Primary election. Went from precinct voting model to voting centers model."
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20 Nov 20
Thanks for GREAT coverage of this unreal "Sharpiegate 2: The Disaster" trial.
Dr. Sneeringer is still here, and Judge Mahoney is trying to referee his knowledge of a different voting system than the one used.
Dr. Sneeringer: "I know the industry."

Judge Mahoney DISALLOWS the witness. Expert, gone.
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12 Nov 20
UPDATES on Trump campaign's Arizona election irregularities lawsuit:
Parties arguing a Secy/State motion to remove the Trump campaign's declarations from persons submitted online.
Judge Kiley removes GOP's "Don't touch the green button" online declarations from evidence - the party solicited them online & on conservative media. The attys eliminated "spam" and others. Judge notes that means the solicitation process was unreliable.
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