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1 May
I just published my latest blog post on "Articulating Your Personal Purpose."…
For those that prefer something shorter form, here's a quick thread 👇
I recently did an exercise called "Future Authoring" with @BlasMoros and other folks part of his @LTCWRK project. I had already done some work on my personal purpose and found it more helpful than some other goal-setting frameworks. Here are some reasons why...
1/5 - Velocity - having a purpose helps with both components of velocity...speed and direction. @jordanbpeterson says "The purpose of life, as far as I can tell…is to find a mode of being that's so meaningful that the fact that life is suffering is no longer relevant."
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25 Apr
I just joined Twitter a few wks ago and it’s admittedly a bit overwhelming. Here goes with my 1st post…I currently lead a 250+ person service team and it strikes me there are some underappreciated leadership lessons that are more important now than ever. Here are 5 of them 👇
1/5 - Vision/Purpose - Have both a well articulated company vision and set of values but also require team members to document their personal purpose and how they connect. How Will You Measure Your Life is a great book if you're interested in exploring purpose further
2/5 - Relationships/Trust - Nothing is more important than establishing personal relationships and trust with members of your team...reduces friction. @realrookieceo talks about relationship bldg in the context of technician ride-alongs in his great interview with @aebridgeman
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