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9 Jan
Some things Iโ€™ve learned in recent days:

โœ… All men who criticize/oppose feminism have micro penises
โœ… All men who criticize/oppose feminism are incels (including the married ones)
โœ… All men who criticize/oppose feminism are...
... misogynists (including fathers with wives and daughters they would literally die to protect)
โœ… all women are basically perfect & above improvement; any disagreement makes you evil, toxic, and in need of extensive reeducation
โœ…all women who want to learn from men have...
... (IPS) Internalized Patriarchy Syndromeยฎ
โœ…there is nothing positive, fun, and interesting to learn from the opposite sex; any dissidents must be sent to the feminist gulag
โœ…it is generally ok for feminists to threaten mass violence on the internet with zero consequences
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21 Nov 19
A brief thread on how to build an unusual media/YouTube empire.

~217,000 subscribers
+ 400 million minutes watched
- Zero community strikes
- Zero copyright strikes
- Online over 12 years
- Sick url ๐Ÿ‘‘ YouTube.com/21
- Verified โ˜‘๏ธ

Read on.
First, our channel is not a run away/viral success with millions of subscribers. This is what most people chase, and most fail by a mile.

See --> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivorsโ€ฆ
21 Studios is unusual for several reasons. Having zero strikes for this long, with this many views, with this big of a channel, with truck loads of controversial content, is remarkable in itself.
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8 Nov 19

Premiering LIVE today at 2pm is another full episode of The 21 Report with @GeorgeBruno starring legendary strong man and YouTuber @ElliottHulse

Tune in for the live broadcast at

Filmed at #21CON
Watch Elliott's first ever talk at #21Convention now free to the world at
Watch his first appearance on The 21 Report with Mr. Bruno at
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2 Nov 19
Some thoughts on #NoNutNovember (NSFW)

I started my NNN by feeding a beautiful 21 year old plan A (plan B before the fact) and hitting a home run 3 times. This was redundant as she was on standard b-control, but, better "safe" than sorry.
1. If you're in your 20s/30s and can't bust multiple times over the course of several hours/a night, you need to stop eating trash, start lifting weights, and get your T checked.

This level of vigor should be normal for several decades of your life.
Common is not normal. Common is mediocre.

Most women are shocked I can hit two in a row, never-mind 3 or 4. This is an honest testament to how fat, weak, and soy filled so many American men have become today.

Get your shit together. Make her wonder if you're on viagra.
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6 Oct 19
"Package-Dealing" is one of the primary method Rollo Tomassi uses to poison & manipulate the minds of thousands of men, & narrative build for long term schemes.

Fraullo does this by providing good information (often stolen from The Red Pill community and wider manosphere)...
... and then combining it with some toxic narcissistic garbage haunting him from his own past.

"No Solutions Tomassi" is just him venting his own lifelong failure to create and find solutions to his own unresolved trauma.
For narrative building, Rollo had long been planning an open attack on The 21 Convention, while pretending to be a friend in public.

Written evidence shows covert efforts to remove speakers like @AJA_Cortes and @jackmurphylive for the sin of not bending the knee to his cult.
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6 Oct 19
Lookin forward to getting the band back together this month in Orlando!!

Bring a friend free offer ends tonight along with $400 savings -- the21convention.org/america
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29 May 19
I have created with my bare hands, blood, and sweat the greatest, most bad ass men's conference in the history of the world.

A fiercely unapologetic, grand 4 day celebration of 100% pure, old school, "toxic" masculinity.
#21CON is the world's most professional mansplaining event from the heart, soul, and kingdom of the manosphere.

The combined work I do with our speaker network of ~150 men has changed the lives of millions of men, forever.
The combined impact we've had on millions of men, relationships, families, and marriages has been fundamentally positive in the middle of the most negative, clown world, anti-man, Orwellian bullshit the west has ever seen.

We are the founding fathers of a cultural revolution.
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17 May 19
This is absolute delusional brotarded bullshit and your own projected autism.

The same goes for every other #redsperg right now.

A total inability to read REAL LIFE SOCIAL CUES by @RationalMale and many others.
Rollo has helped me build and thanked me for doing so in his own words the world's "first real red pill summit... the best event for this kind of stuff anywhere."

I did so at immense risk and challenge to my own business and life's work, a lifelong project I started at 17...
... in the manosphere.

@RationalMale is a high level speaker that I take advice and input from very seriously. We've talked almost every day for YEARS.

This is how fucking triggered spergs are in the red pill right now.

I've done something never before seen in history...
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13 May 19
The quantity of butt hurt loserdom going on in The Red Pill subreddit for me and #21CON is at an all time high right now. A cringefest extraordinaire for weaklings, larpers, and keyboard jockeys. This once great subreddit has officially collapsed into a quarantined shit hole.
At the helm of the Titanic is @RedPillSchool who has lovingly stated "And this guy is cancer."


You are cancer and #21CON is the cure.
I have been permanently banned from The Red Pill, Married Red Pill, and Red Pill Women.

The reason is that I am too hardcore for all of these subs and refuse to play political games with weak men hiding behind keyboards.
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24 Apr 19

A lot of people (men and women both) think I'm some womanizer playboy. Others view me as some sort of trad-con. New comers accuse me of being a pickup artist, or men's rights activist, or both.

And lets not forget the purple pill folk who view me as a traitor.
Others still view my actions as contradictory, and beliefs, and especially the combination of actions and stated beliefs.

None of these labels or accusations are accurate, and the contradictions are usually a projection of your own unresolved thinking about my behavior.
At 30, I have banged more than 1,000% of what the average American male will over a lifetime. Large as that sounds, this isn't anything sky high like what @GoldmundUnleash and others have done. It's simply what I've done, on purpose, based on my values, needs, and goals.
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9 Apr 19
In contrast to my personal die hard pro-liberty, pro-West, and #MAGA support I'm of the opinion that the manosphere being apolitical and areligious is generally a good thing.

Some men are conservatives, others libertarian, others want little to do with politics at all.
Some are even still democrats [but the D hostility to all men, fatherhood, and white men in particular is shrinking that demographic by the day].

The manosphere being areligious is even more important as religion tends to cover every single branch of philosophy & how a man lives
Its much more global than political philosophy.

The manosphere and red pill being "amoral" I'm more skeptical of in a fundamental sense, which is different from how most men treat morality.

They get HIGHLY specific in moral principles and application.
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12 Jan 19
People keep asking me about #MakeWomenGreatAgain as if itโ€™s a puzzle of complexity.

It aint.

#MWGA is everything modern western women are not.
Fit, healthy, sexy, modest, feminine, submissive, debt-free, patriotic, baseline value added skills, motherhood focused, etc.
Western women today make arrogant choices, have grossly inflated egos, drink too much, swear like sailors, blow off motherhood and marriage... to take more ass selfies and food pics for instagram until they find Jesus at 28.
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28 Oct 18

For the first time ever I am proud to present, The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again โ„ข

Coming to the beautiful USA, spring 2020.

Join the VIP list now at 22convention.com
The 22 Convention is a 3 day live event for women, by men, powered by 21 Studios.

After 12 years of The 21 Convention and 15 legendary events in 4 countries, this will be the world's ULTIMATE event for women.

Featuring a 100% male speaking lineup, critics are calling it...
"The mansplaining event of the century".

Like its brother event #21CON, #22CON will star iconic manosphere speakers - the absolute best in the world.

I've already invited legends like @RationalMale @Rich_Cooper @jackmurphylive @ironshrink and many more!!
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