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14 Sep
“Nullius in verba.”Take no one’s word for it. A cornerstone of science for 350 years.

Except that we often do have to take authors’ words for it. Most methods sections are skeletons of what is actually done - especially in computationally heavy studies.

But what if articles were different? What if an article was instead a “platform” that shared data & code upfront for full transparency & reproducibility?

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1 May
De jure segregation within US hospitals ended in the 1960s.

But does de facto segregation still exist? And if it does, is it related to outcomes?

Questions posed in a paper led by @dorkstweet with @AkbarWaljee @ekownyankah.

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Extensive prior work has shown outcome differences between Black & White patients after surgery due to patient & hospital factors. In this paper, for example, Black patients undergoing CABG were sicker & more often treated at low-volume hospitals.

Our question was subtly different from this earlier work.

We asked: Are Black & White patients WITHIN the same hospital cared for by different teams of providers.

That is: Does "hidden" segregation happen in hospitals?

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