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Nov 17, 2022 • 9 tweets • 4 min read
#NAFO fellas have flooded the replies to this to say it’s fake news. Thing is, it’s not exactly *fake*; it’s heavily *embroidered*. Specifically (1) “embedded with Azov” seems to be Alex’s invention. In fact the guy was “in contact with” Above. (2) Alex zooms to trivial 🇺🇦 links but misses links to Assad (the European Solidarity Front for Syria shares the same chemical weapons conspiracy theories as Grayzone) or or the way it promotes some of the same anti-vaxx messages shared by Grayzone editor, Max Blumenthal
Jun 8, 2022 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
Re-upping this as some British leftists on my timeline are sharing Grayzone this week. On the eve of war, Grayzone hosted the Russian ambassador to the UN scoffing at the silly idea that Russia was about to invade Ukraine. Definitely not a Russian state propaganda site.
May 8, 2022 • 15 tweets • 4 min read
I’ve been holding off on this thread until after the elections.

Now it’s clear Starmer’s Labour didn’t do as badly as the Tories & JC-loyalists hoped, but it didn’t do as well as the current leadership’s loyalists were hoping… …Crucially Labour advanced in southern marginals it needs to win to form a government, and gained ground in some key “red wall” areas such as Dudley…

(See @lewis_baston:…)
May 5, 2022 • 12 tweets • 5 min read
This has been a traumatic time for my Syrian friends. The world’s been focused on Ukraine but here’s two Syria stories you need to know about if you don’t.🧵

1/ Thanks to the extraordinary work of Annsar Shahhoud & @ugur_umit_ungor, the Tadamon massacre has been exposed: [CW: violence]

The massacre in 2013 involved the shooting of 100s of opponents of Assad’s regime, their bodies piled in a massive pit, filmed by the perpetrators.

It closely resembles the shootings carried out by Heydrich’s Einsatzgruppen in the early phase of the Holocaust…
Mar 16, 2022 • 9 tweets • 6 min read

So @paulmasonnews has been talking about Socialist Action as an example of pro-Putin politics on the British left. The blue tick left have been responding saying that what he’s attacking has no meaningful existence off the Internet…

2/ I think Socialist Action (whose guru John Ross was one of Ken Livingstone’s advisors) are, despite their tiny size, particularly pernicious due to the organisational power they have in many of the UK’s (trade union bankrolled) key left organisations.

Dec 19, 2021 • 10 tweets • 6 min read
A new entry for the #ToryAntisemitism file: Conservative Party parliamentary staffer grabbed a Jewish journalist’s head to check if he has a Jewish nose…… Noticed I haven't updated the #ToryAntisemitism file in 2022. Some more entries, in light of Liz Truss's bad faith weaponisation of antisemitism, which she blames on the "woke".

April: photos found of an Enfield Tory in full Nazi regalia in a back garden.…
Nov 7, 2021 • 7 tweets • 5 min read
In case of any doubt that democratic socialists should not see the Morning Star as part of our movement, here’s its international editor promoting antisemitic, Covid-denying conspiracy wingnut Vanessa Beeley. (HT @ljwnorth.) (If you don’t know Beeley, read @Brian_Whit in @newlinesmag:…
Sep 6, 2021 • 19 tweets • 10 min read
This ruling about the BBC’s brilliant Mayday series, prompted by a complaint by the Mail’s Peter H1tchens, has been receiving a lot of attention in the far right/conspiracist scene and Russian media. A short thread on why it’s actually a nothingburger…… ImageImageImage First, some background:
In April 2018, a rebel-held suburb of Damascus, Douma, was brutally bombed from the air by the government. Two chemical weapon incidents were reported. Dozens died. The next day the rebels surrendered.
Jul 12, 2021 • 4 tweets • 3 min read
Got an insight into the tankie mind today as a result of replying critically to the DSA’s International Committee @DSA_Intl_Comm, which seems to think internationalism means unconditionally supporting authoritarian governments. ImageImageImageImage I mean I think internationalism means unconditionally supporting the global working class in struggle, and if you spend 60 years “building socialism” you’d at least find the time to allow trade unions to exist, but I guess not.
Jul 8, 2021 • 19 tweets • 9 min read
I’ve always been confused about why there’s a section of the “left” who think The American Conservative is good actually.

(Examples after the fold.) Like these guys… ImageImageImageImage
May 28, 2021 • 30 tweets • 10 min read
A thread on this week’s presidential “election” in Syria: The Syrian government says 14 million people voted, 95% for Assad. The population is 18 m but 40% are under 18. 3-4 m live in opposition areas, 2 m in autonomous Kurdish lands, neither of which voted...
Apr 29, 2021 • 10 tweets • 6 min read
You’ve probably all heard of Spiked (Koch-funded, formerly the Revolutionary Communist Party/Living Marxism) and its recent roles in Farage’s Brexit Party (Baroness Fox) & Boris’ Tories (Munira Mirza). I hadn’t realised they’re standing in next week’s election… [1/7] …Niall Crowley, a long-term activist in all their fronts (see pics) is standing in the #Hackney by-election in Hoxton East and Shoreditch ward, this time as an independent on an anti-LTN ticket... [2/7]
Apr 24, 2021 • 11 tweets • 7 min read
[THREAD] About six weeks ago I stumbled across a whole load of COVID denialist and anti-vans accounts pumping out gross antisemitism. I reported all the tweets captured here to @Twitter. I’m pleased to see today this account’s been suspended... However, this one, whose pinned tweet is obviously antisemitic, is still going...
Apr 15, 2021 • 15 tweets • 8 min read
Report by the UN's chemical weapon watchdog, the @OPCW, came out this week, on one of the Syrian civil war's many, many lesser-known chemical attacks: in Saraqeb in 2018.

In this thread, I'll collect some of the threads about it which are useful... 1/ Here's @bellingcat's @N_Waters89 who has done important open source investigations on war crimes by Syrian regime, US & other states.
Mar 17, 2021 • 8 tweets • 6 min read
Darren Conway on #r4today talking about his journey back to the school he filmed in 2013 after its bombing by the Syrian government for “Saving Syria’s Children” — very harrowing. This is an incident regime-supporting conspiracy theorists claim was staged.… The very week the Panorama in the tweet above is screened: The same hospital is struck by a precision missile, in an area with no rebel military presence, no strategic importance, whose coordinates were shared with Russia as part of deconfliction deal to avoid civilian casualties
Feb 9, 2021 • 5 tweets • 4 min read
So many bad “anti-imperialist” takes on here on Ecuador’s elections, esp’y on indigenous anti-extractivist Yaku Peréz. For good English-language counterpoints try: @triofrancos @neogaia @lilithxrmx @Itmechr3 @db_beaulieu @pauloCanning @InvisiblesMuros @anarchist_h0e @BrazilBrian This tweet is the clearest summary of the faultlines:
Jan 29, 2021 • 26 tweets • 12 min read
One thing about COVID is that it's brought to view the growing culture of denialism & conspiracism in the social media age. Again & again, COVID "skepticism" links to other denialisms, e.g. Holocaust negation, 9/11 Truth & Syrian chemical weapons denialism.

Two new examples: 1/ Desmond Swayne is the "COVID-skeptic" Tory MP in the news this week for telling anti-vaxx activists to persist and for associating with Del Bigtree and Richie Allen. Bigtree & Allen are both major figures in a range of conspiracy theory scenes...…
Jan 28, 2021 • 4 tweets • 2 min read
I see Angry Twitter Male is piling into @AngelaRayner because of her insistence teachers are at high risk of Covid, a claim the government denies based on data from September & early October. If you’re interested in the actual facts this is useful:… The fact that these people are more angry about Angela Rayner’s accent than at the issue she was asked to talk about – the fact that a government MP encouraged anti-vaxx activists and lied about death stats — speaks volumes…
Jan 20, 2021 • 17 tweets • 9 min read
As Trump time comes to an end, a disturbing section of the left is thinking about reaching out to the hard right to try and make itself relevant with his angry, bigoted followers... [a short thread] ...Some of the Extremely Online Left in the US has deluded itself into thinking that the far right insurgency is a bluecollar movement (a bit like how both Blue Labour centrists and the Trot/Stalinist left in the UK persuaded itself Brexit is a working class victory)...
Jan 7, 2021 • 12 tweets • 5 min read
If I had time today, I’d do a thread of all the Emberies and Garyzoners and Greenwalds who, as armed goons stormed America’s capital, decided that it’s really Trump and his followers who need our sympathy and that anyone alarmed at fascist violence is a liberal snowflake.... And I haven’t even dared check if Brendan O’Neill has weighed in yet to say that Twitter/the Democrats/liberals are “the real fascists”