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Researcher in #DataSemantics. Interested in #AcWri and #phdchat Working at @DSIatNUIG @insight_centre @nuigalway. #Feminist and #MentalHealth advocate.
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17 Feb
After a very nice session of @obsdmd for #AcademicTwitter as part of @NickMilo's course, I have done a few more experiments.

"How to create a note with a list of all my sources?"

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First I added the "citations" plug-in to read my references in BibLatex.

1. I provide a single .bib file with all references
2. Then I configure to create a YAML frontMatter based on the reference details

3. I create a note for each source (automatically) or I just add the template to already existing source notes (automatic as well) - CMD + P

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9 May 20
Two weeks ago I asked my fellow #AcademicTwitter:

How to cope with doing a part time #PhD and full time work in times of #COVID19?

Here are the tips I have received: a thread

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"1. Work on your motivation. Why do you want a #PhD? " @4nn4nd4

It may help to create a mindmap of your own reasons and have it always visible. In my case, I like to write lists so I put a post-it at my computer with my top 3 to keep the motivation up.

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"2. Manage your energy, not your time." @elfriesen

In times of #phdpandemic our energy may be very low. So, it is important to make good use of it.

@elfriesen suggests the @ProfessorIsIn and @kelweinhold
podcast on energy management:… 3/
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