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Fighting to increase patient safety, and end sexual exploitation and abuse, by holding institutions accountable. #ColumbiaKnew
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3 May
Dear United States of America:

You’ve been #Pulitzered…and we’re sorry.


Johannes Gutenberg & James Franklin

P.S. Here's a thread about one of the biggest Ivy League University cover-ups in modern history—and you probably haven't heard about it until now. 🧵
1/x Everyone’s heard of the Pulitzer Prize.

But few know @PulitzerPrizes are nothing more than a glorified version of Columbia University.

This thread examines how @Columbia uses the luster of the Pulitzer name to manipulate U.S. print media outlets.
2/x The @PulitzerPrizes Board is composed of journalists from the top U.S. print media outlets.

But Columbia University’s President, Lee Bollinger, lords over the Pulitzer Board, making the Pulitzer a direct extension of @Columbia & its related entities.
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30 Oct 19
1. Multiple public officials are calling for @TishJames to investigate Manhattan’s beleaguered District Attorney Cy Vance, as details emerge about the increasingly outrageous plea deals that Vance has handed out to wealthy, well-connected sexual predators.
2. Vance first came under fire in 2017 when evidence surfaced that his office refused to prosecute 3 high-profile cases. In each case, it appeared that lawyers for criminal defendants “donated” money to DA Vance in exchange for special treatment.
3. One of those three cases involves serial predator Robert Hadden who is believed to have sexually exploited and abused hundreds of OB/GYN patients at @NYPHospital, @Columbia, and their related medical offices and clinics.
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