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Nov 27 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ This is not just unhealthy, it is rotten to the core....that is what I mean by Gresham's law on steroids...

The crim Fed has lived by BS for so long that they will die by BS😇😇such is the law of nature😀😀

They are the quintessential representation😀
2/ of what this country is all about...Exceptional BSers😀😀Oh, they have the pedigrees, which is their weapon (what I call a giant BS😀) to shield from any one who asks simple basic Q that any sane human being would😀😀

But they are the Rulers of the masses, they dictate what😀
Nov 26 8 tweets 2 min read
1/ What that means is the rates are too low...basic, sheer simple math but their fundamental value as investment indicators but are now used as tactical data points by mega gamblers (rent seekers) gambling away OPM (other People's money😀) to get their massive year-end bonus 😀😀 2/ for a great job done by levered beta chasers under the guise of alpha extraction....

The crim Fed bailed out dozens of Shadow Banks (SB) in 2019, under the guise of financial stability (psychopaths' weapon😀)more like the bailout of so-called Rf assets😀biggest open fraud😀
Nov 24 10 tweets 2 min read
Here u go, f#% G5-CBs will liquify by their freshly printed currency, just one click 😇your hard earned money at work😀😀😀

Monkeys w a Bottle of Scotch & access to nukes😀😀 1/ To those who still don't get the crim Quacks & crim fraudsters in the crim Fed/WS/SB incest😀

The entire system since the closing of the Gold Window (in '71) has been a giant experiment....Bc every time the criminals blew the system up, they used the BBB (Big, Bully, BS)😀😀
Nov 23 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ I did this on steroids, & I didn’t blame one segment bc we can’t clap w one hand😀

A country that lets the criminals get away w absurdities, will empower them to commit atrocities😀😀

This business is not a rocket science but the criminal Quacks deliberately complicate it😀 2/ bc it is easier for them to hide behind😀the darker & more crevices, the more places for cockroaches to breed & thrive😀

Future generations will learn that the last 30 yrs of financial history in this country is the worst in human history, not just bc the crim Ind led by
Nov 22 24 tweets 4 min read
1/ Complexity is the best friend of criminals...they distract you w deceptive catch-phrases like financial innovation, the new age of finance,-age of sophisticated models supported by high-math from top scientists😀

The rise of Information asymmetry started w the ascent of 2/ Quacks, who enabled the crim WS to😀😀engage in even bigger frauds, while dumping all risks into Shadow Banking, where the dumbsh(* quant quacks are thriving & have held the economy hostage...😀😀

GFC was a great opportunity for the crim elites to get things right-instead,
Nov 21 25 tweets 5 min read
1/ Even a half-brained moron can tell that this market is broken by any metrics, beyond repair...Bc, the criminals have rigged everything, from the economy to the markets & the entire monetary system😀

The data is a sacred asset...that is all we have in the economy to go by,😀😀 2/ especially in a dirty fiat system, backed by scoundrels, quacks & criminals😀😀In fraud we Trust😀

They have not only rigged the data so deeply, that they have dumped all the risks in the Shadow banking system😀😀which makes the old wild West look decent😀

Even after WeWork
Nov 21 19 tweets 4 min read
1/ The transformation is complete-😀

The West will go the way of EMs 😀😀bc the dumbsh(*^ humans, & especially the dumbsh(*^ corrupt politicians are the same everywhere...

The morons have no clue what made their currencies valuable, bc it is a feature of humans to take for 2/ granted what was earned over generations, built by many outstanding individuals who contributed more than their fair share, so the rest of their progeny can benefit😀but today, we have the criminals falling over each other to steal from wherever they can, get away w murder😀
Nov 20 13 tweets 3 min read
1/ Another mega BS, thriving in the halls of Ivy league academia😀for which the Quacks draw humongous salary, & rip the kids off w 100s of Ks in student debt, only to realize that none of these sh*(^ have any meaning in the real world😀

The criminal Quacks & Oligarchs are 2/ the Marie Antoinette of this century...😀but are a lot worse bc we can't see them, feel them or hear them😀They are like the noxious fumes w no color or odor but eat your lungs slowly but surely😀

‘Phillips Curve’ is an observation about the relationship between 😀😀
Nov 20 5 tweets 2 min read
1/ Wag the Dog in so many ways - 11/20/23

This is a giant Macro led move, esp coming from the Crim traders running Yen/Short Naz 100 long trade that has been in place since 2013😀

Softbank is just a sampler😀😀

Wag the Dog-the crim morons running the economy dog😀 2/ The cesspool called the market tail running the economy dog😀A country that is 1/5 the size of the US is running the global liquidity dog 😀

The derivative cesspool running the U/L dog 😀

The real Q is, how did the criminals got away by reporting such low inflation for so😀
Nov 19 16 tweets 3 min read
1/ The next dumbest market - equities - 11/19/23

The dumbest of the markets, the bond markets, which should have been the smartest of money,😀 financed the biggest bubble & fraud in human history, from cryptos to memes to Spacs😀

The masses still - (1) either don't know the😀 2/ extent of damage the crim Fed/WS/SB incest have inflicted on the markets or (2) they are too dumb to know how badly the broken market structure has destroyed the very foundation of capital markets - so-called Rf rates😀

Normally, equities are a lot dumber than the Bond 😀😀
Nov 17 5 tweets 1 min read
1/ The basic economics, math & common sense left the markets a long time ago, instead replaced by mega Quacks, who are not just despicable & immoral humans but embarrassingly stupid morons😀😀

If WMT doesn't have pricing power, it means its debt is at😀… 2/ risk, not necessarily default but certainly other risks...bc the company's economics & the business risks go up, which means they have to readjust their cost structure for the new environment😀which means massive layoffs😀😀The HY bond spreads should have blown up,
Nov 17 8 tweets 2 min read
1/ The dumbsh*& market is a total hoax - 11/17/23

Even a fifth grader can see through this fraud...but the morons are getting away w murder😀😀

This is not the question of whether the debtors should be bailed out or not? That is entirely a different… 2/ question... If you ask someone who worked his asses off to promptly payback the debt😀or someone who never borrowed (like lower skilled workers) will have to pay through massive tax increases...they will have a different reaction than those who are getting bailed out

It is
Nov 17 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ The sad story of these markets 😀😀 - 11/17/23

There is no market...I can list dozens of issues that have come to a confluence where there is no chance for the markets to clear😀

If the markets don't clear, there is no price discovery, & there is no price discovery until😀 2/ the liquidity improves but liquidity can't improve unless true investors step in but in a systematized cesspool, no intelligent investor would step in unless the value is so dirt cheap that it makes investment compelling😀

So, one of two things can happen-the crim oligarchs w
Nov 16 24 tweets 5 min read
1/ What a tragedy? The morons don't even get the basics of human morals or fiduciary, but they love talking technicalities to deceive the masses & keep them in a deep slumber😀

Opacity is anti-American, anti-moral, anti-religious, & certainly anti-public

The crim Fed 😀 2/ vehemently fought the Congress against passing "Audit the Fed" bill😀Their defense-it will compromise the Fed's independence. Such an outrage after seeing the colossal damage they have inflicted on capital markets, but still refuse to admit the truth, but are hiding behind
Nov 16 14 tweets 3 min read
1/ Why is every moron is wrong in this industry? - 11/16/23

Those who really know don't talk...Those who talk don't know - Zen proverb😀

if you listen to the talking heads, they will lead u off the cliff-nicely😀

First of all, the majority in this industry haven't even seen a 2/ cycle that the crim Fed didn't manipulate but still failed...(arsonists convincing the masses that they are firefighters😀)

But post GFC, the criminal Fed/WS incest enabled the dirty govt to get on an even bigger fraud, that gave the impression to the criminal MMT quacks😀😀
Nov 16 8 tweets 2 min read
1/ Adding to the criminal Fed's evil policies - 11/16/23

Evil doesn't show up w guns or knives but as toxic gases, the criminals don't look like a hobos but they show up debonair w huge pedigrees & nice sounding words...but they are worse than the one who shows up w a knife or😀 2/ a gun😀😀bc they kill you without u even knowing-slowly like the Chinese water torture...that is the price to pay for lies that have built into a giant mountain, from which there is no escape...

Indexation is one of the biggest contributors to the biggest open fraud in modern
Nov 15 14 tweets 3 min read
1/ what a tragedy - 11/15/23

CSCO (not involved) darling of value investors has never gone anywhere since its IPO, most of the time paying lot less than the USTs but dumping onto the moronic Institutions led by the crim Fed/WS incest-yes, don't confuse good companies😀 2/ w good investments...AAPL (Short) is a classic eg...which is a mega holding among the dumbest institutions (Institutions are inherently dumb, bc they are zombified & automated-the carbon algos competing w their silicon counterparts)

The dominance of the dumb money
Nov 15 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ When everybody expects same thing to happen, an entirely new pattern emerges😀- 11/14/23

What he left out is the most likely scenario- Stagflation...which is deadly for all financial assets...

What is not financialized? Housing is practically owned by the government😀w 2/ massive losses😀residing on the B/S of mega Institutions, under the clever name - HTM 😀while the homeowners who paid massive prices are hoping for the quacksters (the magicians😀) crim Fed to just wave a wand to bring down interest rates😀so they can refinance 😀If this 😀😀
Nov 14 16 tweets 3 min read
1/ Why is not Gold going through the roof today? - 11/14/23

The ugliness of BBBs, Institutionalized & systematized zombified markets are destroying whatever little intelligence was left in these markets😀😀The morons are trying to find a gem in a cesspool...😀

The few who own😀 2/ gold are no match for the Institutionalized zombies who are stuck in massively illiquid financial assets, from PEs to CREs, from long bonds (massive duration risk exposure) to worthless crappy equities (yes, even AAPL is crappy when the true impact of long suppressed rates 😀
Nov 14 22 tweets 4 min read
1/ The morons in this dumbsh(* industry are so embarrassing that it only justifies the existence of the one-eyed King (the criminal Fed) in the land of the blind...

What BS Bernank Fed called "Transparency" was a euphemism for a giant fraud, by enabling & wet-nursing the😀 2/ dumbsh*^% bond markets, & using the crim Shadow Banks as receptacles for massive toxic assets...the whole system & the structure by itself is inflationary....bc they act as agents for mal-allocation of capital😀😀& the morons have been throwing liquidity like gasoline on😀
Nov 13 21 tweets 4 min read
1/ Do you want a level playing field, & take back your country? Do these - 11/13/23

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality (I will change that to existing illusion, bc even Fuller didn't expect this country to stoop this low)

To change something, build a new 2/ model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

1. bring back "drafting", it didn't stop many Presidents of the last 40 years to dodge the drafts, serially😀Yet, the moronic military & the masses called them "Commander-in-chief" of what? Cowards😀😀