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dharma-visheSha-prasUtAd dravya-guNa-karma-sAmAnya-visheSha-samavAyAnAM padArthAnAM sAdharmya-vaidharmAbhyAM tattvaj~nAnAn niHshreyasaM ||
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5 Jan
The vA~Nga cult of manasA has many unusual features not seen in the south. It is also rather unusual that she rose to be one of the most celebrated goddesses of the region. Some of those include: 1) He identification with an ancient goddess padmAvatI (shown with a snake in jin
tradition. 2) Her rivalry with the goddess chaNDikA who blinds one of her eyes. 3) Her unusual companion netA the laundrywoman of the deva-s. 4) Her rise to prominence involving the forcible conversion of a v3 of gAndhin (perfumer seller; like MKG) caste. 5) Her role in reviving
rudra after he drink viSha during the churning of the ocean. 6) Having a head like Channa fish.7) A late element of the vernacular ma~Ngala-kAvya-s of the vA~Nga-s: the subjugation of predatory Mohd sardar-s by manasA who sends a great horde of venomous animals to slaughter their
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5 Jan
While there is a lot of modern literature on cattle behavior much of it is directed at herds where some disruption might have occurred: e.g. hormonal implants; male removal; regular removal of members shaking up dominance hierarchies; unavailability of seclusion during calving;
tail cutting; castration; stress induced by branding etc. Moreover the human intervention makes observation of those the 3rd of those behaviors less observable. That said the shruti being the composition of Aryan pastoralists has a lot more frequent references to bovine behavior
A few e.g. apratiratha aindra: AshuH shishAno vR^iShabho na bhImaH | -> the bull sharpening its horns: derived from behavior of bull of horning the ground: a threat display
sadyo jAto vR^iShabho roravIti -> roaring of bull a dominance display;
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5 Jan
This article stirred up some feelings from the past: Was fascinated by the artistry in these pens& was also enamored by my late grandparents' facility writing with these pens but really found it hard to write with them as a kid.Hence, I junked them despite…
the fascination at the first instance I could -- thankfully by then those pseudo inkpens with a small ball bearing had become affordable and made it easier for me to finish writing exams in time except those in nAgarI script which for all its beauty is impeder of speeding on the.
sheet. But soon pens became a thing of a different yuga once the computer became more available. The discovery of latex rekindled the fascination for making nice looking text despite the sore inability to make with my own hands unliek the rest of my family. The story finally ends
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3 Jan
Few comments since this topic is as perennial as the AIT issue among internet H -- of course you may not like it, so don't @ me. The domesticated Bos was a central animal for the subsistence of the Indo-European pastoralists on the steppe. It was also a major domesticate for the
the pre-IE Indian peoples like the Harappans and the neolithic Ash Mound culture of southern India (i.e. the bUti-palli/halli-s; early Dravidians?). What is clear is that these pre-IE & circum-IE entry peoples of India consumed the flesh of cattle. However, it is like the female
animal (henceforth cow) was also valued for milk->curds/cheese(?) among both the Harappan and Ash Mound peoples. The former probably also used them as draught animals. The situation was similar with the IEans on the steppe with their version of Bos cattle playing a major role in
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3 Jan
bAlabodhana: a version of this molecule (more precisely with an additional -OH bonded to the C2' atom has been a key technological advance in the mRNA vaccines being rolled out. The relevant part is that hexagonal ring (the base) called 1N-methylpseudouracil
The mRNA vaccines are the triumph a still hazy principle in biology termed "social RNA". The reason for is that many organisms have an inbuilt immune action directed against social RNA for it could be a pathogenic RNA. The key idea in these vaccines is the use of the above base
systematically instead of its usual base uracil. This N-methyl pseudouridine does 2 things: makes the vaccine RNA less capable of triggering the body's anti-RNA immunity &inflammatory response & simultaneous makes it a better mRNA i.e. better for protein production. If as
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3 Jan
1 observes that in India or many nations of the occident there is a fear of certain facts, i.e. quite reliable inferences based on reproducible observations, being "weaponized". The general reaction is to deny those facts by claiming them to be false or the exact opposite. This
At the same time people are quite comfortable believing relatively complex facts that they cannot easily verify like the earth going around the sun rather than the other way. However, they will put on airs deep understanding to attempt denial of the facts they deem weaponized
The Soviet Union did the same by force and several occidental nations are doing the same now: such denial can only be maintained by such. In contrast while the late Singaporean leader was called many names he decided to play along with with uncomfortable facts. The H really need
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1 Jan
There is a certain mental tendency that exists across groups to accept a patently contra-factual framework as reality. Once that is accepted the individuals who have done so work within that framework & to them the factual reality or pratyakSha appears delusional. To such people
trying show the facts doesn't work because they are already inside their new pseudo-reality. One may say what is the problem? Could their reality not be equally valid even as Euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptical geometry? No, we are not talking about axiomatic systems here but
the process of deductions from logic. The old H had presented two important principles: 1) tR^itIyaprakArAbhAvaM cha sUchayati | ity eka-pramANa-vyApAraH : in the west it is called the law of the excluded middle and lAghava-nyAya, i.e. the principle of parsimony. When you reject
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1 Jan
Most of the time I only see people whom I've repeatedly encountered in real life in dreams. Then there is the rare dream where one sees a several (10-15) people whose faces are visible with great clarity, from close quarters & display of emotions. But they are people you have
apparently never seen in real life. You are in conversation of a very familiar form with them. I've always been puzzled by where they come from: 1. Are they people who you might have after seen but forgotten. Even if that were so you have not ever had any deep real life
interaction to keep them in the conscious memory. 2. They are people generated by a certain face-generating algorithm that lies hidden in the brain -- one could see an adaptive value for such. The agency independent of yours that they display is also notable. The algorithm then
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11 Dec 20
I wonder if the best way to get people learn programming (and mathematics) is by showing people how it can help in something they are really interested in. Of course I'm from an older generation & in my youth few people had access to computers. There were a subset of guys who
wanted to become engineers as it paid well. They used to learn programming in some local sheds where it used to be taught mostly without computers. They would write out code on paper with pencil and on the last day of their course get once chance to enter into real computers
to see if it ran. I found that utter bizarre & unappealing. Hence, rather than following their course I bided my time carrying out biological/astronomical/mathematical/chemical experiments with a hand calculator.But once I got access to a computer I knew exactly what I wanted so
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9 Dec 20
I have been wanting to do an ongoing thread. To an Arya the entire shruti is inspiring but there are particular sUkta-s and mantra-s that especially so (other students of the shruti might create their own parallel thread of this kind if interested). It is hard to say this is the
most inspiring sUkta. However, to me there is some set which might be called "among the most inspiring" or "the essence of religion". From that set I'll place as first sUkta: RV 2.12: yo jAta eva prathamo manasvAn... of gR^itsamada shaunahotra: It is replete with sublime mantras
It is also found as AV vulgate 20.34. Within it one of the most inspiring R^ik-s are:
dyAvA chid asmai pR^ithivI namete
shuShmAch chid asya parvatA bhayante |
yaH somapA nichito vajrabAhur
yo vajrahastaH sa janAsa indraH ||
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6 Dec 20
To take of at angle from the original intent of the thread author: Mahanolobis shouldnt be seen in the same light at chAchAjI. Both had their occidental influences. Today some people call statisticians like Mah and Fisher as "racists" but those are modern fancies of left-liberals
Mah's academic research was of high quality and some of it is still used today like his distance measure. His ideas on collecting "big data" & making computation a part of Indian research landscape were on their mark even if implementation failed. Often a good researcher is not a
good administrator and when one becomes "famous" 1 might stop doing hands one research and indulging in administrative travel -- as JBS Haldane said regarding Mah. Has happened to other good Indian scientists too. The uncle on the other hand had deeper issues. He was born in a
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5 Dec 20
This the mUlamantra of a deity from the yoginItantra period. If you did not have much specific knowledge of the history of yoginItantra-s would you guess who the deity is and which sampradAya the mantra comes from?
The same tantra gives the following dhyAna of its deity along with the 4 yoginI-s.
He is described as having 4 heads, with 3 eyes, of blue color, very fierce, stationed on a corpse with with a garland of skulls, holding a skull, a skull-topped brand, a bow and arrows. The 4 yoginI-s accompanying him are pAtanI of silvery blue color; mAraNI emerald white color
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24 Nov 20
3 gAyatrI-s of netra-tantra tradition. 1sr is to its focal devatA amR^iteshvara/netranAtha. 2nd to mahesvara as the culmination of the pAshupata tradition or identified with sadAshiva of the Urdhvasrotas. 3rd is to koTarAKSha-bhairava of the dakShiNasrotas @goghritaM
Thus, the conception is of triadic shiva that is inherited from the older pAshupata substratum and also probably reflecting the vaidika antecedent of the tradition in the form of the tryambaka mantra. But why the association of amR^iteshvara with netra - it reminds one of the eye
of mitra and varuNa in the shruti and the one-eyed rudra of the sAmaveda (ekAkSha; also reflected in ekanetra among the saiddhAntika vidyeshvara-s) or Odin farther afield in the IE world. This becomes clear only from the Himalayan tradition that has greatly declined & secondarily
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23 Nov 20
The organizational capacity and the genius of the founder of the marahaTTa nation appears only very rarely. Further the appearance of one needs a supporting staff to project success. By oneself most genius can only go so far as the case of bAjIrAv-I suggested. The lATeshvara is
not exactly in their league nor does have the staff of the great rAjan. Thus, the lATeshvara, however good he may be by himself, is more vulnerable to the consequences of following bad advice. He may not willfully commit to bad advice but most bad ideas are like the virus. They
can catch you like a disease. Like the story of the current CoV, both you and your enemy might catch the memetic viruses but like duHshAsana's son rising before abhimanyu the enemy can can get up before you & club you to death. I posit that H will go through such a turn when the
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21 Nov 20
While some have expressed surprise that this question should be negatively answered concerns let us emphatically state concerns are valid. 1st there is nothing strange about the consumption of bovine excreta and fecal matter. It is a common adaptation seen across pastoralists of
different origins. We know our Indo-European strand of ancestry on the steppes did so; African cattle-breeding tribes do so; it will not be surprising if the Harappans & south Indian Ash mound tribes did something like that given that they were cattle rearers too. Urine & fecal
matter, each probably had their own adaptive significance. In the case of former some metabolites might have had useful physiological effect. Well collected mid-stream urine would not have much of health issues due to being mostly sterile. The shit might have had value in
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20 Nov 20
Grant and
Lee, Patton and Eisenhower, MacArthur and Bradley, Westmoreland & Schwarzkopf. It was impossible not to be humbled and moved by the tradition those men represented, the service and sacrifice that had helped forge a nation, defeat fascism, & halt the march of
totalitarianism. Just as it was necessary to recall that Lee had led a Confederate Army intent on preserving slavery and Grant had overseen the slaughter of Indian tribes - iti kR^iShNAnAM rAjA mlechChAnAM saMrAT...
One good thing the ardhakR^iShNamlechChesha did was to return the evil genocidal Churchill's image back to the brits. If one psychoanalyzes that sentence one gets a feeling that he was quite different from other mlechCheshvara-s. Ironically, both he & nAri~NgapurSha wanted to do
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6 Nov 20
This important work on the ethnogenesis of the Mongols has been finally published. A few comments follow:…
First around 3300 BCE and before. The red is the Afanasievo: the 1st Indo-European invasion of the East. What is striking (to me at least) is that
some of the Bactria Margiana (BMAC) ancestry is seen in the East (brow) the black and green are ancient north east Asian and ancient northern Eurasian. Next, around 2000 BCE+-200 yrs the second IE invasion of the east took place now likely by an Indo-Iranian group. This brought
the Sintashta ancestry (orange) into Mongolia. Another new ancestry appears in the form of the Baikal bronze age people in cyan. Even in the bronze age we see some admixture with the BMAC & Indo-Iranians. In the early Fe age by 1000 BCE we see that the BMAC is strongly resurgent
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5 Nov 20
The almost all of our deva-s are ugra, and can manifest as ugradevatA-s. For example in the teaching of arjuna he says it is gods who slay who inspire worship:…
He says that brahman, dhAtR^i and puShaN are left out because they are not slayers. He's wrong
about puShaN probably because the Mbh is already far removed from the RV where puShaN was capable of causing fear -- the bharadvAja-s invoke him in the midst of battle. Ironically, his greek ortholog Pan is the root of panic & is said to have put fear into the Iranians on behalf
of his yavana votaries when they clashed at Marathon. Hence, one could argue that the distinction of ugradevatA is mostly not a big deal as most deva can manifest as ugradevatA-s. That said the there are some frameworks that are better for the kshatra mindset than others even in
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5 Nov 20
One also see widely different perceptions of the geopolitical consequences of this American election. Whatever people think, it is a big +ve for India's enemies TSP and chIna. What is not known is how much they can capitalize on this gain to harm India. It is also a +ve for the
deeply cultivated rudhira assets of the Occident in India. There will be lot more support for action such as that which took place in response to CAA. Again the capacity for them to capitalize this gain to hit H in a big way as long as the lATarAja rules in indraprastha is still
unclear. I do understand the final result has not yet been called and all this is based on where things stand. However, it would be prudent for the H bhAgurAyaNa-s to be on the highest alert starting next year. The stuff of note will be in the detail, the panjandrums who were
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20 Oct 20
25 years ago in the US left-liberal virtue signaling was not as prominent as today. It remained contained in certain circles and the 1st amendment still had a lot of teeth and the internet was a young free place. While race played a role in how much your were paid (Eu origin
getting more) it did not trump merit in terms of who got what job. It was mostly a meritocracy. The internet freedoms eroded over the next 5-7 years & the path was opened for the ascendency of the बेझ-गुगुल्वादि-दुष्टाः बेझः was already evil (e.g. blocking real assessments of
favored leftist authors like Jared Diamond) but गुग्गुलु was still not entirely evil. Most of the restrictions to the free internet came from the rulers of the land rather than from गुग्गुल्वादि। Over the next 10 years something interesting happened: बेझः increase in evil with
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18 Oct 20
The notable image installed by the Uighur Bojianu, cavalry general of the left wing of the imperial corps of the Mongol Khan, at Baochengsi under the patronage of the grand princess Sengge Ragi, the great-granddaughter of Khubilai Khan, the governess of the state of Lu.Of all the
various buddha-s the Tibetan lama-s tried to get the great Khan Khubilai interested in he was more drawn to the H deities absorbed by the tAthAgata-mata and has a special devotion to mahAkAla and his circle of deities. He had employed lama Phagspa to create the new Mongol script
& had his student Dam pa to perform mahAkAla rituals for him. In 1275 CE he performed a yuddha-jaya ritual invoking the retinue of mahAkala for the success of his general Bayan in the campaign against the chIna-s.…
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