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20 Nov 20
Thread: “I’m NOT going to wear a mask! Only 2% of those who get it will die!” This was loudly declared in a public eatery by a Christian pastor at a conference I attended recently. This seems to be perceived as an infallible argument against all measures to mitigate this disease.
But, I wonder if we exercised our imaginations just 2% more if we’d understand that 2% and 2% are not always the same, especially depending upon one’s perspective. In other words, 2% is a little or a lot depending upon many other variables.
I’ve tried to explain this to my son by this admittedly over-simplification.

Imagine that you are the captain of a ship with 200 passengers. As the captain you are responsible for the welfare of all 200 lives. It is presumed by the code of shipping that you will protect the
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19 Nov 20
I wish I could write in such a way that would persuade at least some of my friends on the Right that their Evangelical leaders’ machismo toward Covid precautions is not just a matter of difference of opinion, but unwise (which is another way of saying, “not very Christlike”).
One leader has declared to the cheers and ballyhoo of adoring patriots:
“Americans need to be planning to celebrate the biggest Thanksgiving Feasts they can manage. Invite extra friends, serve extra stuffing and gravy and pumpkin pies,
fill every glass with some good wine, and then bow our heads in humble praise that all that we have is from Christ.”
The BIGGEST FEASTS and EXTRA FRIENDS because authorities are requesting smaller and fewer! This is clearly, they say, a threat to our Christian faith and liberty.
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