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3 Apr
10 steps to maximize twitter growth.

- A Thread-
1) Be yourself.

Do not be afraid to let your personality come to life through your tweets or your DMs.

Your content, your twitter handle, your bio, your pictures they should all tell a story about who YOU are.

Never be shy about who you are. You are unique and powerful!
2) Stand Out.

The statues and the crazy pictures of celebrities is cool and all, but in a sea of fish, you want to be the shark.

You should strive for your account to stand out in all its glory.

Your images, your colors, the way that you talk...

People need to recognize you.
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27 Mar
10 sales tips.

-A Thread-
1) Set goals in writing.

Before you sell anything there needs to be a plan.

Create the plan and make your goal big!

Remember, you are not just an designer, writer, marketer, programmer. If you are in this sales industry you are supposed to close deals. This is the end goal.
2) Establish trust.

Can you sell things without trust? Sure. will you do it
consistently, no!

Pay attention to everything. Use all the information.

Take your time building the sale.

Your client is not in a rush and if they are, slow them down. Lead them. Be yourself.
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21 Mar
11 lessons from the movie Road House.

-A Life Changing Thread-
1) Hire the best.

When in business or life in general, the best team usually wins.

Hire talent, hire effort, hire ambition, hire passion.

Have excellent ongoing training and let people do what they were paid to do.
2) Fire fast.

90% of employees are replaceable. Yes, that probably includes you.

So, if you get the chance to upgrade the roster, do it.

Often times, addition by subtraction is the path to success.
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20 Mar
7 Ways to Boss Her Day.

-A Thread-
1) Focus only on her.

Never stray your attention or your sexual energy away from your woman.

Remove all distractions while engaging with her. When you are away from them, be away.

But when you are with them, give her your full attention.

Make them your only focus.
2) Crave her.

Be calm and controlled in everything, but have an insatiable thirst for your love life.

Seek her, lust for them like no other.

Dive into your relationship fully and immerse your soul into every desire they seek.

Crave their desires and fulfill them.
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17 Mar
Your roadmap to success.

-A Thread-
1) The journey starts today.

Are you willing to accepts todays challenges?

Each day gives everyone the same opportunities.

Take these opportunities and make them yours.

Own your opportunities or they will own you.
2) You need a map to guide you.

Maps and plans give us purpose and direction.

You will get nowhere in life without a map or a plan.

Plans and systems leads to habits and destinations.

Seek these daily and one leads to the other.
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14 Mar
9 steps to find yourself.

-A thread-
1) Prioritize alone time.

Alone time is very powerful and the first step towards finding yourself again.

Solitude separates people from all influences and allows them to fully be themselves and focus on their own thoughts, needs and wants.

Find some alone time daily. Focus.
2) Purge your thoughts.

Allowing thoughts to come to life via journaling, drawing or talking to others is the easiest way to rationalize them.

Take time daily to focus on thoughts, so identifying your core needs can become possible.

Focus more on understanding your thoughts.
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13 Mar
6 reasons why you feel lost.

-A thread-
1) You were raised in an unhealthy environment.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the people who raised you molded you.

Their values and their beliefs were pushed on to you. You had no choice as a child, but now you do.

You choose your environment and you choose your life.
2) You have developed low self esteem.

Low self esteem is a bad habit you have built over time.

You think you are inadequate because that's what you have been told/what you think.

Take charge of your life by knowing you are capable, you have potential and you are powerful.
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10 Mar
3 steps to better decisions.

-A Thread-
Your brain makes around 35,000 decisions a day.

Some conscious, most unconscious.

But you are constantly making decisions regardless that will shape you future forever.

Below I will highlight the three choices your brain has to make about EVERY decision.
1) Focus

Focusing on each decision individually is a crucial.

Do not be fearful, do not be anxious. Be grateful.

Focus on the moment. Focus on things you can control.

Allow your brain to process the information.
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7 Mar
37 ways to Boss Your Day.

-A special birthday thread-
1) Focus on your goals, own your problems and always be moving forward.

Pay no attention to outside noise.
2) Quit listening to your lies.

Excuses are a scam.
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6 Mar
7 fears you must overcome.

-A Thread-
1) Fear of criticism.

People often fear the thoughts of others and how it will impact their life. However, your thoughts are more important and making decisions for yourself regardless of potential criticism is how you truly become successful.

Let criticism fuel you.
2) Fear of risks.

Most people think life is as good as it gets and are scared of making any changes to potentially lose what they have.

But I promise you will never know how much you can achieve or how far you can go in life if you never take risks.

Risks lead to growth.
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2 Mar
4 steps to finding your passions.

- A Thread-
Question: How do you find your passion?

Answer: You think about it and search for it.

Just remember, passion can't be found in your head.

Passion lives in your heart.

*4 steps on how to find it below*
1) Love everything you do.

Starting now.

If you don't like something you need to stop doing it, or learn to love it with all of your heart.

Anything else is madness.
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1 Mar
A simple way to make online money.

-A 20k follower celebration thread-
1) Have a plan.

No destination can be reached with out a map. It is extremely important for you to identify early on WHAT you want to accomplish and HOW you plan on getting there.

Sit down, find a quiet spot and create your roadmap to success.
Planning tips:

Create goals. Make timelines. Lay out the map.

Set high expectations. Hold yourself accountable.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or outsource projects.

Be yourself. Have fun. Make your dreams a reality.
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28 Feb
7 ways to heal you soul.

-A Thread-
1) Understand your power.

Behaviors create your entire being.

Your thought process and your actions have the power to heal, save, fix, mend or break anything in your way.

Once you choose to live in a positive light, positive things start happening. Focus on them, act on them.
2) Live consciously.

Seek less approval from others and more from yourself.

Embrace change and uncomfortable situations by living in the moment.

Accept your fears, acknowledge them and act anyways.

Fear is not in control, you are in control.
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27 Feb
9 tips to maximize your days off.

-A Thread-
1) Have goals and plans for your days off.

Don't slumber into your days off. It is very important to use weekends and the free time to your advantage.

Tackle projects, create more income streams, build connections.

Use your off days to build systems that create more days off.
2) Stick to the same weekday sleep schedule.

Days off are not for staying up late and sleeping in. You need to attack these days with even more energy and more purpose.

Go to bed early, wake up early and take advantage of the free time you have.

Maximize your time daily.
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26 Feb
Elon Musk's 10 rules for success.

-A Thread-
1) Take risks.

In life, risks are required for growth.

Stagnation causes relaxation and ruins your potential.

Seek challenges, embrace change and focus on growth.
2) Never give up.

Most people never live their life because they give up before it ever starts.

The road to freedom is paved with pain, scars and difficult situations.

Embrace adversity and battle though it daily.
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24 Feb
7 secrets to a better life.

1) Cultivate gratitude.

Your ability to be grateful in every situation and to appreciate every moment for what it is will unlock your freedom.

Freedom is being grateful for what you have and not needing anything else.

Freedom is a state of mind you create.
2) Live your passions.

Life is way too short to settle for anything less. If something does not fill you with joy, move on or move out.

Fix your problems before they fix you.

Find you passion, pursue it daily and never stop.
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22 Feb
Mark Cubans 9 steps to get rich.

-A thread-
1) Live like a student.

Before you have money, it is important to live well below your means.

When you have extra money you give yourself more room to make more money. Money multiplies.

Living below your means is the foundation to financial success.
2) You shouldn't use credit cards.

When you are young and broke you are unlikely to get the good credit cards with 0% fees.

It is better to hold off and be patient until you do.

Borrowing money with high interest rates is never a good idea. Never buy something you cant afford.
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21 Feb
10 signs that you will be successful in life.

-A Thread-
1) You control the joy in your life.

Some seek happiness, but happiness can come and go.

Joy is eternal, joy is a state of mind.

Do not seek happiness, seek joy.
2) You understand differences.

No two people are the same and no two people respond the same to different situations.

To enjoy life you must not let other peoples thoughts control your reality.

Respect yourself, respect others and agree to disagree.
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19 Feb
Strengths and weaknesses are the defining moments of your life. Be aware of what they are and how to use each.

-A Thread-
Wealth vs Greed

Wealth is a strength. It can be a tool that can benefit many. It can create freedom for you and your family, health, happiness, security and endless memorable memories.

Greed is a weakness. A struggling child's selfish desire, an endless hope of nothingness.
In life, many seek wealth, but are really chasing greed. It is important to not only understand the difference, but to recognize both in its many forms.

Wealth builds you up while greed tears you down.

Wealth can create a life while greed can destroy many lives.
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7 Feb
Life Lessons and quotes from Mr. Miyagi

-A Thread-
Adversity is inevitable and oftentimes out of your control.

This adversity may seem unfair, but that is no excuse to ever accept defeat.

Adversity is necessary for growth.

"Sometimes what heart know, head forgets"
In life there are survivors and victims.

Survivors learn how to adapt and persevere through tough conditions.

Survivors take responsibility, they take action.

Victims never learn, make excuses and never take responsibility.

"Lie become truth, if person believe it"
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13 Jan
Ten things I learned on the road to 10,000 friends on twitter.

Usually $49.99, but free for the next 1 million retweets.

- A Thread-

This is usually where people create a "growth guide" and charge you $49 bucks for this same type of information spread out over way too many pages.

But BYD is all about giving to the people so this is free for you all.

Take notes!
1) Be yourself.

Do not be afraid to let your personality come to life through your tweets or your DMs.

Your content, your twitter handle, your bio, your pictures they should all tell a story about who YOU are.

Never be shy about who you are. You are unique and powerful!
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