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23 Feb
Sen. Roy Blunt is asking about this. Sund and Irving are both doubling down on their versions of events.
(and we're moving on. Because Blunt's questioning time ran out. Congressional hearings are the worst way to establish facts.)
Sen. Rob Portman requests that Irving and Sund provide their phone records to clear up the discrepancy. Portman doesn't seem to be pressing the issue any further for now
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23 Feb
This, from former Capitol Police Chief Sund, is baffling. It's like USCP intelligence wrote off much of what was being publicly reported about the rally beforehand—and the online posts from people who were openly saying they were planning to attend and were willing to be violent.
We may hear the former officials suggest today that there wasn't enough intelligence to indicate there were plans to attack the Capitol.
I can only say—beyond the fact that this was being organized openly online—that I was concerned enough by the online chatter about mobbing the building I had casually seen shared on Twitter in the weeks beforehand that it played a large role in my decision to stay home that day.
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23 Feb
pro snack tip: if you want a strawberry milkshake but don't want to leave the house or consume 60 grams of sugar you can throw some frozen strawberries in a blender with some milk and a little bit of vanilla and it will taste good
it is not ice cream but it also does not taste like a ~smoothie~ smoothie either. it tastes more like a strawberry milkshake than a smoothie in my opinion
i'm going to get roasted for these tweets. "congrats on inventing smoothies," they will say
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22 Feb
"Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski please confirm our OMB nominee, it would be very punk rock of you" is so funny to me
"maybe Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski will split with Collins and Manchin on an unpopular nominee simply to assert petty dominance over Manchin" fundamentally misunderstands their relationship and goals in this 50/50 Senate
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2 Feb
Just to reiterate for members of the press: AOC seems to have had a truly frightening experience on January 6th, but members of the mob did not break into her office. The man she hid from was a Capitol Police officer who told her to go to a different office building.
She raised valid concerns about the officer, saying he didn't announce himself and she perceived him as hostile. I want to emphasize again that I'm not discounting the fear she must have felt in those moments. But accuracy about how we describe it is important.
I posted this detail bc a lot of my colleagues in the press were sharing part of her story but not this info she also shared. Its not a partisan attack. It’s important to establish the facts if we’re going to have a discussion about the officer’s behavior

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2 Feb
(deleted my tweets about AOC's story about January 6th because she's still telling it and my initial tweets didn't include very key details she's sharing now)
This is what I tweeted about—took it down because she said after describing this that the man was a Capitol Police officer. She said he didn't announce himself first and that she feared for her life. He told her to go to a different office building.
I am not discounting the terror she must have felt, and she raises valid concerns about how the officer acted. But a lot of coverage is going to get this wrong bc of her initial portrayal of what she thought was happening. Members of the mob didn't actually break into her office.
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1 Feb
(It's really worth emphasizing in all of the news coverage about the rift within the House Republican Conference that one side has maybe 10-20 people on it and the other side has... basically everyone else.)
(I mean this is an oversimplification of the group who didn't object to the Electoral College results, so most generously it's like about 1/3rd versus nearly two thirds. But most of those members aren't super involved in this public debate over, like, the future of the party.)
(So it's really like three groups: the nearly two-thirds who objected to electoral college results, the folks who quietly disagreed and stayed out of it, and the small contingent of people like Cheney and Kinzinger who have been very vocal about splitting with the majority)
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31 Jan
can someone in the candy industry tell me if this is impossible: small chunks of real strawberries coated in chocolate that won’t melt like an M&M or something

I feel like it would be a nice lil movie theater snack
(and yes I’m tweeting this because we made chocolate-covered strawberries tonight)
maybe you can’t mass produce it but small candy shops could pull it off? The whole strawberries are too big and the chocolate always cracks and makes a mess. But little chunks would 1) allow for more chocolate surface area and 2) be easier to eat
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26 Jan
If there was a brief moment after January 6 in which congressional Republicans were willing to seriously examine the attack on the Capitol and demand accountability for Trump’s behavior, it’s pretty clear that moment has passed.
Some of this can be attributed to the echo chamber: Every day that has passed between January 6 and the beginning of the trial has been another day Republican senators have been absorbing talking points against impeachment from conservative media sources and their constituents.
Dems say the delay will also give impeachment managers time to gather evidence and make a stronger case. But we’ve also watched Republicans rally around the “impeaching a former president is unconstitutional/a waste of time” talking point in the past few days
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7 Jan
elected Republicans and conservative media already trying to convince each other the attackers were not Trump supporters Image
what’s annoying is it’s going to work for a lot of folks. and people I know personally are going to be repeating these talking points as soon as today
(and that’s the point. it gives people cover—no matter how evidence-free—to say “what about antifa!” instead of addressing what happened yesterday in any substantive way. it’s exhausting and it sucks that so many people are completely unwilling to grapple with reality)
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4 Dec 19
JUST NOW: The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passes the UIGHUR Act, a bill to condemn the Chinese government for its mass internment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, with a vote of 406-1.
The bill would also enable Global Magnitsky Act sanctions on Chinese officials deemed responsible for the concentration camps and require the State Department to assemble a report on human rights abuses in Xinjiang.
The lone no vote was Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie.
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9 Oct 19
Bipartisan group of lawmakers to send letter to NBA commissioner on China, from Reps. Tom Malinowksi, Mike Gallagher, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jim Banks, and Sens. Ben Sasse, Ron Wyden, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz
“It is outrageous that the Chinese Communist Party is using its economic power to suppress the speech of Americans inside the United States,” they'll say, per a draft obtained by CNN. “It is also outrageous that the NBA has caved to Chinese government demands for contrition.”
They write the NBA “should have anticipated the challenges of doing business in a country run by a repressive single party government—including by being prepared to stand in strong defense of the freedom of expression of its employees, players, and affiliates across the globe.”
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4 Jun 18
I ask Ted Cruz if he agrees with Trump that the president can pardon himself. Cruz is silent for eighteen (18!) seconds before telling reporters it’s not a constitutional area he’s studied.
Alright, folks. Here's the audio
Big thanks to @rking_19 for prodding Cruz for an answer after we walked in silence waiting for him to respond for 15 seconds
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