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Never ascribe to malice what can easily be explained by incompetence.
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Jun 7 16 tweets 2 min read
1. A Joke-a-thon Thread

I once dated a girl who broke up with me because I only have 9 toes. Yes, she was lack-toes intolerant. 2. I've started telling everyone about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It's all about raisin awareness.
Jun 4 5 tweets 1 min read
1. Surveys Are Brainwashing Tools

What do you think the result of the below mentioned survey would be if the question was changed
"Do you think companies should publicly support..."
"Do you think companies should publicly profit from..."?… 2. Where public company actions are concerned, there is not a dime's worth of difference between "supporting" and "profiting from." No public company deliberately and willfully takes any action that might hurt their profits.
Mar 14 26 tweets 5 min read
1. Message for Anyone Bothered By SVB Customers Being Made Whole
Stop with the nonsense. You either don't understand or are scratching a rash you got from somewhere else. It doesn't matter who SVB customers are or what they do. No depositor is ever responsible for a bank failure. 2. Bank failures are always the fault of the bank management and the regulators. And as for the "due diligence," it is fair to expect the bank investors and shareholders to do that and take a bath when they get it wrong. It's not fair to expect bank customers to do that.
Mar 12 20 tweets 5 min read
1. How to Solve a Problem Like SVB
Having delineated in the enclosed thread how we got here, this thread addresses where we go from here. The SVB problem by itself is not that hard to solve, but it is possible politicians (of both parties) will plunge the nation into crisis. 2. First and foremost, let me dispense with the buzz on Twitter created by @elonmusk with his enclosed tweet. This ain't gonna happen. So please stop wasting time reading myriads of columns that have sprung up from this font. Musk is just having fun.
Mar 11 25 tweets 4 min read
1. Thoughts on Silicon Valley Bank Fiasco

There was plenty of mismanagement at SVB, but first and foremost I want to reassure my followers (maybe the events that unfold next week will make a liar out of me, so take everything I say as unauthoritative stream of consciousness). 2. The main thrust of this thread is to point out why the SVB blowout is nothing like the root cause of 2008 financial crisis, and people shouldn't jump to those kind of fears or conclusions. This is very different. Things like this have happened before but ~50 years ago, not 15.
Mar 11 5 tweets 2 min read
Silicon Valley Bank May Have Fallen Victim to ESG Preoccupation
Silicon Valley Bank unraveled in less than 48 hours. It was shut down by regulators yesterday -- the second largest bank to be shut down by regulators in U.S. history. It had excellent ESG rating.
@ScottAdamsSays Image While the Silicon Valley Bank was running high risk of a run on the bank if withdrawals accelerated (a problem it had faced earlier in its history and should have been familiar with), presumably the CEO was preoccupied with collecting ESG awards. It had an excellent ESG rating.
Jan 7 5 tweets 2 min read
Democrats in the White House using the highest office in the land to author a willfully false history right in front of our eyes.

Officer Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, as Francisco Diaz, the chief medical examiner in Washington, D.C., announced. There is something deeply immoral about a Jan 6 narrative, espoused by Democrats, that requires so many lies to prop it up. Keep in mind:
a) No protester carried a firearm into the Capitol.
b) Protesters killed no one.
c) An unarmed protester was shot dead by Capitol Police.
Jan 6 5 tweets 1 min read
1. Thoughts on the Passing Scene
McCarthy will eventually squeak by and become the Speaker of the House. He will be a weak Speaker. But that by itself is not a bad thing. We need power dilution in all our institutions, including the presidency. The cult of personality is harmful. 2. It is not a bad thing if, in the House, the various committees begin to have more influence than the Speaker. Of course a balance is needed. Too weak a Speaker can be a curse, just as too strong a speaker (like Pelosi) is too.
Dec 4, 2022 16 tweets 3 min read
1. A Primer on "Facts vs. Reality"
Believe it or not, the vast majority of what appears in mainstream media (MSM) outlets is factually correct, if you know how to separate facts from opinion. But it rarely reflects reality. The distinction is critical and well worth learning. 2. First and foremost, let me tell you how to glean facts from what is reported in the MSM.
"Just discard all the adjectives and adverbs in a headline and the content of a story, what remains is mostly facts." Example:
Headline: "XXX Gave a Fiery Speech"
Fact: "XXX Gave a Speech"
Dec 3, 2022 19 tweets 3 min read
1. A Primer On Critical Thinking

This is a rigorous thread on how to think for personal growth. This is the kind of stuff they should be teaching in schools and colleges. Critical thinking is unnatural and causes extreme discomfort at times, but it is necessary for growth. 2. Understanding involves thinking -- one of the most uncomfortable of human endeavors (not the most laborious or hard, but the most discomfiting). People go to great lengths to avoid thinking. Also, many people think they're thinking when they're merely rearranging their biases.
Dec 2, 2022 6 tweets 1 min read
1. Elon Musk Swings From Left To Right
Elon Musk's public musings over the past six months have cemented an unmistakable new reality that the world's richest man, and owner of the de facto public square, has become more and more Republican. And for very good reasons. 2. It's a stunning transformation for the Obama-, Clinton- and Biden-voting CEO of the most successful electric-vehicle company on Earth. Musk revealed last week that he would vote for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if he runs for president in 2024.
Dec 1, 2022 9 tweets 2 min read
1. Crypto Has No Value Proposition For 99.999% Of Humanity

What is Crypto's value proposition? Oh, it's anonymous and is not controlled by any central bank. That is it.

Now if you are not a drug lord or equivalent, that is not a value proposition. That is a living nightmare. 2. Crypto Uses A Fancy Newfangled Database Technology Called Blockchain

Do most people give a rat's ass about what kind of a database is used to keep track of their bank balance and financial transactions? 99.999% of humanity doesn't know one end of any database from another.
Nov 30, 2022 9 tweets 2 min read
1. Mainstream Media's Real Problem With Twitter
It is not what you may be thinking. MSM is not afraid of losing its stranglehold on the narrative of the stories, or of alternative viewpoints, or of facts not to its liking. That is not really a big problem for MSM. You know why. 2. Because no matter what you think, MSM completely controls the narrative of any story it covers, and MSM usually can deal with all the known facts about any story. They specialize in force-fitting all known facts into their narrative, without losing control of the narrative.
Sep 7, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
1. Tax Code Justice
There is definitely plenty wrong with the U.S. Tax Code but it's not what you might think. But the politicians will never tell you what it is, because they have made careers out of playing on your emotions with class warfare rhetoric to get votes. 2. U.S. Tax Code is just about the fairest in the whole world.
📌Top 10% earners pay 70% of federal income tax
📌Next 40% pay 30% of tax
📌Bottom 50% pay almost no tax
If anything it is unfair to top earners. The problem with our tax code isn’t fairness. It is inefficiency.
Sep 6, 2022 37 tweets 7 min read
1. On Appropriate Level Of Taxation

Read this thread at your own peril because you may never go back to your old way of thinking about taxes, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. In other words, check your partisan views at the door, to get the most out of this thread. 2. Before I get into a serious 'scientific' treatment of the subject, allow me to dismiss some superficial reactions to the below chart.

I won't quibble with the details. Let's take the assertion about the U.S. being less heavily taxed at its face value.
Aug 30, 2022 53 tweets 8 min read
1. Trump Was A Lousy Fascist
Let us review the miserable underperformance of Trump as a Fascist when compared with his Democratic predecessor (Obama) and successor (Biden). This would give you a sense of what Trump could have done barely to measure up.
H/T: Victor Davis Hanson 2. Of the last three presidents, Trump was either the most indifferent or the most ineffective when it came to using government agencies for his own partisan political advantages or to neuter his enemies. Trump couldn't even win his own re-election. Obama excelled at fascism.
Aug 29, 2022 6 tweets 1 min read
A Vital Life Hack

There is no such thing as will power. If you rely on will power to kick an addiction, you will lose.

Instead use the "Half A Second Rule." If you see or think of something tempting, say NO within 0.5 seconds.

Once you say NO, you will be immune to temptation. Suspend disbelief and try it.

Temptation triggers a chemical reaction in your body that you have 500 milliseconds to stop volitionally. If you don't stop it quick, the chemicals will overwhelm your system. After that, it's a lost battle, even if you manage to postpone defeat.
Aug 12, 2022 7 tweets 1 min read
1. WSJ: America’s Cop Shortage

This is a predictable result of politicians’ tolerance for lawlessness.

Just because many leftist politicians have learned to stop publicly endorsing "defund the police" movements, it doesn’t mean the damage has been repaired or policies reformed. 2. From Philadelphia to Portland to Los Angeles, killings and gun violence are rising at the same time officers disillusioned over the calls to divest from policing that followed George Floyd’s murder are quitting or retiring faster than they can be replaced.
Aug 10, 2022 6 tweets 1 min read
1. Democrats Seem Clueless As To What They Have Done

I think this atrocious raid on Mar-a-Lago has far reaching implications.

I think it has hit tens of millions of Americans very hard in a subliminal way that does not bode well for America. 2. For all his craziness and wealth, tens of millions of Americans perceive Trump as an everyday man, just like them. Don't overthink why. They just do. And that's just a fact.

Consequently, they take this indiscriminate intrusion personally.
Aug 10, 2022 14 tweets 3 min read
1. Republican Reaction To FBI Raid On President Trump's Residence

While the Biden administration is busy destroying America with abandon (see enclosed thread below), prominent Republicans have weighed in unequivocally to this travesty.

2. Ted Cruz:
Aug 9, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
1. Decline and Fall of America

Great nations don't turn to dust overnight or even over a few years. Rome did not fall in a day. It will take a generation or two, but Democrats have sown the seeds of America's political glide to a banana republic. Bit by bit we will get there. 2. After what Biden DoJ/FBI did yesterday in raiding a former president's residence on specious grounds, blowing institutional norms and deference to bits, they set in motion a dynamic that will inevitably diminish America in the eyes of Americans and the world.