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(co-/)creator of @njal_la, @Flattr, @IpredatorVPN, @TPBdotORG, @KonstHack etc. Socialist, vegetarian, finnish & norwegian. French call me Le troll rêveur.
3 May
Maybe you heard that the domain (@DarkDotFail ) got hijacked. Here's the story on how it happened. A thread! (I've pieced together the data I have so I might have some small errors in this thread, FYI.)
First, the domain was registered through a service I started, @njal_la (or transferred in, not sure here). Njalla in turn uses @tucows as a registrar for .FAIL domains.
On the 28th of April, Tucows receives a court order, from Amtsgericht Köln, the district court of Cologne, NRW, Germany. It contains a list of domain names that they want handed over. Two of three domains listed are registered through Njalla, the last one with @hover.
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1 Mar
A small update to this. The day after my twitter thread about @ICANN I finally got a reply to one of my many e-mails. Quote: "I apologize for our delay in getting back to you" (aka: Thanks for retweeting). And today we had a voice chat about the application. Another thread!
I got some sort of semi-excuse regarding their claim that I lied on my application. They also said that they agreed it wasn't fraud or similar really. So both of the points they made regarding the denial was not really the reason.
However, @ICANN says that IP infringement is as serious to them as fraud. Fraud that happened 10+ years ago is not as serious as potentially aiding with IP infringements that happened 15+ years ago though. Because turns out I'm actually banned from doing business with ICANN.
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25 Feb
The non-profit organisation @ICANN, that controls the central backbone of the internet (the root-servers) and has a monopoly on letting registrars (think godaddy) resell .com/.net/.org/etc domains, denied my application to become a registrar. A thread.
Since 2019 I've had an active application with ICANN. They're famous for being a bureaucratic nightmare to deal with, so I expected a long process. It got delayed by the passing of my mom last year and by covid. That's understandable.
By becoming accredited by ICANN you have the possibility to make direct deals with the organisations that run certain top level domains (.COM .NET .ORG etc). ICANN only accredits you, gives you an accreditation ID and you make the deal with each organisation separately.
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25 Jan
It's interesting to see so many artists, curators, activists are trying to make physical public spaces available as the public to a lesser extent offers them. We should replicate this understanding to the digital realm -- where public spaces never existed at all.
The Internets as an invention was revolutionary because it was so unregulated and open. The mindset that ruled then, that the network was equalising people, that it would connect erveyone regardless of background, is falsely still the narrative used for the services online.
The private sector has captured this story, and capitalised and taken control of what we believed would be the world's public platform.
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14 Jan
People are asking for more pirate bay stories. Sure. I have a few... Thousands.
Do you know that tpb once hijacked North Koreas Internet?…
Someone managed to find a broken router setup which managed to make it possible to pretend to be north Korea, in a more central routing location than actual north Korea. To make it look real even the traffic was slowed down to look like a satellite connection.
Took days before people figured it out. It was quite fun, unfortunately it meant that people in North Korea had issues getting online. But I think their sacrifice was worth the lulz.
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10 Jan
The pirate bay, the most censored website in the world, started by kids, run by people with problems with alcohol, drugs and money, still is up after almost 2 decades. Parlor and gab etc have all the money around but no skills or mindset. Embarrassing.
The most ironic thing is that TPBs enemies include not just the US government but also many European and the Russian one. Compared to gab/parlor which is supported by the current president of the US and probably liked by the Russian one too.
Seems a lot of people wants to learn more about the pirate bay. Here's an older documentary, tpb afk.
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17 Oct 20
Jag vill gärna påminna lite om turerna kring FRA. En tråd.
FRA-lagen hade inte majoritet i riksdagen när den kuppades igenom. Det var 4 st allianspolitiker som var å det starkaste emot. De blev inkallade på hotfulla möten, där de t.ex. fick veta att de inte skulle få valbar plats på listorna vid nästa val.
En fick en semester till USA och vi har knappt hört från honom sen dess. De tre andra verkade passa på att förhandla lite i sina partier. Tjänster och gentjänster?
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19 Mar 20
So now it's proven that capitalism didn't work under pressure. We got saved by governments funded by collective taxes. We see the capitalists asking for bailouts so they can fail again later.
Time for system change.
Instead of bailing out banks, we should get a citizen salary. Cheaper, more fair and will make the people have money enough to afford supporting local business' that will NOT get a bailout anyhow.
Now that gas prices are low, it's time to stop subsidising that. Raise taxes on fossil fuels.
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9 Apr 18
I wish there was an equally intellectual discussion about AI as to that about gene modification in humans. Essentially it's going to end up being the same thing - someone decides the genes of the future with AI, and where's the discourse about who's got a say?
I'm fed up with the term AI as well. It's all an extension of the wishes of the creators of the "AI" - simply put, it's code that someone did for a certain purpose. The one controlling the code for the AI is controlling the future. Where's the democratic regulations for this?
The people that think that "new technologies" can remedy the problems with todays centralised technology stacks should wake up. It's not about the technology, it's about the control of the markets the technology is used in.
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