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22 Jun 20
We deserve equal rights to recovery. - Shauntelle, a Black trans woman in recovery on the opening panel for #ARHE2020.

This panel on experiences in recovery is COMPLETELY comprised of people of color.

This is a FIRST for @CollegeRecovery. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Image
It's challenging to heal in a space where all of my identities are not recognized or valued. - Izzy #ARHE2020
Treatment isn't accessible for all. We're not present in recovery spaces but are over represented in the criminal justice system for drugs. - Maysa #ARHE2020
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30 Jan 20
Ready to spend the next day & a half with the amazing folks of the @ulsystem, its campuses & partners at #ForOurFuture20 on @ULM_Official's beautiful campus!
First up for the day is Craig Lee of the @ATT Foundry sharing how universities can develop the workforce of the future & how AT&T attracts the best talent. @ulsystem #ForOurFuture20
Ideas come from everywhere and you want to make sure you have a way for ideas to be included. - Craig Lee of @ATT Foundry @ulsystem #ForOurFuture20 πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
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15 Jan 20
Annnnnnnnnnnd my #NASPAStrategies20 is officially underway! No better way than to start it for me than with the #NCSC! 😁 Image
I'm probably WAAAAAAAAY more excited than I should be to get my hands on the newly (today) published @DEAHQ resource #PreventionWithPurpose: A Strategic Planning Guide for Preventing Drug Misuse Among College Students from @Rich_Lucey! πŸ˜¬πŸ€―πŸ€©πŸ€“

#deacampus #NASPAStrategies20 Image
Quick #NASPAStrategies20 break to meet with new manager (& old pal) Jacob Goldberg of @Tulane's soon coming #CollegiateRecovery Program!

SUPER excited for what's to come & how we at @LA_Regents can help champion the cause!

Hear from him & @oursoutheastern's CRP at #LaHEC2020!
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9 Dec 19
So ready for #WL19 to kick off this afternoon!
Well now *this* is my kind of conference! 😁 #WLI19
Prettttttttty geeked about the #WLI19 opening key note by #SaritaBrown of @EdExcelencia!
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12 Nov 19
Really excited to be a part of this national conversation taking place tomorrow!

Looking forward to sharing some of the work #LaHEC is doing through @LA_Regents in Louisiana & learning from others.

Addiction can happen to anyone -- even the brother of the @Surgeon_General of the United States ... or any college student on one of our campuses.

People always ask me what I think the biggest killer is and I believe it is stigma. Stigma keeps people in the shadows and that is what kills people. - @Surgeon_General @ONDCP
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28 Jun 19
Excited to be headed to #ARHEinBoston today ---

(Need more info on #CollegiateRecovery? Be sure to check out the EXCELLENT work being done by @CollegeRecovery!)
First #ARHEinBoston session is underway!
Common dominant identity traits of higher ed CRP make-up.

When I walk in a room, the two things that always show up first are race and gender and I don't even get to decide that. This holds true in society AND in higher ed. - Keith #ARHEinBoston
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26 Jun 19
Excited to be attending a training by @Tallcopsaysstop being hosted by @TRACCPREVENTION at @oursoutheastern today!

Disclaimer: no photos! 😫

#tallcopsaysstop #tallcopdrugtrends
First disclaimer: no one things means the same thing! - @Tallcopsaysstop #tallcopsaysstop #tallcopdrugtrends
The training, High In Plain Sight, by @Tallcopsaysstop has been on my radar for a while --- so excited to check it out... because who knows? πŸ˜ŽπŸ€” #tallcopsaysstop #tallcopdrugtrends
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10 Jun 19
Ready to officially kick off #CPN2019
.@EVERFI's four areas of comprehensive programming.

I'm always for a good opening joke and @tarawestover delivered! πŸ˜‚

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23 May 19
Day 1 of #LaHEC2019 is underway! Excellent opening remarks from Dr. @KimHunterReed & Dr. Janice Petersen.

Followed by results from our 2019 Core Survey results by Dr. Laura Rowald of the Core Institute.
What are your policies for missed or late payments from a G.I. Bill? Are we penalizing students by kicking them out of classes for paperwork mishaps? - @dclosn #LaHEC2019

Excellent info to consider as our institutions & @LouisianaGov prioritize campus resources for #veterans.
Be sensitive to all disabilities #studentveterans may have.

Some disabilities are visible and some are not, especially for those who have had traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). - @dclosn #LaHEC2019
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4 Apr 19
Listening to @mastersjoan officially kick off #MOMinds19!
And congrats to @MissouriPIP, @NASPA4W, & @BACCHUSnetwork for record-breaking attendance at #MOMinds19!
How did I KNOW @NASPADavid was going to open with a joke?! πŸ˜‚

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14 Feb 19
"Race matters in higher education." - Lorelle L. Espinosa (VP for Research at ACE) #EquityMatters

Pretty good way to get the morning started!
Key Finding #1: Our populace is becoming more educated, as well as more racially and ethnically diverse -- driven largely in part by an increase of Hispanic students. #EquityMatters
Unsurprisingly, Black students have higher debt loads and have a lower completion rate for credentials. #EquityMatters
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