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12 May
The 16 other Rs that supported Trump's impeachment don't regret their vote and several defend Cheney. They just don't see it as their job to respond to Trump's election lies every time he puts out a statement. They want to focus on policy/Biden

politico.com/news/2021/05/1… @MZanona
@MZanona “I tend to focus on policy, not personalities. And I made my [impeachment] decision very clear by giving a long floor speech explaining it. And it’s time to move on to the challenges we’re facing,” Collins said.

Burr: “It’s you guys that are starting the stories on Trump"
@MZanona There was talk of the impeachment 10 working together in the House, per Mel. And hope that Cheney would give the others cover.

Instead, “this keeps putting them back in [trouble] with their base back home,” said a Hosue R. "Liz is hurting the impeachment folks the most.”
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7 Apr
Asked about the idea of a vaccine passport in Ky., McConnell says he'd have to be convinced but doesn't know enough to have an opinion on it
"It's a hard left administration. Bernie Sanders is really happy about the way this is going," McConnell says. "That's the bad news. The good news is the Senate is 50-50"

Says he hopes some Democrats will have skepticism about massive government expansion
"There's nothing at all moderate about the administration so far," McConnell adds.
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5 Apr
Joe Biden’s campaign promise to work with the GOP is crashing into his political reality: It’s easier to just go around the Republicans and pass his agenda with Democratic votes.

On Biden's crossroads with GOP on next $2T spending bill @marianne_levine

@marianne_levine Collins: “I believe that President Biden does want a bipartisan approach ... I have no reason to believe that he has changed. But I think that there is a lot of pressure on him from his staff and from outside leftist groups. And I would urge him to remember his past successes"
@marianne_levine Biden can pass his infrastructure/tax bill with just Democratic votes, but it could put chill on other issues if he leaves Republicans behind again

Portman: "You lose the muscle memory of working together if you’re constantly jamming through partisan measures."
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1 Apr
McConnell in Ky. today advocating for effectiveness of vaccines and dinging Biden for not working with GOP on covid

"We need to get to herd immunity," McConnell says. Says he's heard GOP men are reluctant to get vaccine. "There's no real good reason not to get the vaccination"
McConnell says Biden's infrastructure-ish package "is not going to get support from our side. The last thing the economy needs is a big whopping tax increase"
"He's a first-rate person," McConnell says of Biden. "Nevertheless, this is a bold left-wing administration. I don't think they have a mandate to do what they are doing"
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23 Mar
There is no room for compromise in the Senate on voting rights legislation and it's driving the chamber to "nuclear" fight.

Sens. Klobuchar and Blunt are chummy, effective Rules committee leaders but have a "fundamental disagreement" on this, AK says

Klobuchar: "You are seeing a fundamental difference between the two parties on voting. Let’s not sugarcoat it.”

“I don’t think there is common ground," Blunt says.

Klobuchar said there are 9 bipartisan things in bill. Blunt's retort: “So what? That means absolutely nothing.”
“Folks want to know where people like me fall on the filibuster. I think the bigger question is: Where do they fall on voting rights?” says Sen. Warnock. “The filibuster is a Senate rule. Voting rights goes to the foundation of who we say we are as American people.”
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23 Mar
News: Moderate Ds who opposed Bernie bill pushing for compromise on minimum wage, something short of $15 that can get GOP votes and preserves the tipped wage level

Schumer, Bernie, Wyden, Murray meeting with 8 dissenters on $15 bill


@marianne_levine “I’ve taken immense grief [for my vote]. And I’m in favor of raising the minimum wage," said Sen. Angus King. A compromise is “better than nothing," he added. "And nothing is what we got eight years ago … it’s going to take 60 votes. So it’s going to require compromise.”
@marianne_levine Sen. Hassan on Bernie $15 bill: “I’ve long supported an increase in the minimum wage. I’ve generally been supportive of a $12 increase, but I was very concerned that in the midst of this pandemic this would have an impact, particularly on the restaurant business,”
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9 Mar
After Sunday show comments, Manchin says in interview he wants to keep the Senate's 60-vote threshold

"There's no way that I would vote to prevent the minority from having input into the process in the Senate. That means protecting the filibuster"

“Jiminy Christmas, buddy. That’s why I even hate to say anything to you," Manchin said when asked about the hype his openness a talking filibuster had created.

“They must have read a lot more into that than just saying: ‘Let’s look at any way we can to preserve the filibuster.'"
Schumer says he Senate will begin taking up House-passed bills, like HR 1/Equality Act, etc.

“We're going to figure out a way. It’s a passion of mine to get [election reform] done ... Everything's on the table. We have to. What is not an option is not getting bold things done.”
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6 Mar
"Joe Manchin looked at it and was unsure,” Schumer said in a Saturday interview. “If Manchin would have approved the [GOP] amendment, the bill probably couldn't have passed the House. And I told him that. And he understood that.”


@marianne_levine This was Schumer's first big legislative victory as leader. It was messy but significant: Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders (and every Democrat) each providing the deciding vote on one of the biggest spending bills ever.

Talked to Biden and Klain multiple times a day over past few
@marianne_levine “This last 24 hours was really chaotic. If this was the first big test, I don’t think he … crushed it. It was a very undisciplined, unorganized process,” said Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) of Schumer.
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6 Mar
New agreement that Manchin approved keeps $300 unemployment payments through Sept. 6, per an aide. $10k in UI payments still not taxable but only applies to households making $150k or under
Manchin: “The President has made it clear we will have enough vaccines for every American by the end of May and I am confident the economic recovery will follow. We have reached a compromise that enables the economy to rebound quickly while also protecting those receiving” UI
Manchin’s whole thing was pushing people to go back to work and not incentivize people to stay on unemployment. He ended up getting several weeks shaved off the Carper proposal and means-testing eligibility for UI tax deductions
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5 Mar
We are officially in WTF territory on the Senate floor. The vote-a-rama has been stalled out for more than three hours. Dems don't yet have 50 for their most important amendment and Rs are trying to bring Manchin on board to Portman's unemployment trims.
The order of the votes hasn't been determined either. If Portman's goes first and it succeeds, Dems could rewrite it with Carper amendment. Until then, Democrats would prefer to stay on min wage vote until infinity rather than start working through GOP amendments
More here on the very smooth Democratic process today politico.com/news/2021/03/0…

@caitlinzemma @marianne_levine
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5 Mar
Sinema, Tester and Cortez Masto are working on Manchin, who seems to be the sticking point. Sinema told him the vote is today, implying that negotiations can’t continue forever. Tester could tell we were listening because I heard him making fun of me
They’ve moved to the cloakroom. Best I can tell Manchin isn’t entirely sold on the new UI deal
Portman seems to think he has Manchin’s vote for his proposal to shrink the UI benefit to $300 without some of the other changes
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5 Mar
Tester votes against procedural vote on $15 minimum wage
Manchin also votes no
Shaheen votes no as well. Somewhat surprising
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4 Mar
New: Republicans leaning hard on Murkowski to reject the $1.9 stimulus bill. No. 3 GOPer Barrasso: “Sen. McConnell has been very clear on that, for all Republicans. The goal is to present a united front"

But Murkowski is unique and so is Alaska

Murkowski voted for Haaland today and also was lobbied on Tanden. But Rs see the stimulus bill as different

Lankford: “Alaska’s definitely a unique state, to say the least. But it is still part of a $2 trillion consequence, long-term, for the whole country.”
Rounds: "none of us begrudge the fact that she will look at that. We are hopeful that she will decide the amount of bad in the bill is enough to where she will decide it’s not appropriate to support it,”

Alaska socked by pandemic, lack of tourism
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3 Mar
House and Senate GOP grow further apart in post-Trump era

Sen. Thune: “It's important that we not be a personality-based party"

Rep. Brooks: "liberal, establishment brethren in the Senate have not been faring very well."


@MZanona Rs united on many big ticket D items. But consider

House Rs not protecting incumbents in primaries that voted against Trump, not interested in any min wage hike and harsher on earmarks

Senate Rs have Murkowski's back, angling to cut deal on minimum wage. Some even met w Biden
@MZanona Rep. Cole: “What it takes to win in a general election in many Senate seats is just different. It’s a more diverse electorate."

Sen. Cornyn: "The House is more sensitive to the immediate situation. And the Senate sort of takes a little bit of the longer view"
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2 Mar
a few days ago, Democrats were preparing to leave Republicans behind on a minimum wage. Now the GOP might be their only shot at raising the wage this Congress — because it looks like Dems need 60 votes to do anything this Congress ⁦@marianne_levinepolitico.com/news/2021/03/0…
Republicans like Graham, Capito and Collins said they’d look at going above $10. Graham is looking at a proposal from Waffle House to get to $15 over 6-7 years

“It is a more durable solution if it’s 60 votes,” said D Sen. Coons, who is beginning to talk to Republicans
Republicans “realize it’s got to be raised,” said Sen. King. “There are 3 principled pieces: The number, the phase-in and the tipped wage. Those are the three things we should work on. We ought to try and have some discussions. That’s the way you’re supposed to legislate.”
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27 Feb
Sen. Sasse faces censure from Nebraska GOP today for taking on Trump. He's pretty ho-hum about it:

“I assume I'm going to be censured on Saturday, but I haven't spent any time to talk anybody out of it.”

"I don't really care about the censure."

Is Sasse thinking 2024? Said he has bigger things on his mind than issues that are "sexy for the rage-industrial complex tomorrow.

“I'm sure, like every 17-year-old achiever kid, I've said stupid things in the past. But running for president has never been my objective"
Sasse doesn't do tons of media, but has lots of thoughts

On GOP: "You can't redefine conservatism to mean conspiracy theorism.”

On Gaetz: “That guy is not an adult"

On Biden WH: “cowering” to AOC

On '22: Wants Rs "that want to do something more than Marjorie Taylor Greene.”
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25 Feb
What do Democrats do if the parliamentarian rules against $15 minimum wage in covid bill?

“Do we have a plan if she rules that it’s not allowable?” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) “The answer is no.”


story with @marianne_levine
@marianne_levine If the parliamentarian rules it in, it's a tough slog with Manchin, Sinema and others on a number that's probably less than $15.

If it's out, Democrats could try something different to get biz to raise wages, defer to the next covid package.

Or...try to cut a deal with the GOP
@marianne_levine Right now the last option is not appealing to Democrats.

“They don’t want a minimum wage,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). “The public wants this done and the public wants a lot of things done that [Republicans] are unwilling to do.”
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25 Feb
Biden campaigned on working with GOP. What he really needs right now is lockstep unity from Senate Dems: On covid, Becerra, Haaland. Because Rs aren't gonna bail him out

Stabenow: "We have to have every single person voting in agreement"


@natashakorecki Tanden has exposed that one early D no vote gives McConnell huge leverage. His caucus is divided too, but if Democrats don't put up 50 votes Biden may not be able to rely on Collins, Romney or Murkowski

Whip Durbin: “In a 50-50 Senate, anybody can pick a fight."
@natashakorecki Asked Manchin if he realized, or believed, he was handing leverage to McConnell by opposing Tanden: “You’re thinking more strategically than I do.”

"They’re about to find out just how hard it is to manage a 50-50 Senate," warned Sen. Blunt, a former House whip
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23 Feb
Trump attacked McConnell in personal terms as leader last week. But McConnell still has hold on Senate GOP and appears set to tie Mansfield as longest-serving leader.

If Trump attacks again at CPAC, McConnell might not hear it: He won't be there

Even after criticizing Trump's "dereliction of duty," McConnell also has no apparent challenger. The most likely McConnell successors, Thune and Cornyn, both back him strongly

Cornyn: "I believe he enjoys the overwhelming support of the conference.”
“The biggest disaster would be if we split in some fashion. It’s exactly what the Democrats would be looking for. And most of us are going to let time be our friend," says Sen. Braun. Senate GOP primaries start in earnest a year from now
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14 Feb
McConnell interview on future of the GOP: “Have nominees representing the Republican Party who can win in November ... Some of them may be people the former president likes. Some of them may not be. The only thing I care about is electability."


@MZanona He says he will strongly back all incumbents against primary challenges to people like Thune or Murkowski -- wherever Trump falls

"I’m not predicting the president would support people who couldn't win. But I do think electability — not who supports who — is the critical point"
@MZanona McConnell torched Trump yesterday -- after acquitting him. Don't expect him to keep going after Trump. He wouldn't talk about prosecution of Trump, or criticisms that he's trying to have it both ways. Would he oppose Trump if he runs in 2024? He won't say: "I’m focused on ‘22.”
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13 Feb
News: in email to colleagues McConnell says he will vote to acquit Trump, per two sources familiar
McConnell says it was a “close call” but says impeachment is “primarily a tool of removal” and the Senate lacks jurisdiction . He says criminal conduct by a president in office can be prosecuted when the president is out of office
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