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2 May
46/56 Thomas Mawson Thread Part 3. So what did Mawson propose? Firstly, he wanted to open up space to make the Town Hall the town centre's hub and to enable it to be seen from the Parish Church, the Post Office and Queens Park
47/56 The first element of the plan was to clear two "boulevards." One from the Parish Church to the Town Hall.
48/56 And the second from Queens Park to the Town Hall. ("But how is this possible?" you say, looking at a map. Patience my friend, all will be revealed.)
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2 May
25/56 Thomas Mawson Thread Part 2. Firstly, the Parish Church and Church Wharf. Mawson was quite impressed by the Parish Church, but was disappointed that it was all but invisible save from within Church grounds.
26/56 This "fine open vista" is now St Peter's Way - the main dual carriageway heading towards the M60.
27/56 The only view that he deemed acceptable was from the wharves down by the Bolton and Bury canal - now a dual carriageway serving the M60.
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2 May
1/56 A thread about the 1910-1916 attempts to redevelop Bolton town centre - as designed by Thomas Mawson and funded by William Lever.

It’s a long one - and with six lectures and 150 “plates” could have been much longer - so buckle up, we’re in for a ride.
2/56 Thomas Hayton Mawson 1861 – 1933 was a Lancashire-born garden designer, landscape and town planner.

He is noted for his work for William Lever, (Lord Leverhulme,) his park designs, and for designing England's first purpose-built mosque, The Fazl Mosque in Wandsworth.
3/56 From 1910 to 1924 he lectured frequently at the school of civic design, Liverpool University. In addition to the Bolton lectures, Mawson also delivered similar town-planning lectures about Exeter, Banff (Alberta,) Calgary (Alberta) and Thessaloniki.
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