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2 Jun
The thing is, it starts to get complicated with squad places. You probably carry 4 CB into a normal season. We need to go in with at least 5 but likely 6 next season. And if we take the same approach in midfield, and 3 goalkeepers (given Kelleher now needs a place due to age)
then it all starts to add up. This is our squad from last season.

8 home-grown, 16/17 who are not

We need to add to this
Ibrahima Konaté (free space)
Virgil van Dijk (replace Gini)
Ben Davies (replace Hardy)

We have Marko Grujić coming back from injury who needs to be sold
or a squad place. You would imagine if we were to move on any of Adrian, Matip, Shaq, Taki, Origi - we get a like-for-like replacement. If we move on Ox or Phillips we need a homegrown player to replace them.

But this all makes manoeuvring in the market complicated as the
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2 Jun
The reason the whole Trent debate starts off flawed for me is the beginning premise being they are all the same thing. They aren't really.

First all, roles are far more important than positions in football. What Roberto Carlos did for Brazil isn't the same as what Konchesky did
at Fulham.

Which is why Hodgson sees no value in the former, tells him he isn't a left back, then sells him. Yet the latter, he brings with him to Liverpool as his only signing from his previous club.
But the more important thing is this:

How many teams' key player is a full back? It is incredibly rare. Trent is a transformative player. His talent is such that Klopp built his entire system around him (and Robbo) with them taking on the role of primary progressers
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1 Jun
Everton fans on my timeline are talking about Conte.

I don't have the time to do a 'What does Inter have that Everton don't' thread too.
Meet Everton's new manager...
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31 May
Guy has a point.

Serious question, what do Madrid have over Everton?
Okay, but apart from a stadium that doesn't stink of catpiss...

what do Madrid have over Everton?
Okay, but apart from a stadium that doesn't stink of catpiss and A Brazilian attacker who doesn’t search his own name on Twitter.

what do Madrid have over Everton?
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31 May
If Trent doesn't get picked, I'll be angry for him for about 5 minutes because it is just a daft fucking decision from a shit fucking manager.

But then I will remember that it means he can't get injured in England's archaic training sessions like Gomez or in their matches
like Sturridge.

One of our key players will get a full and complete rest this summer. We have seen in the past that he has a tendency to go up a level after every setback to prove his doubters wrong.

A full fit, well-rested, fired up Trent for next campaign. Fucking sign me up!
It also has the added benefit of me no longer giving a single shit about the England side this summer which I would probably have watched just for Trent.
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31 May
Pep sycophants in the media are weird are nauseating, man.

To read them you would think footy was shit before he rocked up with his ideas and now literally every coach in the world is in a desperate rush to play Pep-ball.

Then try to act as arbiters oh who is and is not
allowed to be criticised and for what. We see the same bollocks with fucking everything these days with the media who have decided to be gatekeepers on who is and is not criticised.

Pep is allowed to be criticised. City can and were winning domestic titles without him. Bayern
too. That will NEVER be a problem for a club that dominates the spending in their domestic league. Sure, they are winning with a little more pizzaz and consistency now... they are also spending a fucktonne more money.

City want to carry that dominance into Europe. He has utterly
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30 May
The problem I have looking at our squad right now is that lots of people have 2 years left on their contracts.

Which means if it was me, I only have 2 choices with those players - a new contract or sell.

And we were in this position with Origi once upon a time and the deal we
gave him has made him impossible to sell since then, despite our efforts to do so.

Phillips is probably the best case of this where the fanbase's opinion on this range from 'never good enough sell' to 'should start the season with Virg'.

Talk about differing opinions.
With Emre Can, we didn't offer him a new deal.

Do you pay Emre the rate of your top players? Or sell him despite having potential and wanting to realise it.

We got stuck between the two. Held on one season too long and he ran out his contract.

And don't even start me on the
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29 May
Walker appealing the foul on Thiago Silva.

He crossed a ball into a box with literally nobody in it, so for his sake he should be happy it was given.
Werner with his first big miss of the game.
Werner with his second big miss of the game.
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29 May
I have no doubt this is true. We have heard the reports on Rashford's injuries

But isn't this the fault of Ole and the staff at United? Did they learn nothing from playing Rashford while injured the previous year when he later picked up a much more serious injury? You can't just
keep playing guys who are needing a rest because either they eventually just breakdown and then you are without them when you need them most (for example, is Maguire one of those he mentions?) or it takes that 5-10% off the top of their game that sets apart good and great players
We all praise guys for being brave playing through injuries but ultimately it is just rolling the dice each time. Will this be the 'one more game' you get out of them before they are out for months? Yes? What about the next one? The one after that? Just let them rest and recover
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29 May
Lots of reasons. Firstly, we are generally a small team. I am guessing maybe the smallest in the EPL given that Man City have bigger full backs in Mendy and Walker. So, our full backs are going to need to do more than most at defensive set pieces in their zones. Not to mention
on attacking set-pieces. We need some height from somewhere. You have seen this season who much less of a threat we look once we lost Virg. Gomez never really looked a threat on set pieces. Looking at this, I am not sure Konate is either. Just 18 shots in 3 season and rarely gets ImageImage
anything on target. But that is definitely something you can help him with on coaching. If nothing else though, he is a big unit that the opponents need to worry about - even as a decoy he is taking the attention of one of the opponents best defenders. Image
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18 May
I read a lot of daft shit about Trent on here. Most of it is just entirely subjective nonsense about him not being better than a certain player because he isn't a good defender. It's a vague, nebulous statement which means it can't really be measured thus it is only

[Thread 1/x]
possible to counter it with the opposite opinion. Then you just have two intrenched people shouting their opinions at each other and it goes nowhere. A waste of time.

But sometimes I wake up to find someone in my mentions saying something so daft that you just have to push back
Today is such a day with me being told Trent lacks the basics of defending.

He was an ever-present in a side that conceded just 22 goals in a season despite not knowing the basics of defending. A side that also conceded the fewest goals last season.
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17 May
On paper, Liverpool have plenty of midfielders.

In practice, when Fabinho isn't in there they don't really have anybody that has zone dominance in protecting the space in front of the defence. And they don't really have anybody that offers penetration other than Jones as
Keita and Ox are both usually unavailable.

This explains perhaps the links with Bissouma for the former and Aouar for the latter. The problem remains though that aside from Fabinho, Gini and Jones - we have a lot of midfielders who are often unavailable. The best in that sense
is leaving. Thiago is still a question mark - his record pre-Liverpool is a worry but I am willing to write off the injury this season as I am pretty sure Richarlison's tackle puts anybody out for months. It was fucking horrific. Other than that, the only other time he was out
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16 May
I hate knee jerk reactions. And judging things based on 1 game. But I'm going to do a complete 180 now and say Phillips should be sold this summer. Let me explain...

I wanted him kept around on the basis that Klopp likes an aggressive CB who attacks the ball in the air and would
throw him in against the shit up and under merchants of the Premier League. He used to do this with Lovren against Huddersfield, Cardiff, sides who like long throws etc. A CB to deal with Pulis-ball.

And today would be such a game. And he was absolutely woeful and easily could
have cost us the game and Champions League football. That is the margins at the club now - 1 bad game can cost you £50m. The difference between winning a league or not. UCL football or not.

This was the exact sort of opponents we would hang onto him for and I have never seen
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16 May
Seeing some old tweets on my timeline saying the LFC app confirmed Jota is injured today.

Guy can't catch a break this season. Every time he hits a patch of form he gets injured.

Yeah he is out. Shame.

Jones in for Gini and Mane in for the injured Jota are the only changes to the side that took a slash on the United pitch in midweek.

Said it before but I like the balance of this midfield and think we see a lot of this trio next season.

Keita & Ox were meant to be our penetrative midfielders but neither has managed to stay fit.
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16 May
Lap it up thickos. You all watched as FIFA, UEFA, the FA and every other shitbird in a suit took a massive dump on this sport for up high every year for as long as you can remember

And as soon as someone came along to challenge their monopoly, Gareh 'man of the people' Outrage
squeaked something about how you needed to 'do something' and you all rushed to try and win the 'no, I am the MOST angry about this' competition.

And all you did was follow the pied piper in the media, do the bidding of the bastards at the top of the existing pyramid scheme and
ensure us poor sods at the bottom will get shafted worse than ever now that they have consolidated their power and their absolute stranglehold over all football.

All the while, the sport continues to get taken away from the fans one overpriced ticket at time and we do nothing.
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15 May
Sometimes I think people weren't paying attention during or after - and learned absolutely fucking nothing at all - from the whole weapons of mass destruction in Iraq thing.
So here is how this works.

The starting point is 'what do we want'.
Then 'how could we justify it'
Then 'fabricate intel that suggests this'
Then 'get media and politicians to talk about this'
Then 'Wow, that intel was wrong? That's weird because EVERYONE was talking about it.'
Outcome - get what you want with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever for the atrocities you have committed to get there.

Billionaire owned and controlled media quickly move on to whatever distraction story they can find.
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4 May
“City are a real asset for the game and I am delighted to be working with them for a better future for the European game."
- UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin
"Football need to control owners who want to make money out of clubs. City owners wanted to improve the team."
FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development Arsene Wenger

So there you have it. We are trying to 'control' the wrong ones here. City are good for football in the
eyes of UEFA and FIFA.

All that matters when it comes to an owner is how much money they will put into the club for transfers. If they are committing genocide, human rights atrocities, executing people for being gay, killing thousands of slaves - that has nothing to do with
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4 May
Been a few weeks now - has any of the momentum opposing the ESL carried over into dealing with the Qatar World Cup?


And why is that?

Because the media didn't tell it's puppets to give a shit about it.

Football definitely won though. Definitely.
We didn't just do the bidding of the UEFA and the Media to keep the status quo which rakes in billions for them both.

We definitely aren't just puppets sitting waiting for Sky to tell us what to be outraged about.

That is why not a single shit was given about the new UCL.
And now that outraged is being focused on American owners in the Premier League. They are THE great evil.

Who are the shining examples of 'good' ownership though? A Russian Oligarch who only bought Chelsea to give Putin a foothold in the UK and human rights abusing Abu Dhabi.
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2 May
Is there any actual news about the game - is it kicking off in 10 minutes? Delayed? Postponed?

My timeline, as per usual, is shit :D
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2 May
We really need to stop focusing on the 'trouble' or 'damage' of a protest.

It often has nothing to do with the protest - it is just dickheads tagging along trying to satisfy their own urges to break shit or hurt something. But even when that doesn't happen - and we saw this
with BLM, instigators blend in from groups with opposing ideals and start the shit then walk away. Sometimes the police will infiltrate groups and start shit themselves as a means of justifying their response to it.

And the media will always focus on that trouble because that
is perfect for their 24 hour news that is designed to turn everything into a 9/11 event to keep you on their channel. They ain't doing that sitting down and calmly debating the merits of a protest. No, they want that shit to be as visceral as possible as it is good for their
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1 May
The space is in front of McTominay here. If you pass the ball in front of him then it makes it easier to see the next pass forwards.

AWB passes it into his feet though which kills his momentum. Sure, a different midfield still finds a way to restart the forward momentum but the
momentum is interrupted firstly by the passer.

Only AWB has a perfect snapshot of what is behind McTominay when the pass is played. And us, the viewer. Players unconsciously pass this information with the ball. By not passing in front of Scott, is AWB telling him someone is Image
moving to shut down that space and ambush him? That he isn't safe to turn into that space?

Making this comparison with Busquets and AWB is unfair of course. It's just a poor pass from a player who struggles to have any impact in the buildup for United for these very reasons. Image
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