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General surgery PGY-1 @umichmedicine, aspiring health services researcher, @BowdoinCollege hockey alum, former teacher, @Avalanche fanatic.
17 Mar 20
Just spoke w/ a surg resident from a major program where elective cases R cancelled but resident schedules haven’t been changed appropriately to address #COVID exposure concerns. This resident is expected to TRIPLE SCRUB a case in 2 days. How are people letting this happen? 1/8
As a intern w/ zero authoritative power, I’m incredibly thankful for our chief residents & fellows here @UMichSurgery who have taken it upon themselves to work with faculty & our dept leadership to address this crisis and it’s impact on our health system & day 2 day workforce 2/8
Services are limited 2 only essential “skeleton” team members, usually a chief/fellow + junior resident who round. Residents are not staffing clinics. Urgent/emergent cases are covered by level appropriate residents w/ care to minimize # of ppl in hospital at any given time 3/8
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12 Aug 19
Was in pre-op for an emergent take back over the weekend. My chief arrived & in the middle of her asking me (the intern) to put in orders for the case, the male anesthesia resident asked if she was the pre-op nurse. She cordially explained she was the chief surgical resident 1/10
She was clearly the leader of our team yet had to defend her position as such. As a man, I often get benefit of the doubt of being “the Dr.” even when I was a short-coated medical student. As a new intern, people assume I’m in charge but I’ve only been a resident for 40 days 2/10
I have never had to defend my position on a team. This stands in stark contrast to the many women physicians who have to justify their role each & every day. I often wonder if I would have the same amount of patience as my female colleagues, & the answer is an easy no 3/10
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