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14 Sep
We re-watched all of Seinfeld very quickly and last night I dreamt a new episode. It was so vivid that I immediately wrote it down after I woke up. Here it is to the best of my memory. Bear in mind, I came up with this WHILE UNCONSCIOUS....
George is at Jerry's asking if he has his passport.
JERRY: But you never go anywhere!
GEORGE: That's not true!
Elaine buzzes. Jerry lets her up.
JERRY: Brooklyn doesn't count.
GEORGE: FINE! But I'm gong somewhere NOW!
JERRY: Well I don't have your passport.
Elaine enters and immediately Jerry and George react disgusted.
JERRY: Elaine you STINK of smoke!
GEORGE: You smell worse than one of Kramer's Cowombian cigars.
ELAINE: You mean Colombian?
JERRY: He got some knock-offs.
GEORGE: I had to go to Brooklyn with him to pick them up!
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29 Dec 18
Welcome to Bec-a-snatch. For one day, you have 5 mins to make each decision for me. There will be a photo, followed by a poll. First one:
Which cereal do I want?
Ooh that was a close one. The people have spoken.
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12 Nov 17
721: I still use an iPod touch (it is confused about what the time and date is).
722: The pillow cases on my couch are actually @ThePunRun tote bags with badges holding them closed.
723: @gavinnes and I are such big fans of #detectorists, that when we married last year, I walked down the aisle to the theme tune (covered by @jonny_baptists and @stevepretty). @Detectorists @adamtandy @BBCFOUR
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8 Sep 17
Write your own Ready Player One novel by taking all your favourite TV shows/films/authors and just listing them one after another.
I swear it's like he was told the book had to be a certain length so he's just like "oh crap um ok how many cult things can I remember?"
"I had a serious cute-geeky-girls-playing-ukelele fetish."
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