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we shouldn't have this much access to each other.
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24 Mar
what a dork
so lemme tell you an acura story...

in '09, my mom was getting herself a new car, and i talked her into passing her '96 ac 3.2 down to me. was gonna be better than anything i could afford, even if it was old.

one day, i took the 3.2 to the dealer for repairs. now...
they gave me a loaner while they were working on the car. brand new tl. it may as well have been the batmobile to me. i'd never driven a ride that clean ever.

for some reason, the repairs took longer than expected, but were done in a window where i couldn't pick it up that day.
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22 Mar
for everyone asking "who's oral roberts?"…
before you ask: oral roberts lived another 22 years.
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21 Mar
in other news, looks like illinois was sacrificed by the ncaa to get a good tv matchup against loyola. not that they shouldn’t have won, but still. biggest winner from having this matchup is cbs.
a game that matters in the third largest market in america is better.
yeah, but i don’t think that was for seemingly cynical reasons. now, when that undefeated wichita st team got kentucky in the round of 32? that felt like a setup for tv.
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22 Feb
i love this story but...the stories that make percy harvin legendary don't involve football games.
and if it is top 3, it's no. 3. no, i will not give you my list.
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22 Feb
now *this*? yes, this is about race. i have a hard time thinking of any white quarterback tagged with "can't read defenses" coming out.
brett favre didn't know what a nickel defense was when he got to the league.
if you do your homework, *maybe* your mom will let you use her car friday night.
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22 Feb
andrew luck. stafford avoided it, too, but mostly because he had no competition as qb1 in his draft. we also didn't *really* pick leinart apart. nor eli manning. i'm talking pre-draft, to be clear.
no he wasn't. he wasn't picked apart in the nfl, either.
not really. plenty of white qb's get their games picked apart. how much of it you see in public discourse has to do with the narratives surrounding a draft. how much competition he faces. stuff like that.
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22 Feb
fwiw, someone brought this up in conversation with me a couple of weeks ago.

BUT...what that person -- who's quite informed -- said was this was a function of the ohio st offense. sticking with no. 1, waiting for the receiver to decide which option to take on the route.
the other question on something like this with fields is how well one reasonably expects a third-year college player to "scan the field" and how much that can be improved. few of those dudes are getting to their third read in college.
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21 Feb
and lil homie is lucky he didn't get the beats.
i don't know how old you are, but there's an irony to our most sensitive generation barking at people and acting surprised when someone says something back.
you'll have to forgive me. i grew up in a time when it was clear that teenagers talking like adults got treated like adults. i can't imagine being that age telling CAM NEWTON that he's "ass." you serious?
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20 Feb
serious question: has rodney garner really been a game changer in the last 10 years?
i know that when you get the rep of "great recruiter," you never lose it. but it feels like it's been a while since rodney garner was a great recruiter. great for delivering the word uga thought cam newton was a tight end, tho.
yup. tell me where you work and i'll question that sh t, too.
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19 Jan
so i had a thought while watching this...
one could argue the two men most responsible for getting head coaching opportunities for black coaches in the nfl were bill walsh and tony dungy. having worked for, or been recommended, by those guys went a long way.

there’s no current analogue to either guy.
which is to say, it’s disheartening that nfl owners don’t care about improving the hiring record. but are there any coaches other than arians explicitly trying to do something to make things better?
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28 Dec 20
my read: they would have cut him after the thing with the stripper, but they thought he was better than taylor heinicke.

now they know he's not.
also, you guys are reading this wrong. i wasn't talking about washington releasing him. we knew that was going to happen before 2021 started. i'm saying it's possible he may never spend a full season on anyone's roster ever again. ask paxton lynch about it
my other haskins thought: once you decide you wanna go to the grownup league, you gotta be grown. period.

some guys aren't built to leave college early. haskins passed on two years of eligibility. possible he should've used em, even if i can't blame him for getting the money.
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27 Dec 20
i can't imagine wanting to tell my followers "i am a herb," but do you, man.
seriously, look at this herb. literally, look at him.
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27 Nov 20
something that may seem obvious but some should probably hear: anyone who was the first _____ at _____ was a bad, bad man. had to be.
when i was growing up, i hung out a lot at the barbershop right near prairie view's campus. i'd be there just about every day for a while, and all the older professors got haircuts there. one was a dude named professor stewart.
prof. stewart didn't have much reason to go to the barbershop, but mr. kirby would always comb his hair up and cut it like mr. clarence cut cuba gooding's hair in coming to america. scissors moving, but no hair hitting the ground.

prof. stewart would get up and pay with a check.
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8 Oct 20
his career, going back to virginia tech, has had such an interesting arc. i'm not sure when he's caught a break.
gets to virginia tech as a five-star recruit. shares the job with sean glennon as a freshman (tangent: if you want to see a game where it seems like the defense has 15 players, check out va tech-lsu from 2007).
plan was to redshirt him in '08, but tech lost to east carolina in their first game, and the line was too bad for glennon to do anything behind it.

sooooo welcome back, tyrod. that's...not really a good break for tyrod. you get to play because you're fast enough to save yourself
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8 Oct 20
every word kevin says in this quote is true
something folks probably can't get from watching on tv is how the former athletes who are now my colleagues take the same approach and pride in their work from the field and use it in broadcasting. and they're *much* more open to critique than us "real" journalists.
and @Foxworth24 isn't just jumping on tv talking. he's hitting the road, doing magazine features, something i personally wouldn't have had the confidence to do until very recently. a rare talent indeed.
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7 Oct 20
last time i saw kyle allen play, he was no better than haskins. but alas.
re: haskins, this is also what happens when the folks who drafted you move on. daniel jones won’t see the pine as long as gettleman is there, for example.
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28 Aug 20
soooo if someone in cuba, who wanted to live at home but wished it was better, complained about his country, would you tell that person to be quiet?
armando, do you know what "amendment" means?
you should read up on this thing called the dred scott decision.
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7 Aug 20
thing is, this ain't about the effort. most guys i've talked to think their programs are doing the best they can. they don't think that's good enough.

don't celebrate this at the expense of the united groups' real and legitimate concerns.
i just wanna know who encouraged those ohio state players to put that out. wasn't any need to, as far as i can tell. i think that's the part that's uncomfortable. feels like someone grown encouraged them to undercut their peers.

peers, btw, who are working WITH the big ten.
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20 Jul 20
just wanna point out that kirk ferentz did that whole I DIDN'T KNOW! routine last month, and the college football media gave him the benefit of the doubt.

only to find out the school already investigated this and ferentz already knew the findings.
so, college football media, anyone wanna explain how they let ferentz play them when what he had to say to the press last month was obviously implausible? how'd you fall for that?
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19 Jul 20
i don't really know what to say about this, but i will tell you a story about the voting rights act...
in 2005, jesse jackson was at the nabj convention in atlanta. this was probably the time when i was most inclined toward skepticism toward jesse (loooooong discussion for another day).

anyway, jesse was there to let people know the voting rights act was up for renewal.
to me, this seemed like a bit of grandstanding from jesse. i mean, the voting rights act was up for renewal. got it. but...i mean, it's not like they'd ever get rid of the voting rights act. they couldn't be that crazy or shameless. we were *past that*, right?

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