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19 Nov
Can’t stop laughing Image
Tracey: “How, precisely, will your argumentative strategy unfold? Walk me through the steps.”

<Barnes ghosts Tracey to go trick or treating with his bros>

Tracey: “Well, you’ve got an important message to share with the American people, so buddy, YOU’RE BOOKED”
Thought my follow-up tweet in this thread made it plain what I was laughing at but I guess not.

The funniest aspect of this for me had to do with the way Twitter formatted the procession of tweets. ImageImage
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18 Nov
I understand the concerns about academic fields uncritically adopting boutique progressivist buzzfare. But the dimensions of race and class are absolutely germane to the broader inquiry into “public health.” ImageImageImage
Smart “anti-SJW” people should drop people like Lindsay just like smart “SJW” people should drop people like DiAngelo. They are enemies of nuance. The world is too complex for them.
Like you, but at a far lower level of recognition, I'm a discourse curator. I have a newsletter I'm about to relaunch on this very theme. I run a site in which I try to sift good commentary from bad.

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17 Nov
a lib's dream: changing vote totals on dominion election software, accessed exclusively via Hunter's laptop, stored on Hillary's private server.
a lib's nightmare: patriotic poll watchers bursting through the door with a warrant that's really just a realDonaldTrump tweet that says "you're fired"
a lib's revenge: memorizing all 98,999 pages of obama's first eleven memoirs so that no one can plagiarize him without consequence
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17 Nov
yooooo how do you do fellow kids I just dropped a PHAT FLEET go check it out haha parents r so lame, party at tanner's so hit me up l8er
haha here's my dweeb grandma trying to access my latest FLEET
here are my boyz basically sayin, ‘yo, Belvy, you a real one with these FLEETS’
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17 Nov
Something I haven't touted as much, though I want to now, is @ArcDigi's commitment to publishing *historical* columns. Our main focus is on current events. But this world did not poof into existence five minutes ago—so history will continue to be a key offering in Arc's lineup.
Here's a piece we just published by @NathGAlexander on the controversy surrounding a work called "Black Athena," which takes us to ancient Greece, Africa, and to investigating whether retrofitting our concepts of race represents unjustified anachronism.…
Here's a piece we published a few days ago by @LDBurnett on the effects that a shift in publishing models in earlier centuries had on the world of literature, and on the fortunes of writers. She then ties it in to a shift we might be seeing today.…
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16 Nov
Hope the history books record that, after the vaccine announcements, the president was radiating with fully earned acclaim for his heroic efforts to just exist as scientists independently saved our tails.
Also, I'm sure the "historians" will waste no time crediting Trump now that he's warmly suggested they're not true chroniclers of the past by putting their research field in quote marks.
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8 Nov
Sure, it’s easy to make fun of him but I’ll remind my followers that so far no one has disproved his important hypothesis that demons frequently fly commercial.
As justifications for buying private jets go, it's not the worst in the world.
I don't want to fly in a tube with demons, I don't want to watch YouTube with demons, I don't want to canvass for Tuberville with demons. I don't want any of it.
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8 Nov
Glenn Beck cautions Dave Rubin not to be so prematurely giddy. But it’s no use: Rubin’s joy is irrepressible.
What a journey we just went on with Dave.
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8 Nov
The LOLFEST these ppl just dropped on Biden’s lap is so powerful it might end up retroactively installing Trump as president for 50 years
As Jesus instructed: Go therefore and ROFL @ your enemies.
tfw bae tells you it’s laundry time Image
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8 Nov
Trumpism's ongoing viability is dependent on the enduring quality of his "He Fights"-ness. To set themselves up for success in 2022 and 2024, the movement has to plausibly make the case that they'll never cede an inch to the left on *anything*, including the election results.
This was evident on election night and in the days that followed, when MAGALAND was indignant with the institutional elements of the GOP more with Biden and the Democrats. They wanted to see more fight from them, which translated into echoing Trump's baseless claims of fraud.
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8 Nov
bruh I am dying
Look, if anything, it’s a refreshing change of pace from ordinary analysis like exit polls and down-ballot comparisons.
My guy should stick to LOTR fan fic because he just isn’t up for smart analysis. Like what is this?
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7 Nov
A "fatal blow"? How hysterically absurd.

What's funny is the very people warning about the government's collapse are the ones perpetuating government-destabilizing myths.
It's precisely the bizarre demand for an "explanation" as to why the vote went Biden's way, along with attendant claims of electoral fraud, that is itself causing a crisis of legitimacy. The crisis will stop the moment chuds like this stop their cranklore tin-foilery.
The burden of proof is on Trump's election truthers to provide justification for their claims. So far they haven't. They're all sharing the same instantaneously debunkable hoax clips and claiming that Barr should be jailing election workers. *This* is what is causing our crisis.
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14 Sep
If you would like to read a thread that is almost impossibly pretentious, a thread that pushes the boundaries of what you thought unearned self-importance could look like, Eric Weinstein has you covered.
"At least give us this one teeny tiny little thing. We were right about it all. We were right about everything."


The absolute nerve to be Eric Weinstein and demand that people concede this.

Just imagine offering Ben Shapiro as a tonic for culture war excess. Mate, he's its apogee.

Just imagine suggesting Tulsi Gabbard and Dan Crenshaw as examples of politicians who exist outside the reality of partisanship.
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24 Jun
Massively important thread.

Some people's online personas entirely consist of being hypercritical of what they take to be bad.

If this is you, my recommendation is to devise a way to start regularly recommending the ones who you think are doing it right.
This is a particular vulnerability for me. I am continually beset by the cosmically unjust phenomenon of manifestly unworthy discourse participants grifting their way to massive platforms.

They don't deserve them. And it kills me.
So, the major way I counteract that is I run a media organization committed to producing content that I can be proud of. Blah blah blah I'm cocky, I know. But that's the main way I handle my natural inclination toward being critical.
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4 Jun
The reactions to this are predictably hysterical.
This SHITTY TAKE, in which vandalism and and theft are mysteriously *not* held up as virtuous, is deeply troubling from the young man who goes by the name of Matthew Yglesias
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17 Mar
We are besieged by a virus. A silent enemy. One whose stampeding march is relentless and unsparing. Our streets are hollow. Our hearts full of fear.

Yet our Reality TV leader, groomed for crisis in the gritty crucible of game show drama, renews a song of triumph in my heart.
I know hindsight is 20/20, but it's almost as if being filmed saying "You're Fired!" a bunch of times doesn't, in the end, prepare a person to manage a global megacrisis.
Look, we've got an unprecedented pandemic on our hands. Then again, here's who is spearheading our response.

So 👏 stop 👏 panicking…
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16 Dec 19
I wrote about the significant epistemic shortcomings inherent in our political culture.

There are institutions all across society that are conducive to truth-telling—but our political discourse is not one of them.…
What a culture minimally needs in order to be truth-friendly is an evaluative environment where its inhabitants can assess the truth or falsity of claims primarily according to their semantic content. That’s not possible in politics.
Yet when you've got an epistemic environment organized around political victory as its highest good, the devaluing of truth is ensured.

In such a system, claims aren't accepted on the basis of their truth status but rather on the basis of their usefulness to the political cause.
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18 Aug 19
I’ve been thinking about the Portland event yesterday. The one being “documented" by the thirstiest people in new media. The one serving up delicious Patreon bait. The one offering itself as a propagandizable atrocity exhibition—a “shape-as-you-wish” template for partisan rancor.
My conclusion, as someone who occupies a portion of the new media space, and as someone who tries hard to be guided by argument and evidence rather than tribal commitments, is that there are more bad actors in new media than I previously thought possible. And they're multiplying.
The main reason for this is simple. It pays to be a hyperpartisan goon. The masses clamor for their antecedently held views to be fed back to them, and they are willing to pay—in money and follows—for that sweet, sweet supply.
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21 Jul 19
The NBA and the United States are importantly disanalogous.
The NBA is a competitive market, with agreed-upon success conditions (team success brings higher revenue), whereas the US is a liberal society, which in addition to success conditions (economic growth, intl. educational rank, etc.) has institutional constraints to strive for.
Some of these institutional constraints include matters like distributive fairness, equality under the law, etc. Even if doing so is not "efficient," we should make sure that members of races have equal access to, say, police security.
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21 Jul 19
Social contract theory is a political-philosophical framework, rather than an in-person negotiating event, and so doesn't require an actual contract. I didn’t say anything about the Founders, nor about any classical liberals in U.S. history.
Think of it as the norms, de jure and de facto, that if overturned would turn America into something else. For example, we could not ditch democracy and remain America (even though, historically, America has been rapaciously undemocratic).
My argument is that from this point on we cannot understand our guiding ideals to be race- or ethnicity-privileging.
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21 Jul 19
Came across two descriptions of nationalism, from two liberal columnists, and I wanted to highlight a key difference. I’m extremely not a nationalist, but my antennae are up when we're characterizing mainstream views and positions we’re already predisposed to strongly detest.
The first is from @zackbeauchamp. In a piece that I think gets a lot right, and is a far fairer treatment than some corners are suggesting, I think Beauchamp mischaracterizes nationalism in a worrisome way.…
@zackbeauchamp Beauchamp repeatedly makes the point that a high-minded nationalism always mutates, when it gets activated at the political level, into rank racism and ethnohierarchism. The sort of views Trump displayed in his recent tweets targeting the four progressive congresswomen.
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