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16 Jul
Ah so the part where the government blames us for getting sick when they have given us no recourse from working is here now
Also and for the second time today YOU MEAN GEN Z AND MILLENNIALS. THE YOUNGEST GEN X IS 40

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6 Jul
So there’s a bit of coronavirus I want to shed a little perspective on as someone with chronic illnesses - the long term effects.
Dying is scary, but we all know that. But I suspect some people without chronic conditions have no idea what it’s like to live with one.
When I was 29, I was in incredible health. I worked out 6 days a week, dancing and jogging and yoga. Starting in February of that year I started to have a series of debilitating health issues that literally just...started one day. Started and never stopped.
When you have a chronic illness there’s two things that take a very long time to get used to . One, doctors can never tell you REALLY how serious it is. You can take every test, you can track symptoms obsessively, and they can’t tell you if what you have is “dangerous.”
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12 Jun
I feel like I have totally lost all concept of reality. I had no idea that we were THIS stupid, that we were this willing to march gleefully off cliffs rather than observe stop signs.
Millions are going to die. Not because of a failure of medicine, but because of a failure of humanity.
First they came for anyone not me, and I said take them, fuck you, I’m not wearing a mask
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23 Mar
Ok I understand everyone is freaking out but why are ALL of you baking sourdough.
Many of you think you’re successfully defending yourselves, and I wanna say, good effort, good hustle, but also, admit you’ve lost it.
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18 Mar
I just wanna talk a sec about sustained anxiety, which a lot of you are experiencing right now. Take everything as YMMV, of course.
So in 2017, halfway through directing a movie, I had to have emergency heart surgery. There were 24 of the longest hours of my life between being diagnosed with an anomalous right coronary artery and surgery, and then 11 unbearable days in the ICU, then many months of recovery
I had an anxiety disorder already. I tend to spiral on worst case scenarios, obsessively research symptoms, have psychosomatic manifests (ie - I worry that I have arm cancer, and then my arm will go numb)
These are just about the worst things to mix with a major surgery/recovery
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18 Mar
I keep hearing about how we shouldn’t tax billionaires because it might limit their philanthropy. They aren’t being taxed right now.
Where the fuck is Zuckerberg?
Where the fuck is Bezos?
Where the fuck are the Walton fam?
Where the fuck is Musk?
Where the fuck is Bloomberg?
You should not be allowed to have the resources to save the world if when the world needs saving you are not going to use those resources to save it.
Facebooks headquarters are in the MIDDLE of the goddamn Bay Area, in one of the biggest disease hotspots in the country. Is he playing Candy Crush?? Where the fuck are they?
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5 Mar
As we continue to reckon with the misogyny that landed Warren where she is, consider:
If she endorses Biden, she’ll be dismissed by progressives as a fake.
If she endorses Bernie, she’ll be dismissed by moderates as a loony.
If she does nothing, she’ll be dismissed as bitter.
Now think of it this way:
If she endorses Bernie, she promotes a base that designed and pushed a wildly sexist agenda against her and engaged in constant misogynistic attacks on her team.
If she endorses Biden, she promotes a base that agrees with almost none of her stances.
These are the no-win crossroads we put ambitious women in CONSTANTLY. We throw out their ideas, no matter how well reasoned or valuable, and then ostracize them for aligning with lesser choices in the name of getting at least *some* of their work done.
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21 Feb
I sat with Warren’s decision not to disavow a superPAC yesterday. And here’s what I came up with:

Are you telling me she spent a YEAR running without one, trying to get the other candidates to agree to drop theirs, and the problem is that she joined THEM?
I don’t like superPACs. Neither does she. But she has to run in the same race as everybody else, and you can only martyr yourself for so long *while every other candidate benefits from ignoring you* without taking huge monetary hits. Come on.
Why the hell does Bernie have *nine* dark-money, non-donor discloses groups working for him? Why did he never take her up on her offer to step away from dark money? Why is he taking the opportunity to attack her for hypocrisy when he came nowhere near walking the walk?
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14 Feb
Hobbits routinely live for more than 100 years in good health
Hobbits are shown to be able to have large families
The population density of the shire still seems relatively low
Hobbit condoms??
This also confused me about the Dunedain, who live a few hundred years but have almost entirely died out, but based on Aragorn they spend most of those years too busy moping.
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13 Feb
So let’s be clear on this:
Warren’s M4A plan: immediately cover millions of uninsured people by expanding Medicare, then vote on full M4A when there’s a democratic senate in 2022.
Bernie’s M4A: fight for M4A, do nothing immediately, settle for public option...eventually?

So we could start by helping several million people and keep fighting for M4A, or we could demand full M4A, do nothing to begin with, and hopefully someday implement the same thing Warren plans to do day 1.

And ONE of these plans is called traitorous and centrist. Okay.
The truth is: either of these plans is a huge step forward. Either could save lives and save thousands of families from medical bankruptcy.

But the Sanders campaign’s commitment to demonizing Warren is unconscionable, and at this point, wildly hypocritical.
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13 Feb
Since the Iowa Caucus, Warren has raised $5 million dollars. And yesterday, almost half of her donors were first timers. We all want change. We all want a better, safer democracy. I believe Warren has the best chance of not only winning but fixing America.
I think most of us on the left would agree that the idea that telling a woman in third place in a seven person race to sit down and shut up is not who we want to be as a party. She has a right to be in this race, she has plans we need to hear, and we can be better than this.
Democrats are not the party that screams at women that they’re not worthy of a voice. We are not the party that tells our women leaders hey, why don’t you go away quietly so the men can speak louder. That’s not our values. That’s not our future.
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28 Jan
So, I’m a screenwriter. One of the most important lessons you learn as a screenwriter is how language choice informs character. And there’s a few language choices in here that speak volumes.
First, Warren talks about feeling, at age 18, like the world was “closed off to her.” This is heartbreaking, but if I were writing this scene, I’d also say it’s a highlight of how different an 18 year old woman’s expectations of her life were than those of her male competitors.
I bet if you asked Biden, Sanders, etc this question, they would not talk about how at age 18 they felt trapped by their circumstances and that even their smallest dream - being a school teacher - felt unreachable.

It’s an incredibly meaningful contrast.
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2 Jan
So, having been sprung from the hospital at last, and being a veteran of many medium-to-long stays, I thought I’d do a thread about
This can be an anxiety inducing process. No one likes hospitals, even if they’re just visiting. And it’s hard to know what will actually help a sick/injured person, and what is just busywork.
(And obv, YMMV based on the person.)
But hopefully this will help you help them.
1. Hospitals are two things:
Boring and distracting.
You have endless stretches of nothing to do, but also every 20 minutes someone is coming in to take blood pressure, bring lunch, give meds, etc.

Therefore long, deeply attention-requiring activities are tough.
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13 Dec 19
I am a 38 year old with a master’s degree. I cannot figure out my own healthcare. There are prescriptions that cost $200 at one pharmacy and $3 at another. You can’t figure out a system designed to screw you over, especially when you are sick.
I can’t figure out my health care when hospitals don’t tell you what things cost until after they give them to you, or when ambulances are required to take you to the nearest hospital regardless of whether your insurance covers it.
This year I had a CT angiogram to make sure scar tissue from my heart surgery wasn’t blocking an artery. Rather critical. The hospital made me agree to pay $900 out of pocket on the day, or take it to my insurance and if they denied it, pay $2500, no exceptions.
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27 Nov 19
11 years ago, I was texting a dude I'd hooked up with a few times as I got ready for thanksgiving back in my hometown. "I forget, what's your town called again?" He asked. I told him. One EIGHT HOUR DRIVE later he appeared at my doorstep.
Anyway we're married.
Still mad he got away with this tbh.
He was from PA and had just moved to California and did not understand when he set out on this romantic mission that you could drive that far and still be in the same state.
Also I did not let him stay over, but I did flash him before he left.
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