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3 Jun
Further to below. At today's briefing @CMO_England Chris Whitty said, if you have coronavirus symptoms you and your household must isolate. And that this advice has been in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

This is not what @BorisJohnson told the nation on March 13:
March 13 fell in THE critical week. Cheltenham, Anfield.

SAGE's @GrahamMedley warns of the danger of people not changing their behaviour.

Lockdown came 11 days later.

To quote @DMinghella "eleven arrogant, stupid, murderous days."


@BorisJohnson told Italy’s president on 13 March that he wanted herd immunity as UK response to coronavirus.

Just 11 days earlier the UK had 17 cases and 0 deaths.

Boris Johnson told the nation: "People should go about their business as usual."


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1 Jun
@johnredwood John's always had a problem with facts, like his Welsh language vocabulary, he makes things up as he goes along...until challenged by Krishnan Guru-Murthy.
@johnredwood He had this same problem with @campbellclaret - fantasising that, post-brexit, we would have access to the trade deals the EU has negotiated for its members because Liam Fox had told him!
@johnredwood @campbellclaret Oh go on then, just to cheer everyone up...
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30 May
SAGE member Prof John Edmunds speaks out.


'It's risky... there's not a lot of room for maneuver.. small changes can put the R number above 1. More importantly we still have a lot of cases, 8000 new infections everyday in England alone.."

2) Prof Edmunds:

'Combination of (loosening) different measures has the potential to allow the virus back, to start spreading widely.

Track & trace launched yesterday, we can't be sure it's working yet we're going ahead, that is rather dangerous.'

3) Prof Edmunds:

'Govt has to balance the advice of epidemiologists with that of economic advisers and other things.'

'They have clearly made the decision that around about 8000 new infections a day is a tolerable incidence.'

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28 May
1. Dominic Cummings, Mary Wakefield and Cedd Cummings had no symptoms of Covid-19.
2. During the Covid-19 restrictions, Dominic Cummings took the decision to drive them 260 miles to Durham.
3. There's no evidence any of them ever had Covid-19.
4. When did our police become mugs?
You see the problem here, here's the first line of the Durham Police statement, "On 27 March 2020, Dominic Cummings drove to Durham to self-isolate in a property owned by his father." They had no symptoms, why did they self-isolate?…
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27 May
@shahmiruk @LustraSkye Cummings's comms team now gaslighting its own Tory MPs with 'independent research' - Hanbury Strategy commissioned work from AIQ in June 2017:

@shahmiruk @LustraSkye These people, at the heart of the Tory govt, now have the power of localised lockdowns.

Quoting @RobertJenrick:

'a relatively small number of people being inconvenienced - abiding by the rules - means the rest of society will enjoy far more freedom..'

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25 May
No idea who did it btw, was just sent to us.
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23 May
As in the past, it was essential for Mr Cummings to ignore the rules everyone else was complying with. As in the past, at no stage was he spoken to by the police, as in the past, Mr Cummings believes he behaved reasonably and legally.
For once in his life, the Prime Minister was clear, stay at home; we did, Dominic Cummings didn't. That's it. All you're hearing now are the excuses of narcissists who believe they're above the law...
And in this detailed and graphic piece in the Spectator, Mary Wakefield, Cummings' wife, explains how 'Dom' collapsed, had hospitalisation levels of blood oxygen and lay 'doggo' for 10 days - funny how she missed out the 269 miles dash to Durham though!…
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17 May
Given that the New York Times has exposed the myth of Matt Hancock's fictitious testing figures, can anyone really believe Gove when he says 17,000 people have been 'recruited' for the contract tracing programme or is this just slippery Gove putting Hancock's head on the block?
Actually, we're hearing those numbers were given to Gove by 'Fields Medal' winner Priti Patel...😉
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16 May
Just 22 Tory MPs supported UK Farmers by voting to prevent future trade deals from allowing food not produced to the standards required of our farmers and processors. Unsurprisingly, American agribusiness pocketeer, Owen Paterson, wasn't amongst the 22.…
Never forget, these loathsome people are wolves in coyote's clothing...…
"Six Scottish Tory MPs backed the government denial of the motion, exposing Scottish farmers to free trade without a level playing field. Years of work on animal and environmental care thrown away!"…
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15 May
@DeborahMeaden @DavidTennantUK Car industry and manufacturing both acceptable losses in the means-to-an-end Brexit scam. Likewise the farming and fishing industries.

'Singapore is rich without having its own agricultural sector..'

Senior govt adviser and Cummings acolyte, Tim Leunig:…
@DeborahMeaden @DavidTennantUK Video thread below: More madness of Minford, here speaking on behalf of 'Economists for Brexit' at a right wing think tank Bruges Group meeting titled 'Brexit or Bust'...

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14 May
With Starmer clearly stating that the government advice quoted was "up to the 12th of March" Johnson, then decides to continue digging with, "I have sought to build the maximum political consensus behind our response to Coronavirus." - CONSENSUS? What planet are these clowns on?
"I'm surprised the Prime Minister queries the advice of his own government up till the 12th of March...the deaths in care homes for April was a staggering 26,000, that's three times the average, 18,000 additional deaths this April" Even Matt Hancock was agreeing with Starmer!
"Government advice, kept in place until 12 March, said it was "very unlikely" care homes would be infected - however SAGE committee minutes in February said "there is a realistic probability that there is already sustained transmission in the UK."
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13 May
@EmmaLBriant Strange set-up that SCL. Up until about 2008 their accounts looked like that of a High St shop, T/O was £1-2m, often making losses, then I think it was their 2009 accounts that jumped up to £8m and stayed there for a few years, but still, small profits of around £600k.
@EmmaLBriant After that all these subsidiary businesses started, would have loved to see the 2016/17 accounts for SCL Elections, into which the £23.5m was transferred from CA LLC, a question Nix was, unsurprisingly, unwilling to answer!! But they kept their staffing levels below 50.
@EmmaLBriant Nix on the rack!
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11 May
The UK Statistics Authority has written to Matt Hancock expressing its concerns about clarity, trustworthiness and standards around the govt’s figures on testing....
Many will remember that the same Authority wrote to Boris Johnson twice over his misleading use of the £350m a week stat. He didn't give a shiny shite then, he won't now; even though their lies this time are contributing to thousands of needless deaths.…
Is it any wonder that the Statistics Authority has written to Matt Hancock? Yet again, the government has once again massively missed its own testing target with only 65,337 people tested yesterday...
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8 May
@darrengrimes_ do you recall a video posted on your Twitter & Facebook accounts in the run up to the 2019 general election?

It was a slick affair, seemed way beyond your pay grade?

The premise was a Corbyn victory, Lab/SNP coalition, followed by Scottish independence.

The soundtrack used (without permission?) was by @murraygold for RT Davies’ @BBC drama, Years and Years. It also featured @BBCNews, @Channel4News, @krishgm, @SkyNews, @BBCScotland, @NicolaSturgeon

And was quickly promoted by Toby Young @toadmeister:

As said, this was pro-produced, not knocked together by amateurs. And then, as swiftly as Toby Young promoted this slick piece of right wing Tory propaganda, the video disappeared. Deleted by from Twitter, Facebook & Darren's website.

Luckily, we screenshot a scene or two.

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7 May
Secret government report produced after the 2016 'Exercise Cygnus' that highlighted the UK was not prepared for a pandemic, and forewarned of the Covid-19 crisis in care homes, is being published by the Guardian.…
The report contained 26 key recommendations. Martin Green, the chief executive of Care England, said "If they had put in place a response to every one, we would have been in a much better place at the start of this pandemic.”
A government spokesperson said: “The UK is one of the most prepared countries in the world and, as the public would expect, we regularly test our plans. What we learned from previous exercises helped us to rapidly respond to this unprecedented global crisis..."
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3 May
No doubt armed with Shanker Singham's shadow trade deal, International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, will lead US/UK trade talks launch on Tuesday. Like a fox in a henhouse, her US opposite number, having watched Liz in action, is said to be 'optimistic'. 😉…
The atmosphere inside US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer's office can only be compared to that of the dressing room of a Premier League team who have just heard they've drawn Witham Town is the semi-final of the cup...
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29 Apr
The law on overseas donations…
The actual law...
"6.17 Regulated donees should note that the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar do not form part of the UK and that companies registered there are not permissible donors or lenders under PPERA."
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29 Apr
Confusion that somehow this admonishes Cummings is misplaced. Recall @ShippersUnbound infamous piece, Cummings was 'enthusastic' on herd immunity right up until Neil Ferguson produced his 250k deaths model. At that point he made a hasty pivot.

Timeline fits: SAGE meeting Mar 18
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27 Apr
In contrast with Apple and Google's decentralised approach: the matches take place on users' handsets.

Thiel, Warner & Cummings go with a centralised model: the matching process works out which phones to send alerts to - and happens on their computer server.

F*ck that, then.
Experts reveal 'centralised' NHS contact-tracing app concerns

Phone battery life will be affected, users will end up with screens unlocked, increasing security risks.

System open to false reports abuse, wide open to anonymous actors.…
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26 Apr
Getting worse by the hour - One Sage attendee confirms they felt Cummings’ interventions had sometimes inappropriately influenced what is supposed to be an impartial scientific process.…
No evidence in publicly available minutes of any No.10 officials/advisers attending SAGE. Dept for Business/Energy/Industry did not dispute Covid-19 Sage meetings marked first time political advisers had attended.

Downing St. did not dispute the minutes.…
Cummings and Warner at SAGE meetings: key questions that need answering…
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26 Apr
1. Just how much influence did Johnson's own nudge unit have? SAGE (March 4 & 12) pressed its own 'nudge unit,' on both occasions the answer was the same. SPI-B was split; non-committal on the behavioural impact of lockdown.

Edmunds was one of those against early lockdown:
2. As SAGE holds secrecy so dear we don't yet know what advice it gave COBR on locking down - what we do know is in early March the head of Johnson's nudge unit, David Halpern, warned of an early lockdown causing "behavioural fatigue" while simultaneously promoting herd immunity.
3. @soniasodha today writes that the head of Johnson's nudge unit, David Halpern, is also 'reportedly on Sage.' With SPI-B split, did Halpern nudge Johnson into delaying lockdown (until March 23)? And what was the effect of delay on the number of deaths?

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