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9 Apr
Kashi Vishwanath

The original temple was destroyed in 1194 AD by Qutub Ud Din Aibak, after he had defeated Jai Chand of Kannauj.

It was replaced by the Razia Mosque.
People who put ban on reconstruction of temple -

Sikandar Lodhi in 1494

Aurangzeb in 1669

Congress in 1991
It was rebuilt the following century but again brought down by Sikandar Lodhi in 1494
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8 Apr
The Salher campaign of Chhatrapati Shivaji was in response to demolishing of Kashi Vishwanath.
Peshwa Bajirao's Delhi campaign was to wrest control of Kashi among other places
What about Kashi ?

Asked Madhavrao Peshwa when Mahadji had conquered Delhi in 1771
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5 Apr
Today is National Maritime Day

On 5th April 1919 an Indian owned ship the SS Loyalty sailed for Britain.

What was so special about this ? Let's see..
The EIC established a shipping monopoly. Indian carpenters , blacksmiths etc could not build a ship unless it had EIC blessings
19th century laws meant that a ship sailing to England as a rule should have 80% British officers. No Indian could command a ship built by Indians at Bombay Dockyard.
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4 Apr
Three stages of the Maratha army

Infantry in the hills and forts
Cavalry on the plains
Infantry + Artillery on the plains
Contrary to the belief that the East India Company came with the latest guns while we were still throwing javelins and shooting arrows -

The Maratha army at the time of Scindia was very well equipped.

Gun factories existed at Agra and other places
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1 Apr
In 1705 , the Portuguese Government of Goa introduced a Eight rupee annual tax (when monthly salary was 5-10 rupees) for keeping शेंडी or choti.

Next time someone cracks jokes, let's know the inspiration.
When secularism wasn't a thing - A Brahmin from UP thanked Chhatrapati Shivaji for protecting the Choti
Do look up Xendi tax in Goa
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30 Mar
The coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji made him an अभिषिक्त राजा and elevated him to the status of Indra / Vishnu.

What is the reference for this GramJoshi ?
बरं मग त्या ग्राम जोशी च पुढे काय झालं ?

मार खाल्ला का त्याने ? पुलीसात तक्रार केली ?

आणि हो - ह्या उताऱ्यात मला तरी ग्राम जोशी दिसले नाहीत. Image
आता हा Book of Bombay (1883) मधला उतारा.

समाधी दिसत होती की. दुरावस्थेत पण दिसत होती.

आता महात्मा फुले यांनी समाधी या आधी बघितली की नंतर ?

आधी बघितली तर अवस्था अशी कशी असेल ? नंतर पहिली तर शोधायला ३ दिवस का लागले ? Image
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30 Mar
Book of Bombay सन 1883 चे आहे.

मग 1816 मध्ये Douglas रायगडावर कसा गेला होता ?
महात्मा फुले १८९० मध्ये वारले Image
1890 that is
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24 Mar
The root of Fergusson College is in the New English School established in 1880 by Lokmanya Tilak , Chiplunkar and Namjoshi.
This morphed into the Deccan Education Society in 1884 with support from others such as Agarkar and Gokhale.

Rajashri Shahu of Kolhapur, at the time 10 years old, was named President. It was a honorary designation.

Kolhapur itself was under a British Regency at the time.
Chhatrapati Shahu was only a child of ten. Leave alone decisions to start a college in Pune, even decisions in Kolhapur were being taken by a British Regent (well obviously)

This doens't take away from his glorious reign but let's not attribute something which never happened.
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22 Mar
Tipu attacked the Maratha town of Nargund , imprisoned the ruler , forcibly converted Hindus and committed atrocities on the female population.

That was the trigger for first Maratha attack on Tipu around 1785.

Great to see you support Tipu.
2000 disciples of Shankaracharya committed suicide to prevent being forcibly converted. Image
From Nana Phadnis and External Affairs of the Maratha Empire - YN Deodhar

Good to see you continue to be proud of Tipu.. Image
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22 Mar
Old Pune water canal system

#Pune history

Ref : A Study of the Katraj canal by Pallavi Gokhale and S.Deo ; Pune Queen of Deccan by Jaymala & Didee

#WorldWaterDay Image
Details of aquaduct Image
The Peshwa era Katraj canal supplied as much water as the British era Khadakwasla canal.
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8 Mar
The Battle of Kirkee / Ganeshkhind which settled the fight for #Pune between Bajirao II and the East India Company.
Probable route taken by Mountstuart Elphinstone to escape the Maratha attack on the British Residency at the Sangam and join the soldiers at Kirkee.
With most of the battlefield now a concrete (and in some parts actual) jungle , it's a bit difficult to imagine.

The Marathas under Bapu Gokhale proceeded via the Lakdipul and other routes , through Bhamburda , onto the present Ganeshkhindroad to Ganeshkhind
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7 Mar
I agree Chhatrapati Shivaji was Secular.

Early on, he built masjid, he employed Muslims, he gave grant to dargahs..

And then

He carried a Vishnu Murti for his coronation.

He demoted Qazis to juniormost officials

He ensured no Muslim was part of his Ministry
He took 700 Pathana from Bijapur, but...

Just a few years before he died, he asked his brother " Turki fauzet thev liyas Jai milto kaisa ?"
Let's have consistency.

You cannot celebrate the Chhatrapati Shivaji who employed Nur Beg for 5 years, and ignore the Shivaji Maharaj who found no place for a Nur Beg for the next twenty.
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5 Mar
Many moons ago, when the Peshwas still ruled in Pune, it was a practise to reward deserving Brahmins at Parvati hill.

A separate Dakshina fund was set aside for this purpose.

The Dabhades largely funded it. Image
Come 1818, and the British defeated the last Peshwa. The administration passed to them, including the Dakshina fund.

Mountstuart Elphinstone understood the importance of not having knee jerk reactions.

The Dakshina fund continued ... Image
But not in its previous form. It's funds were diverted to the Sanskrit Pathshala

An institution created for the study of scriptures and Sanskrit in 1821.

Later christened Poona College Image
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4 Mar
Alamgir #Aurangzeb

Temple destruction thread.

Starting with Krishnajanmabhoomi , Mathura
Temple destruction in Jodhpur by the hundreds

Ref : Masir e Alamgiri
Same book

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22 Feb
Madari Mehtar is a fictional character.

Thanks to @padmadurg for Marathi original, posting English translation for everyone's benefit

With all due respect to Guruji Golwalkar , he was no authority on history.
There is no mention of Madari Mehtar till some document found in 1917, which refers to him. There is no indication when or who or what purpose this doc was created.

It has fantastic passages - each more impossible than the other.
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22 Feb
Gave a talk on Nanasaheb Peshwa (Peshwa Bajirao's son) yesterday at his samadhi. Also stressed on the water supply arrangements he engineered for Pune. A system which continued to function for well over 150 years.

It was during his reign that Pune truly became a capital city of the Maratha Empire. New peths were established - Ganj , Vetal (now Guruvar peth) and others. Traders invited to set up business and orders given for expanding existing areas.
Like many cities before and after, a steady supply of clean water troubled 18th century town planners too.The man for the moment was Naro Appaji Tulshibaugwale.

Existing supplies were not sufficient or not tapped conveniently enough.

Hence the need for a new system.
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20 Feb
Ashtapradhan :

1. Moropant Pingale - Brahmin.
2. Ramchandrapant Bawdekar - Brahmin
3. Annaji Datto - Brahmin
4. Sonopant Vishwanath - Brahmin
5. Panditrao ( so much anti Brahminism) - Raghunath Panditrao.

Muslims in Ashtapradhan mandal - Zero.
Adopted Brahmanical Sanskrit language and threw out Persian. Commissioned Rajvyawhar kosh.
And since Aurangzeb only imprisoned him it doesnt count.

Also getting besieged by Siddi Johar or having to cede 23 forts to Diler Khan.
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1 Jan
There were only about 7-8 Peshwas

From where did the remaining 27990 come ? 🤣🤣🤣
So basically you are celebrating a British victory over an Indian power.
Muslims supported the Brahmin Peshwa
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24 Dec 20
India's history syllabus is Mughal centric , Delhi centric and doesn't provide sufficient space to Indian heroes is something we have been hammering at on SM for past 15 years now.
Everyone providing their squirrel's share has made some dent in this medieval history narrative.

Another narrative which we have missed out - is the history of India's Industrial progress.
1. Britain GAVE US industrial progress and industries.

2. Indian Industrialists were basically people in cahoots with the goras.

👆Our textbooks describing India's industrial progress.
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24 Dec 20
Pune was one of the fastest growing cities in India in the late 19th and early twentieth century.

Two maps - one of 1883, other of 1924
Bhamburda (Shivajinagar) and Gultekdi in 1890. Erandwane and surrounding area - 1910, Koregaon Park in 1920 : main additions to existing city.
This period - 1883 to 1924 saw Fergusson College , Agriculture College, Reay Market ( Mandai ) , BORI were built
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23 Aug 20
Mixes up Narayanrao Peshwa who was assassinated with Madhavrao Peshwa who died of Tuberculosis.

Declares the Marathas defeated in Bengal when infact they annexed Odisha and took 12 lakh chauth.

Top historian and best Publishing House at work😁

Somewhere deep inside the book he mentions Marathas, but to Scroll -
Never mind Marathas and others who shook off the Mughals.

"Our realm has touched the Yamuna" - Peshwa Bajirao

"Like Satara, Delhi is within our rule" - Nana Phadnavis.
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