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12 Jan
One of the greatest lies we were fed was that the US was ever ideologically opposed to the Nazis. There were lots of Wall St firms/big corps (GM, Standard Oil) at the time that wielded major political influence who were financially linked to and did business w the Nazi regime.
Not to mention all the Nazi-sympathizers among NYC's elite, e.g. Charles Lindbergh. Those in the upper echelons of US finance and nat sec wanted powerful Nazi figures returned to postwar power, to ensure Germany as a strong bulwark against the Soviet Union.
Also let's not forget this fascist coup plotted by Wall St, conveniently swept under the rug of American history

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27 Dec 20
New hobby is googling the think tanks affiliated with every rabid anti-China op-ed writer, and then looking up how much weapons contractors have contributed to them lol ImageImageImage
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15 Nov 20
@ me next time you little bitch
lmaooo it never fails—you see one of these posts, you go to their profile and don’t have to scroll too far down to see these sex pests jerk off to hentai and are learning mandarin to try and move to China
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14 Nov 20
What “data”? Look at the y axis on these graphs, how is this shit even being quantified, lmaooo ImageImageImageImage
WaPo was really like "Plot this totally non-quantifiable info on these graphs to make the line go down 📉📉📉"
“We understand these are qualitative phenomena that can’t be measured, so we did the next best thing which was to ask a bunch of poli sci chuds” Image
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13 Nov 20
tbh out of all the things the west has made up about China, the "social credit system" has got to be one of the weirdest
I shouldn't say "weirdest," more like really off-base, or misunderstood. From what I understand "social credit" as it exists is aimed at enterprises/businesses rather than individuals. It's not a tool of social control for the average person...
Its main targets are businesses/their executives engaging in misconduct. It's a policy implemented by the gov to decrease high levels of corruption. If a business/exec engages in misconduct this system doles out punishment thru restrictions on flying/highest tier on train travel
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13 Nov 20
Come on.
Yes, I understand the U.S. has a marine mammal program, but "satellite images" aren't evidence of the DPRK having one. What's more likely is that this is another case of a thing the U.S. does itself projected onto an enemy of the state.
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9 Nov 20
Chinese propaganda poster from 1970.

"All reactionaries are paper tigers / People of the world unite to defeat the American invaders and their running dogs!" Image
"People of the world unite to defeat the American invaders and their running dogs!" (1971) Image
"Awakened people, you will surely attain the ultimate victory!" (1963)

The figures here represent Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Image
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25 Jun 20
People don’t appreciate what a lovely language Cantonese is.

For ex, the word for “happy” (hoi1 sum1) means “to open the heart”. That’s beautiful! ❤️
Also “careful” is “siu2 sum1,” or “little heart”.

Those small dishes you eat in Chinatown, “dim2 sum1” means “to touch the heart”
"Worried" is "daam1 sum1" or "to carry the heart"

"Sad" is "soeng1 sum1" or "to hurt the heart"
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23 May 20
US media follows orientalist tradition of not defining China as it actually is, but rather in its perceived relation to the West, so that China never fully exists on its own terms, but is instead held up as a foil to Western civilizational superiority 1/
This orientalist representation operates on two axes, the political & the cultural:

political: as a gov’t, China is imagined as an authoritarian regime, a human rights disaster, lying/deceitful, a political crisis to be solved thru implementation of West. liberal democracy 2/
Cultural: as a people, China is imagined as morally inferior, a “backwards” civilization, barbaric, filthy, diseased, so cruel that they will eat anything that moves 3/
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15 May 20
Why are we blaming China for this outbreak in the US when we should be blaming rich people from NYC
“Why not both” is not analysis. This virus has been politicized from the very beginning and blaming China serves a particular political function.
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3 May 20
Best thing about this NYT article is the way it gives “global backlash” an agency of its own, as if this backlash happened organically rather than being spearheaded by the world’s most belligerent superpower, lmao
In March Daily Beast obtained a WH cable instructing State Dept officials when speaking to media to focus on CN orchestrating a cover up. Soon after, we got pieces like these from Marc Thiessen of AEI/Shadi Hamid of Brookings Inst. This is how the levers of power work
Republicans also recently released a 57 pp memo instructing GOP candidates to aggressively attack CN, stressing 3 talking pts:

1. CN covered it up
2. Dems are “soft on CN”
3. Repubs will push for sanctions (This is why you see states announcing they plan to sue for reparations)
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26 Apr 20
Attributing rise in hate crimes on Trump calling it the "China virus" is insufficient in 2 ways:

1. It's ahistorical--working class Chinese in US have long been associated w disease & pestilence, dating back to late 19th cent

2. It ignores the geopolitical moment we're in 1/
Mass immigration of Chinese workers to US in late 19th cent to build railroads resulted in extremely dense population of SF’s Chinatown & it was considered to be an incubator of infectious illnesses. Chinese ppl were seen to be more likely to carry smallpox and cholera 2/
Chinese immigrants were seen to be more likely to carry certain infectious illnesses, particularly smallpox and cholera. In fact, a smallpox epidemic was the one of the primary reasons used as justification for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. 3/
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10 Mar 20
One point I’ve repeatedly made is that that the media often uses COVID-19 as a heavy handed metaphor for China’s (and now Iran’s) emerging political/economic influence.

This dovetailing of disease discourse and geopolitics can actually be traced back to the 1950’s... 1/
Though scientists first observed viruses in the 1930's, it wasn't until the 50's that they were able to graps how they functioned--unlike their germ or bacterial counterparts, viruses penetrate the cells of living organisms, taking over all functions to reproduce themselves 2/
Media often invoked metaphors of war and invasion were to discuss viral infections. Viruses "attacked," "devoured," and "destroyed" cells. Viral infections were often "battles" between human hosts and viral "invaders" 3/
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8 Feb 20
I don't want Chinese ppl to think this racism surrounding the Coronavirus panic is unique to us. Lots of parallels to this & Ebola, even HIV/AIDS. Every time a new illness emerges, certain individuals are rendered as pathological entities, as objects of public moralizing. 1/
Certain individuals are seen as sources of pollution & often public reactions around an emerging illness tells you a lot abt what needs to be contained & controlled--the border, in the case of Coronavirus/Ebola & sexuality in a deeply conservative era, in the case of HIV/AIDS 2/
Another ex: cultural historian Sander Gilman looked at representations of ppl w. syphilis in 15-20th cent. Euro artwork, & he found they were usually rep. as isolated, sexually deviant, marked by the "stigmata” of his symptoms, and polluted by his own disease 3/
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14 Dec 19
Sinophobia on the rise now. Remember we’ve always been suspect bc we’ve always been seen as 1.) perpetual foreigners, never fully unassimilable & 2.) indoctrinated by an “ancient” Confucian philosophy that demands loyalty to “authoritarian” gov’ts

The FBI has said so themselves
A cursory google search brings up numerous NYT articles that parrot these FBI talking points, nearly verbatim. These are just two.

Remember everytime you uncritically read these, everytime you repeat these to those around you, you are literally doing the FBI’s work for them
This is the most recent NYT example, a disgusting propaganda piece disguised as a review of "rage" in Parasite and other E. Asian films
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4 Nov 19
Has anyone noticed the (presumably fake) accounts with avatars of Asian men that post in exaggerated broken English, and post incredibly racist/misogynist shit?

My guess is that they're created by alt-right guys as a vehicle for their own racism and misogyny
Here’s one of them. If you scroll through his followers, you’ll see quite a few groyper avatars, which is why I suspect it was created by an alt-righter
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25 Oct 19
One of the most detrimental effects of the model minority myth is that it treats all Asians in the US as a monolith, rendering invisible those that don't fit the narrative. In NYC, for ex, AsAms suffer from the highest poverty rate of any racial group
Stories like Kwok's in the above article aren't terribly uncommon. 1 in 4 Asian American seniors live in poverty, and many spend their last years alone, without family.
The MMM is directly harmful to Asians in the US, bc the overwhelming attention to success stories masks the need to allocate resources to communities in need. Despite the high poverty rate in NYC, AsAms only received 1.4 percent of the city’s social service funds from 2002-2014.
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15 Oct 19
For #nationaladoptionweek, let's discuss how the Korean adoption industry emerged as a civilizing mission between the US & S. Korea after the Korean War, turning an unproductive surplus population (orphans) into productive citizen-subjects (Americans) 1/
The arrival of Western Christian missionaries into Korea at the turn of the 20th century introduced the foundations of the modern child welfare system--primarily orphanages where abandoned children were managed through standardized care. 2/
Prior to that in Korea, children displaced or abandoned due to war, political upheaval, or social unrest were taken in by other relatives, fostered, or taken in by others as a slave or servant. 3/
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5 Oct 19
The Vietnam War forced ~300,000 women into sex work serving US GI's. Miss Saigon whitewashes this, the power relations w/in it & the violence of US imperialism to sell you a love story where a bargirl deems her life so worthless she ends it for a white man
It feels dumb to critique some bougie Broadway play, but you have to contextualize it w/in the Cold War. The central character, Kim, is a stand-in for E. Asia--weak and helpless, she spends most of the story longing for the return of her white savior....
...After she commits suicide, Chris, the American GI, takes their son back to raise in the US, which can be seen as symbolic of the paternal relationship between the US and East Asia, in which the latter needs the benevolent guidance of the former
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19 Sep 19
Ppl know the model minority myth is often used as a cudgel against other poc, but maybe don’t know the historical context. The MMM is a specific construct emerging in mid-60’s against the backdrop of Jim Crow dismantlement & Black people’s growing demands for political equity 1/
During this period, rather than addressing these demands thru structural changes or social reorg, the Johnson administration released a report which essentially blamed Black poverty on dysfunctional families and asserted it as inherent to Black culture itself 2/
Simultaneously, Asian-Americans were juxtaposed as a group of immigrants who self-sufficiently moved ahead w/o outside help, self-disciplined, hard-working, submissive—a racial minority that could seamlessly assimilate w/o making demands for institutional change 3/
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11 Sep 19
Guys you’ll never believe this, but Lin-Manuel Miranda—that insufferable rich lib who created Hamilton—is incredibly evil
Lin-Manuel’s father is Luis Miranda Jr., who was a powerful NY political lobbyist in the 80’s and is now directly involved with his son’s career decisions. Thus Lin-Manuel became the most prominent voice of advocacy for Puerto Rico, guided by his father’s business desires.
Lin-Manuel Miranda and his father just two bloodthirsty vampires, exploiting a devastated Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to bring disaster capitalism to the island and reap the profits
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