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22 Jul
Let’s be clear: the banning of critical race theory in public education is solely to protect a false image of America and uphold white supremacy.
It is clear by the way the bill has been written, that not only do lawmakers not have a thorough understanding of critical race theory, but their intentions are to cover up the truth about America’s foundation and force students into patriotism that isn’t constitutional.
America so badly wants to act like racism is one tiny bad thing that happened to this country, but it’s “fixed now,” and is no longer a problem.
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15 Jul
Black folx live in constant danger of white tears, white privilege, white fragility, and white superiority all because of the false narrative this society created that WE are somehow the threats. It’s exhausting. It’s terrorizing. It’s trauma.
Personally, I’ve had several workplace experiences where my own emotions, struggles, or even simple mistakes that I made while trying to learn my job well were deemed punitive while I watch white counterparts receive pats on their backs for the same behaviors.
I know that at any moment when in an interaction with a white person, I am subject to becoming attacked, questioned, criminalized, tone policed, bullied, and more all while being told that I am the bully because I dare speak my mind, exude confidence, or showcase my humanity.
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