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Long Covid & PE recovery. Geography Teacher. Sustainability & Climate Change. BSc Env Science & Physics (Stirling). Soil Erosion PhD & Geog PGCE (Exeter). Tuba.
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Oct 8, 2022 • 73 tweets • 46 min read
It took my legs a few minutes to warm up this morning, but glad to report that long morning walks remain easy, in contrast to later in the day. #Totnes is waking up beautifully ☀️
Mar 27, 2022 • 78 tweets • 53 min read
Spent more time in the garden today. Insect populations are booming! A bit of sunshine really helps to lift the spirits.
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Feb 3, 2022 • 45 tweets • 23 min read
Day 3 of #Omicron symptoms was my worst so far, with fatigue & a very heavy head, alongside sneezing. My tight chest, feeling of reduced lung capacity and tickly lung sensation had subsided slightly, as did the coughing, that had become painful on Day 2 #Oximeter down to 96%... I slept a lot on Day 3.

But now it's 1am on Day 4 and I feel full of life. Fatigue gone. No more headache. Slight wheeze still, Oximeter 96%; no appetite, but sense of smell and taste are fine.

Wonder whether the worst is over, as I'm double AZ-jabbed plus Pfizer-boosted?