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21 Feb
Getting your dream job in your dream studio and then moving thinking that this would be over early 2021 and you’d be in office and living 4 minutes down the road from said studio and having it essentially taunt you with a stable work life balance is killllling meeeeeeee
I could go to work in an office!!!! It’s RIGHT THERE!!!!! IT’S RIGHT THERE!!! But I’m stuck!! IN HERE!! Working in the same place I live is the most draining and unhealthy thing for me and I’m an introvert :( I just can’t do this!! It’s getting so hard!!
I know that I would actually look forward to work if “work” wasn’t in the room right next to mine :(
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18 Feb
Idk how to tell younger "aspiring animators" with like 10+ OCs and intricate story lines and lore that they most likely don't want to be an animator and that they probably want to be a writer or a storyboarder but I'm not sure they know that those jobs even exist!
I took my first traditional animation class in college, aced it, and made some cute stuff, but at the end of it realized I HATED animating and I really just wanted to tell stories lol. I had no idea boarding was a thing!!!!!?
I'm not and would also never say that you can't do more than one, I just think if more students knew what other jobs there were to pursue in the animation industry they might pursue those instead🤦🏽‍♀️
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