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23 Aug 20
@Deez64940153 @GRLA_Ontologist @emncaity @mulwillard @ProsecutorsPod @StopFulk @Siohban3 @armchairdetecti @CrimeTalker1941 @Song1980Swan @Kevin_Smith5 @BruceGuire @Jwolfman53 @mauramurraycol1 @MzGags @TimPilleri @jayme1133 @CassandraRose88 @drhaasmn @Violetf12258983 @Phoenixtheanom1 @gingyslutx3 @MindshockPod @MJWarren12 @JamesRenner @MauraMurrayDoc @William_B_Davis @berniemarvin @LReenstierna @RauschB @linuxcpa I'm going to add my tweet here so it gets added to list of questions.
(Can we try to ignore unhelpful comments?)

Who is "Campus Security" referring to here @GRLA_Ontologist ?
Is there
- Police Dept
- Campus Security and
- Student Security
Plus a Cadet program under the PD? Image
@Deez64940153 @GRLA_Ontologist @emncaity @mulwillard @ProsecutorsPod @StopFulk @Siohban3 @armchairdetecti @CrimeTalker1941 @Song1980Swan @Kevin_Smith5 @BruceGuire @Jwolfman53 @mauramurraycol1 @MzGags @TimPilleri @jayme1133 @CassandraRose88 @drhaasmn @Violetf12258983 @Phoenixtheanom1 @gingyslutx3 @MindshockPod @MJWarren12 @JamesRenner @MauraMurrayDoc @William_B_Davis @berniemarvin @LReenstierna @RauschB @linuxcpa While we wait for a response to these questions, I'm going to propose a new idea based on the last known sightings that I have read were reported that I can recall (I can look for sources later)

Maura drove Fred's car at 3.33am Sunday.
I recall a report where someone... Image
@Deez64940153 @GRLA_Ontologist @emncaity @mulwillard @ProsecutorsPod @StopFulk @Siohban3 @armchairdetecti @CrimeTalker1941 @Song1980Swan @Kevin_Smith5 @BruceGuire @Jwolfman53 @mauramurraycol1 @MzGags @TimPilleri @jayme1133 @CassandraRose88 @drhaasmn @Violetf12258983 @Phoenixtheanom1 @gingyslutx3 @MindshockPod @MJWarren12 @JamesRenner @MauraMurrayDoc @William_B_Davis @berniemarvin @LReenstierna @RauschB @linuxcpa ... tried to encourage her to wait until the morning but she insisted on returning Fred's car that night

So she did

Now the "party" was said to be at the dorm.
Let's say that she was at the dorm she. She made the decision to return the car...

On Sunday morning.
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