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Angarak yoga
When Mars + Rahu or Mars + Ketu is found in the horoscope this dosha is formed. No doubt such a person is short tempered and has a mighty ego. I have observed some people with such a combination. Simple advice for such a person is not to act on impulse or at the heat of the moment.
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Pisces Ascendant Attributes

Here are some attributes commonly associated with Pisces ascendant: Dreamy and Imaginative: Individuals with Pisces rising often possess a dreamy and imaginative nature. They have a rich inner world and are often lost in their thoughts and fantasies. Their creative and intuitive abilities are usually heightened.
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Significance of rising sign of d9 chart

1- If 6,8 or 12th sign of D-1 chart is rising in Navamsha (D-9) chart, your all energy will go in fights/obstacles, clearing debts,Legal matters, transformation, sudden events and Re -paying some kind of loss... 2- If 5,9 sign is rising as the ascendant of D-9, it's an auspicious symptom and you will be more focused about children, education, travelling, Romance, higher learning, religious principles, philosophical approach, philosophy etc.
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Aquarius ascendant attributes:-
Here are some common attributes associated with Aquarius Ascendant individuals: Intellectual and Analytical: Being an airy sign,Aquarius Ascendants tend to have sharp minds and a strong inclination towards intellectual pursuits. They are analytical thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and possess a deep curiosity about the world around them.
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Capricorn ascendant attributes
Ambitious: Capricorn ascendant individuals are known for their strong drive and ambition. They have a natural inclination to set goals and work diligently to achieve them. They are willing to put in the necessary effort and make long-term plans to reach their desired position of authority or success.
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Sagittarius Rising Attributes
Adventurous and outgoing: Sagittarius rising individuals are often known for their adventurous spirit and love for exploring new horizons. They have a natural curiosity about the world and a desire to expand their knowledge and experiences. Optimistic and enthusiastic: These individuals tend to have a positive outlook on life and radiate enthusiasm. They have a zest for life and a natural ability to see the bright side of things, even in challenging situations.
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Scorpio ascendant attributes :-
Intense and Mysterious: Scorpio rising individuals exude an air of intensity and mystery. They have a magnetic presence that draws others in, and their penetrating gaze often leaves a lasting impression. Determined and Ambitious: Those with Scorpio ascendant are known for their strong drive and ambition. They possess a deep inner motivation to succeed in their endeavors and are willing to put in the necessary effort and dedication to achieve their goals.
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Libra Rising Attributes:-
Astrology is a complex subject, and individual characteristics can vary based on the specific placements and aspects in a birth chart. Here are some typical attributes associated with Libra ascendant: Diplomatic and Harmonious: Libra rising individuals tend to possess a charming and diplomatic demeanor. They have a natural ability to navigate social situations and strive to maintain harmony and balance in their interactions with others.
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Virgo ascendant attributes :-
Analytical and Detail-Oriented: Virgo ascendants are known for their analytical abilities and attention to detail. They have a sharp mind and a keen eye for spotting even the smallest flaws or imperfections. Practical and Organized: These individuals are highly practical and organized in their approach to life. They have a strong sense of order and tend to plan and structure their activities meticulously. They enjoy creating systems and routines to enhance efficiency and productivity
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Leo ascendant attributes
Leo Ascendant, also known as Leo Rising or Simha Lagna, signifies that Leo is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Confident and Charismatic: Leo Ascendants often possess a natural charisma and radiate confidence. They have a magnetic personality that attracts attention and can be quite charming.
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Cancer ascendant attributes As an astrological sign, Cancer is associated with nurturing, emotions, and the home. When Cancer is the ascendant or rising sign, it can give the person certain attributes and characteristics that are influenced by this sign. Emotional sensitivity: With Cancer as the ascendant, the person may be highly attuned to their own emotions and the emotions of others. They may be empathetic and compassionate, but also prone to mood swings and emotional outbursts.
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Gemini ascendant attributes
Gemini ascendant individuals are known for their curious, inquisitive, and communicative nature. They are charming, sociable, and possess a great sense of humor, which makes them quite popular among their peers. Here are some of the typical attributes associated with Gemini ascendant:
Intellectual and curious: Gemini ascendants have a great thirst for knowledge, and they love to learn new things. They are very analytical and enjoy exploring different ideas and perspectives.
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Attributes of Taurus ascendant
A Taurus ascendant, also known as Taurus rising, is someone whose ascendant, or rising sign, is Taurus. The rising sign represents the zodiac Here are some common attributes of individuals with Taurus ascendant: Dependable and reliable: Taurus rising individuals are known for their steadfastness and dependability. They are trustworthy and can be counted on to keep their word.
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12th house related matters in astrology

In astrology, the 12th house is commonly referred to as the house of spirituality, subconscious, and endings. It is associated with one's hidden strengths and weaknesses, inner conflicts, and the unseen forces that shape their life. Subconscious mind: The 12th house is also linked to the subconscious mind and the hidden aspects of one's personality. It shows the underlying fears, desires, and emotions that shape an individual's behavior and decision-making.
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11th house related matters in astrology
In astrology, the 11th house is commonly referred to as the house of friends, social networks, and aspirations. It is associated with one's social life, community involvement, and overall hopes and dreams. Friendship: The 11th house is closely related to one's friendships and social circles. It shows the type of people an individual is likely to be friends with and the level of importance that social relationships hold in their life.
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10th house related matters in astrology
In astrology, the 10th house is commonly referred to as the house of career, status, and reputation. It is associated with one's public image, professional achievements, and overall contribution to society.

#Astros Here are some of the matters related to the 10th house in astrology:
Career: The 10th house is closely related to one's career and profession. It indicates the type of work or career that would bring success and recognition to an individual.
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Once Buddha was in a deep discussion with the emperor. Suddenly, a very old monk came - he must be 90 years old, he bowed before the master and said, “I am very sorry to disturb you - but I have to leave and I must reach the other monastery before it gets dark. I have come to touch your feet and seek your blessings.” Buddha looked into the eyes of the old monk and asked, “How old are you?” And the old monk said, “I am four years old.” Buddha smiled and said, “You can leave, my blessings are with you.” The emperor was shocked
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Wealth generating yogas:-
According to Bhavarth Ratnakar ‘Dhana Yogas’ arise if there is:
1.​Exchange between lords of 2 and 5 /9/11
2.​Lords of 5 and 9 occupying their own houses with a mutual connection
3.​Lords of 2 and 11 combine with lords of 5 and 9 in cardinal house 4.​Jupiter combines with 2nd lord and Mercury in cardinal or trine houses
5)​ if the 11th lord is well placed in the cardinal or trine houses
6)​ Strong malefics in the 11th house give much wealth.
7)​ Lord of ascendant, 2 and 11 connected with each other in respective House
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A thought on retrograde planets:-
A retrograde planet is not an indication of “punishment”. It is a golden gift of nature to human beings. Only an immature astrologer, who does not understand properly, may take an adverse situation/ event as a “punishment”. Karmas do not give reward or punishment. It is only a cycle of continuous chain of “Causes and Effects”. We normally get carried away according to our feelings and sentiments. A soul wants to live a life as per Karmik background and wants its evolution learning from various events of life.
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Mula Nakshatra
Moolam Trishul
Mula nakshatra in the Vedic astrology and belongs to the Sagittarius sign.
The word ‘mula’ literally means root or is sometimes used to refer to a group of roots tied together. Therefore, it is often said that people born under this nakshatra are those who are keenly inclined towards research and always delve deeper into the facts they come across.
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Poorvashada is the 18th nakshatra as per the Hindu Astrology. Its ruling planet is the Venus. It belongs to Sagittarius and its range lies between 13-20” to 26-40” It is signified using the symbol of a fan, a winnowing basket, a bed or a tusk of an elephant
The animal symbol of this particular moon sign is a male monkey, which signifies beauty intelligence and power.