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1 Sep
No stream today in solidarity with those experiencing hate raids and demanding action.

To those sneering that it won’t make any difference - it’s already trending in the UK and has been written about in many international media outlets.

Obviously there will be some who are contractually obliged to stream today and others who don’t want to be silenced, which I totally understand.

But those who claim that it won’t make any difference because it doesn’t hurt Twitch’s revenue directly are being wilfully ignorant.
Awareness and will do a lot more than a small financial hit and the campaign has been very successful in achieving that.

Twitch is listening so make your voices heard!
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24 Aug
Our expectations were low but holy s**t. You just said the quiet part out loud, @/Asmongold

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I know there are a ton of comments replying to this calling me a hypocrite because I asked people not to harass those who don't participate.

If you think my tweet was criticising him for not participating, you ought to read it again & again until you understand it.
I criticised his belittling of smaller content creators for starting a movement that he believed wouldn't cause any change.

Yet here we are, two days later and the organiser of this protest has a meeting with Twitch staff.
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