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Non-gov't account for NY State Senator, 27th District (D/WFP-Manhattan); Chair of the Judiciary Cttee; gay dad; public school parent; husband to David
10 Apr
THREAD: I’m glad Governor Cuomo is working with NY’s Congressional delegation to create a “COVID-19 Heroes Compensation Fund.”

There are things we can do right here in NY to support our frontline workers and their families. 1/x
It’s scandalous that our healthcare heroes are dipping into their own pockets to fight the virus & stay safe. Today, I’m proposing state legislation allow healthcare workers to deduct up to $5K of taxable income for transportation costs or purchases of PPE related to COVID-19 2/x
Although NY doesn’t collect this data, at least 10 healthcare workers have died here according to news reports.

In Spain, nearly 15% of reported cases are health care workers, and more than 60 doctors have died in Italy.

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21 Jun 19
THREAD: In 2018, NYers showed up and voted for Democrats to take control of the @NYSenate for the first time in a decade.

@AndreaSCousins became the first woman to lead a legislative chamber and the first black woman to lead the Senate.

Here's what we were able to accomplish:
@NYSenate @AndreaSCousins After many years of advocacy, we passed the #ChildVictimsAct, granting survivors of child sexual abuse the opportunity to seek justice against their abusers and the institutions that harbored them.…
We passed sweeping new reforms to expand and protect the right to vote:…
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14 Jan 19
It’s official. The New York State Senate just passed early voting!

This is just the start. #LetNYVote
Another vote for progress: the Senate has voted to advance a constitutional amendment allowing for same-day registration.
The Senate has voted to advance no-excuse absentee voting!
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