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22 Nov 19
1/ Thread of old articles which sheds light on R behavior over the last 3 years and during the impeachment inquiry.

Complicit, compromised, or both.…
3/ Goal: America, a White Christian Fascist Nation…
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23 Aug 19
@MelissaJPeltier @WayneTrackerAG @The3Buckleys 1/ Very few ppl who are not in the club don't understand ultra-wealth in any respects experience a different reality.

They don't shop for groceries or pickup clothes from the cleaner, their people do that.…
@MelissaJPeltier @WayneTrackerAG @The3Buckleys 2/ Don't need a passport to cross borders.
@MelissaJPeltier @WayneTrackerAG @The3Buckleys 3/ Lawsuits won't deter your bad behavior if judgments can't be enforced.
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19 Jul 19
1/ @TheRickWilson is absolutely right that Rs have been successful winning elections.

But like the guy born on 3rd base thinking he hit a homer he left out some pertinent details.
2/ Since Nixon Rs has embraced and committed to Pat Buchanan's vision of using wedge issues for electoral gain,

"Such gambits, he added, could "cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half."…
3/ There is no wound in our national psyche that Rs won't exploit for gain - reproductive rights, God, Guns, Gays, etc.
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14 Apr 19
1/ Warning: Incoming metaphor alert. Do not be alarmed, the feeling will pass shortly.

Meta4: Electrical power.

Republican "oversight" of #TeamTreason is like one of those little AA LED "tactical" flashlights. Gives off some nice light using about 1.5V with sub-amp current.
2/ Democratic Oversight (House) is like those ginormous transmission lines carrying hundreds of thousands of Volts and Gahddess knows how much current across the freakin' continent. 😳

Con: Takes a while to re-build the sabotaged and destroyed towers.
3/ Pro: Once up they are *charged*. One of those lines touches something it's like Gahddess's own giant bug zapper. 😳🔥

And IMHO Dems have been working like Ivanka's child laborers to get them rebuilt.
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23 Mar 19
1/ Game it out. Which is more likely to succeed and minimize chaos?

a. #TeamMueller indicts the rest of #TeamTreason, Congress and the public is still mostly in the dark. #TeamTreason's propaganda and deza network goes into overdrive. Armed bikers roam the highways.
2/ Or

b. Mueller releases his (first?) report, Congress gets involved (shout out to @HouseIntel @HouseJudiciary House Finance Committee!), hearings.…
3/ Remember Cohen's public testimony 2/27, barely 3 weeks ago? Imagine several of those each *week* for *months*. 😳😳😳
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