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Passing through the digestive tract of life. Late 90s, I warned of global warming. Then, the theocratic right. Now, 4th Generation Warfare & racist right
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Sep 26 18 tweets 5 min read
Here's #Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug #Mastriano up onstage at a church, falsely claiming the word "history" literally means "his story" (god's story) & "when we make his story *our story* we can change history". Rebbie M. goes on to claim #PA is specially anointed... These are religious zealots. As 1/6 committee staffer Denver Riggleman just told 60 Minutes, "The way they talked about their ‘epic struggle’, their religion — it reminded me of terrorist groups… this was a coup."

He's right, & this Christian [terrorist?] tendency has a name...
Sep 22 4 tweets 1 min read
Tigers have been loosed on the streets, in the cities, the suburbs, the country. We do not hunt them. It would be too difficult, & they'd just come back again.

So we accept this - there's really not *too* much death, though it is ongoing. And, yes, the tigers do tend to maim.. ..and cripple many more people than they kill and devour. But there's a silver lining to this - all the maiming & crippling by the tigers reduces the worker pool, and this drives up worker ability to push for higher wages & better benefits. They're even forming unions! So, yes..
Sep 22 6 tweets 3 min read
Doug #Mastriano (#GOP candidate for #Pennsylvania governor in 2022), who is closely tied to a theocratic, dominionist religious movement, April 6, 2022:

"We are about to usher in a total change in Pennsylvania's administration that will forever change our state and our nation." So, I'm going to use this thread to round up a few of my more popular, recent Mastriano-related posts.

Sep 22 4 tweets 2 min read
"On Thurs April 21 , we will gather pastors and leaders from all over Pennsylvania to declare war on inaction and take from the evil one what belongs to the people of God. We will claim our state for Christ" - Doug Mastriano (running for PA governor) Facebook post, April 6, 2022 Here's how Mastriano's post sets up that bombshell declaration:

"Pennsylvania is the keystone state , the seed of our nation and was the birthplace of Liberty. As we move towards the end of this year we face the greatest transition in our…
Sep 22 4 tweets 1 min read
To this day, there's been nothing to surpass this. Or maybe this cut. They're all amazing:
Sep 20 4 tweets 2 min read
Since @jennycohn1's shocking Bucks County Beacon story on the Michael Flynn/NAR cultivation of pastors to lead what I'd call church-based paramilitary forces, only one MSM outlet has deemed this worthy of coverage.… I know that to be the case b/c I just searched for all stories in the past month with the term "Black Robe Regiment" that covered this. Besides Jenny's story, only the Philadelphia Inquirer's Will Bunch has done…
Sep 20 32 tweets 9 min read
That "Nazi salute" being displayed at Trump rallies? It's even *more* Nazi than the MSM gets

It's from a pep talk theocratic New Apostolic Reformation leader Lance Wallnau has been doing, for years, about the movie "Gladiator" on how a disciplined minority can prevail

"As one!" I haven't been able to find a media story that even correctly identifies who Lance Wallnau *is*; it's indicative of the state of reporting on religion & politics today - a major leader in a global, cultic religious movement that wants to dominate the "7 Mountains" of society...
Sep 17 29 tweets 5 min read
So here’s a crazy scenario-what if a formerly high ranking US Army officer w/suspicious ties to a hostile foreign nation were holding fascistic rallies across the US, w/leaders of a malevolent religious movement teaching that its believers should seize all sectors of society? What if, at these rallies, pastors in the movement were “commissioned” as leaders of church-based paramilitary units, with the implication they should violently overthrow democratic pluralism & impose their interpretation of biblical law?
Sep 13 11 tweets 4 min read
So much for Doug Mastriano's denials that he's in bed with the New Apostolic Reformation movement (though more likely, he *is* NAR.)

Lance Wallnau recently got "prophet" status, and is an official apostle in USCAL. He's also on the USCAL National Council. Is mainstream media going to cover this now?

Mastriano, running to be the next governor of one of America's most populous states, is holding a rally w/an NAR apostle & prophet who built his career on teaching dominionist Christians to seize control of all sectors of society.
Sep 13 5 tweets 2 min read
Greg Locke isn't in the NAR movement, BUT... the NAR does also obsess on witchcraft, and even persecute people accused of witchcraft. In 2003, Charisma magazine, which heavily promotes the NAR, ran a story on the Alaska NAR apostle & prophet Mary Glazier.… That Charisma story detailed how Glazier's personal prayer team conducted a campaign of prayer warfare against a woman they claimed was a witch. The story claimed the prayer gave the woman cancer, after which she fled Alaska. None of that was true BUT...

In 2008, I found audio..
Sep 11 10 tweets 3 min read
They're "commissioning" pastors to lead church-based paramilitary formations.

And that Jim Garlow is co-leading this, and w/Mike Flynn (!!!) is to me a multi-alarm fire. Why is Garlow's involvement alarming? Well... See, I've been tracking Jim Garlow since 2009 or so. Now, he's long been politically extreme, and his involvement w/the theocratic New Apostolic Reformation movement predated that.

But Garlow - as a heavily pedigreed intellectual & author of 15 books... Image
Sep 10 19 tweets 7 min read
Flynn, Garlow (of the NAR movement) & co. are operationalizing the "Black Robe Regiment" myth David Barton built, consecrating each of these pastors to lead a *church army*.

It's especially toxic in Virginia, where the militia movement has been spoiling for a fight. Oh look, how charming - there's a Facebook page titled "Church Minutemen of Virginia". It's not very busy (yet) but still...…
Sep 9 4 tweets 2 min read
This just in from Rolling Stones' Tim Dickinson! - looks like the New Apostolic Reformation and Doug #Mastriano were closer to the heart of the 1/6/2021 plot than anyone suspected!…

As Dickinson reveals, Mastriano was part of plan "a". Please please please pass this one along. It's important. Plus, I'm quoted in it too.
Sep 9 5 tweets 2 min read
And, Mastriano claims God speaks through him. Perfectly normal. Having a hard time uploading the video clip. It's here, at ~3 hrs, 12 minutes.…
Sep 8 16 tweets 5 min read
I have been saying this for months. My point is not to attack the good work of sociologists who put the term on the map. "Christian Nationalism" is real. But CNs *also* tend to be Christian Supremacists - who want absolute control, and not over just America, but the entire world. The 7 Mountains thing, "7 Mountains Dominionism" (no, it is not a theology, it's a motivational mantra for taking power) can seem a vague or squishy concept. It is. It can mean achieving power by stealthy methods (Lance Wallnau says 1 of the faces of god is "Jehovah-Sneaky"
Sep 8 4 tweets 1 min read
What the...

Pregnant black woman gets 4 years in prison for talking back to SC police by "raising questions about free speech and equal justice".

They called it an "aggravated breach of the peace". This is not an isolated case:

Sep 6 13 tweets 5 min read
Here's apostle & prophet Lance Wallnau, of the dominionist NAR movement, saying his (presumably rich) friends in Dallas will help Doug Mastriano get elected PA's next governor. From there, Mastriano would impose his theocratic/fascistic fever dreams on Pennsylvania. And, I'm not saying that casually. As reported by Lancaster Online, Mastriano's armed security detail has included Oath Keepers and militia members. Just as disturbingly, the PA chapter of Gun Owners of America - the most extreme US gun rights group...…
Sep 6 4 tweets 1 min read
I was just thinking about how now, at least once a week on Twitter, I write extended threads that get read by 1,000 or more people.

So, I have at least the reach of the pastor of a small megachurch.

Put in those terms, it's weird. My father was a Methodist minister. Before he got kicked out of his church for excessive devotion to social justice issues (the civil rights movement, then the Vietnam War), he had an average size church, probably between 100-200 parishioners.
Sep 5 45 tweets 9 min read
Many on the right literally believe that entire swaths of US cities have been burned to the ground by antifah. I've read accounts here on Twitter from people who live in Portland whose brainwashed relatives refuse to believe the city is not 100% smoldering ruins. I agree with Zimmer's take that - although Dreher was in this case taken by a phony tweet, he nonetheless tends to fall more on the side of those who are inventing a narrative in order to establish a permission structure for extremism. Because if the left is immanently ready...
Sep 1 8 tweets 3 min read
Begone Sarah Palin, you & your witch hunting New Apostolic Reformation friends. Trouble our politics no more.

What? I explained it in a 2009 Huffington Post story:… Wow, Huffpo really butchered the formatting of my story!

Oh well, here's the source account, on Palin's witch hunting, from a 2003 issue of "Spirit Led Woman" magazine (an imprint of Charisma magazine):…
Aug 31 12 tweets 3 min read
The Pennsylvania #Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2022 election - Doug Mastriano - & the vice-gubernatorial candidate - Rick Saccone - are closely allied w/dominionist New Apostolic Reformation movement that wants to control all 7 key sectors of society (the "7 Mountains".) If he gets elected as governor, Mastriano has vowed to pick a PA Secretary of State who will nullify the 2020 PA election results.

Mastriano is so close to the (theocratic, or maybe "theonomic", meaning biblical law) NAR movement that he retweets the utterances...