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Around '2000, at a HS reunion, I gave a talk about global warming as intergenerational theft. We're still failing to deal with it.
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26 Sep
One of my neighbors, a Trump supporter, has put a black flag on his flagpole, indicating his intent to murder anyone whose political views he disagrees with.

This needs to become a national topic of conversation NOW. Because it's a national…
It's not sane. Who broadcasts the message, "I'm going to have to kill everybody - obviously neighbors included - whose political views I disagree with" ?
Last month while I was walking my dog down a road which has no houses for about .35 of a mile, I started hearing shots. A rifle. One after the other. Measured. It sounded like target practice. It went on and on. Maybe 80 rounds.
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22 Sep
So, last week I made a chick pea/fennel/roasted faro/leek/potato/saffron/chicken stock soup. I told @_Shan_Martinez_ I'd send her pics. So here they are.

There was a boatload of fennel. This is some stems 'n fronds (I didn't take a pic of the bulbs).
There was so much more fennel stems & fronds than in that pic. Multiply, in your mind, X5. Then there were the bulbs!

So, my 5 quart dutch oven was a bit too small...
I forgot to mention, also, chard from the garden, and TOMATOES. The toms were key, for the acid. It made the dish.

Anyway, I had to transfer the whole mess to a much bigger pot (12 quarts? 16? not sure).

It was really good.
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11 Sep
Fun fact - wealthy industrialists funded theologians pushing Dispensational Premillennialism to vitiate political unrest over the wild inequities & general brutality of the developing industrial era.

The scheme worked fairly well...
Then, in the 1980s, other theologians perfected a scheme to draw cloistered Dispensational Premillennialists back into politics. After the Scopes Trial PR fiasco, the DPs, who mostly were fundamentalists (…) retreated from the public sphere & focused...
3)..on building separate, parallel institutions such as schools, colleges & universities. The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling, & subsequent court rulings on desgregation spurred another wave of this as many whites, & white fundamentalists...
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10 Sep
Fighter jets on the prowl, circling downtown Atlanta?
Quite strange - fighter jets, in 2s and 3s have been spotted over Atlanta, Boston, and (I think, need to dig up the tweet), Alexandria, VA.

Something's up. Unclear what.
4 fighter jets reported over DC. Might be the same ones spotted over Alexandria.
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29 Aug
In the old end-time scheme, "Dispensational Premillennialism", after believers are "raptured" up to heaven, Jesus would return incarnate, as a wrathful avenger, & establish a 1,000 year kingdom.

The new scheme is very different.
In the new scheme, Jesus does not return in the flesh but, rather, as a diffuse supernatural spirit channeled by Christian leaders known as "spiritual fathers & mothers", leaders with enormous, cultic control over the lives of their "spiritual children".
3) Broadly speaking, Jesus "returns" to manifest through the "body of Christ". But some get to manifest a lot more of the "Jesus spirit". This new scheme does a lot of convenient work for the movement. For one thing, it obviates the need for a precise schedule for his return...
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25 Aug
Yesterday, #Texas reported 297,696 active #COVID19 cases and 215 COVID deaths.

Yesterday, #Florida reported 779,088 active #COVID19 cases and 6 COVID deaths.

WHY is @GovRonDeSantis's censorship of real COVID death numbers not a national news story?
If Florida had proportionately as many COVID deaths yesterday as did Texas, then about 556 more people in #Florida died from #COVID19 than state government reported.

@GovRonDeSantis is hiding the FL COVID death toll, just like the Chinese communist party did...
Obviously, bodies are piling up at #Florida mortuaries and crematoriums.

You know how people in the Wuhan region of China approximated the true #COVID19 death toll? - They counted burial urns visible on flatbed trucks driving into Wuhan crematoriums.
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9 Aug
This RW militia guy walking the streets of Portland & aiming his AR at people is the product of a 30-year plan - hatched in the early 90s by Christian would-be theocrats, white supremacists, & neo-Nazis - under which militias would seize control from state & federal authorities..
2)..during a time of crisis. One of the key strategists behind the vision has been William S. Lind, who hatched the concept of 4th Generation Warfare. Lind's 2014 book "Victoria - A Novel of 4th Generation War" depicts white Christian militias carrying out ethnic cleaning and...
3)..besieging the liberal cities. Lind's vision is quite practical - a small relatively number of militia could effectively cut off city supply routes (mainly rail & highways.) What is now happening in Portland is preliminary to that, stage in which the urban/rural divide...
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3 Aug
Important (esp. from a leading newspaper) but misses other key elements - 1) voter suppression laws, rules, etc. implemented by #Republican controlled states & legislatures.

Those alone could to tip the election. "Casting the result as *unknowable*" is the *backup* plan then...
..the #GOP efforts to control election certification processes, at the county & state level - if the voter suppression isn't sufficient & the Democrats still win, Republicans will say, "it was tainted!" and throw out the result. Then send their partisans to the electoral college.
3) Over the entire electoral process will loom the threat of armed force. Various armed groups, often working at varying levels of cooperation with local police, will be present to threaten dissenters who protest. That will happen simultaneously, in multiple states.
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2 Aug
So I said, on a right-wing forum, that it would be morally deranged to put families out on the street.

The very popular response was that they're thieves preying on "downtrodden" landlords.
There's a bit of truth here - many of the landlords impacted by the eviction moratorium are not at all wealthy, so it is truly a major burden to them.

3) The problem lies in the inability to think out the consequences:

So, the families are evicted. What then? Well, obviously, many more homeless on the streets.
Nonprofits & municipalities are overwhelmed.

Irate taxpayers demand government & police crack down. Predictably...
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27 Jul
Visualize Matt Gaetz getting chased down the street by a woman shouting, "are you a pedophile? are you a pedophile!"
Nah, the mother-in-law angle was indeed to good to be true.
Still, just this very AM, Matt Gaetz *future sister-in-law* walked right up to it, calling him "weird and creepy" & saying he'd pressured her, when she was 19, to date older men.

Her video had this caption.
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22 Jul
"Conspiracy theories" are 100% who the American people are, and *I don't blame them*.

I blame their lack of discernment - QAnon is a *dumb* conspiracy theory, for many reasons. But successful, large-scale conspiracies are the stuff of established history.

Let's investigate...
2) The "the 2016 election was stolen" conspiracy theory? - though it's dumb, b/c despite considerable digging, proponents of this haven't been able to produce any evidence, & it would have required collusion by thousands of centrist elderly patriotic poll workers, nonetheless...
3) Allegations of election fraud have sporadically plagued US presidential elections (1876,1888,1960) & especially in 2000 and subsequently.

The 2000 election conspiracy is a matter of record, starting with the fact that #GOP FL Secretary of State Katherine Harris shut down...
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18 Jul
I don't choose to follow (on Twitter) people on the basis of their follower size but, rather, on the strength of their posts.

Like this one.

And I have some relevant bits to add...
Back in the late 90s to 2002 I was speaking out on "global warming"/climate change. I still have copies of the talks I'd give, the flyers I made...

I was hitting all the themes that @AbruptClimoMet hits in his thread.

During that time, I recall an online conversation with....
3)...Bill McKibben, in which McKibben wondered what it would take to wake people up to the magnitude of the problem.

Would it have to take a direct CAT4 or CAT5 hurricane hit on a major US coastal city, say New Orleans?

I was with my wife on a several day day hike getaway and
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9 Jul
From 1900 to 2017, oceans have risen 6.3-8.3 inches. And the rate is accelerating.

The only way coastal cities will be able to cope, in the long run, will be to gradually build inland, to higher ground.
Since large buildings have an average lifespan of 40 years, this inland migration can be done relatively cheaply - except we'll also need to abandon homes & historic structures. And, obviously, underwater land has little value; there will be losers.
This has happened before, in the human experience - as the Earth emerged from the last great Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago, sea levels were lower than they are currently - there was a time lag between when the Earth's climate warmed and ice melted, causing seas to rise...
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6 Jul
While @TheJusticeDept, the White House, Congress & the Senate *twiddle* their thumbs, an anti-government organization tied to Michael Flynn & the Oath Keepers 1/6 coup group is raising a private army to place under renegade anti-federal county sheriffs across America...
One of the sheriffs in this org, the #CSPOA, was apparently working with Trump surrogates in an effort to overturn 2020 election results in Michigan.
3) That MI county sheriff, Dar Leaf, had a disturbing proximity to two MI individuals charged in a late 2020 plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.…
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4 Jul
CSPOA - which had close tie to Oath Keepers & was in direct contact w/the militia group the day before the coup attempt - is now raising a national militia force ("posses") to put under its anti-federal Trump-loving sheriffs.

Another effort w/Oath Keeper ties...
2)..are the growing "state defense forces". One of these groups, the North Carolina State Defense Force, seemed to be organizationally linked to OK, and to this day endorses the Oath Keeper effort on its website.
3) CSPOA sheriffs opposing federal & state authority can quickly subsume such armed state-level groups. Indeed, *any* militia group can quickly plug into CSPOA and enjoy quasi-legal legitimacy - which is the very point of CSPOA, to legitimize insurgency.
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1 Jul
Ever see pictures of the birth defects in Iraq, after the massive US use of depleted Uranium munitions there?

Rumsfeld's obit should include pictures of Fallujah babies born with internal organs outside their bodies & without heads.
An even more massive wave of horrific birth defects plagued Vietnam after the extensive American use of Dioxin defoliants there.

Literally millions of pregnancies were effected. In Hanoi, there's a government museum dedicated to the war that has foetuses in jars...
3) for the ones that survived w/significant birth defects, Vietnam has special workshops for them, for a livelihood, where they make crafts & objets d'art. The government requires tourist buses to stop at these places, to teach foreigners about the problem & its magnitude.
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24 Jun
I also view CRT through the frame of weaponized conspiracy theory - b/c it plugs neatly into William S. Lind's "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory construct, which was designed to unify elements of the right (evangelical right, racist right, etc.) under a single narrative.
I think, in terms of outraged citizens at town/school board meetings ranting about CRT, @pastordan is spot on. But like the "Nazi socialism" narratives floated in 2009 to gin up the base in advance of the 2010 election, CRT & closely related "cultural Marxism" consp. theory serve
3)...a strategic function too. Notice - in terms of @pastordan's hypothesis - people who are feeling loss of white cultural hegemony at a visceral level can seize on the caricature of CRT to attack efforts to educate about racism while claiming (or believing) they're anti-racist.
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23 Jun
So of course @NewYorker did a highly sympathetic puff piece on Christopher Rufo, that took his intellectual BS at face value.
I don't want to drag the author's name into it, b/c I respect the work of his brother. But, really?
The @NewYorker has rep - well deserved - for featuring some of the best writing around. But it also has an unfortunate history of sympathetic puff pieces. Take this 2005 NY piece by Malcom Gladwell, which enthused about Rick Warren's huggy "long arms"…
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18 Jun
Shortly after his death in 2008, a book co-written by Weyrich and his close working colleague William S. Lind came out, advocating a new direction for conservatism - "The Next Conservatism" - which anticipated many of the changes to the #GOP under Trump including the party's...
2)...turn towards racist populism. It was almost as if Weyrich & Lind had helped write the script which began to unfold in 2016. And that was the year that Lind personally met Trump and gave him a copy of the book. It's unlikely he read it, but mutiple copies were circulated...
3)...within the Trump campaign. I wrote at length about the Trump/Lind meeting here:…
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16 Jun
This article mentions that DeLancy's "trainings" alleging substantial non-citizen voting fraud are being promoted by the North Carolina neo-militia "State Defense Forces". So I went to the NCSDF website and found...
2)..that NCSDF's website media page describes (in glowing & enthusiastic terms) the participation of Oath Keepers in the NCSDF.

So this group, which claims the sanction of state government ("Authorized by North Carolina General Statutes, Section 127A")
3)..appears to have been actively collaborating with a national group, the Oath Keepers, that's being investigated by the federal authorities for playing a key role in the January 6th, 2021 coup attempt.

But, reading the NCSDF article on that, it seems it's even worse...
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15 Jun
Jimmy Concepts isn't looking too "conceptual" up against a PhD who knows what Critical Race Theory is & where it came from, plus the topology of the entire surrounding academic field.

He looks like a guy out of his depth, babbling.
Jimmy Concepts was just putting the finishing touches on his patented CRT/cultural Marxism vaporization machine, when his friends Ant Man and Rubber Man came racing in.

"Jimmy, Jimmy," they cried, "there's a strange man here to see you. He's scary. He looks... academic!"
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