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When I was 9, I started coding on a Mattel Aquarius computer. I developed several products in my 20s & 30s, and then in 2018 I launched
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28 Aug
For the past year, I have been ringing the alarm about terrorists using disinformation to carry out a terrorist attack, and Ivermectin is an example of what keeps me up at night. We know unscrupulous "doctors" started pushing Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 to profit...
But what if terrorists took advantage of the anti-vax hysteria and used platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter to convince Americans not to get vaccinated and instead use drugs like Ivermectin? How many people could they injure or kill just from disinformation?...
Why waste resources on bombs and biological weapons when you can convince your enemies to hurt themselves with only social media posts? The deadliest terrorist attack in history was 9/11, with 2,996 casualties. How many people have died from COVID-19 disinformation?...
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26 Aug
😅My better half and I are having a silly debate, and you guys can settle it. I brought our son into the bedroom, and he had a spoon we use for cooking. When I handed him to her and left, he had the spoon, and somehow it ended up behind the bed after she changed his pamper...
Excluding our son, who is more at fault for the spoon ending up behind the bed. Me for bringing him in the room with the spoon, or her, the last person to see him with the spoon before it ended up behind the bed?🤔
Rigged poll! I demand a recount!
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18 Aug
My friends in the media still don't know when they are getting played, and it's is difficult to watch in real-time. Why do you think Trump & Co. stalled the transition and withheld vital information from Biden? Why do you think Pompeo was in Afghanistan after the election?...
Why do you think Republicans were holding up Biden's nominees? Even before Biden took office, they were setting him up to fail, and this isn't some wacky conspiracy theory. I know a bunch of folks seem to have short-term memories, but I don't. Please tell the story accurately!
Let me help you out with a few headlines.

"Trump's Transition Failure Causes Chaos in Afghanistan"

"Joe Biden Left to Clean Up Mike Pompeo's Diplomatic Blunder"

"Trump's Disastrous Withdrawal Plan Ends With the Taliban Back in Power"
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15 Aug
When you have an affair with your co-host, you are not in any position to lecture anyone on anything, even if you ended up marrying her. Yes, I said it.
And I don't tweet "fake news." It was an open secret for a long time, way before their relationship became public. Did you really think all those public appearances together without their spouses was a coincidence? Lol...
Circa 2012. 😉🍿
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4 Aug
🤖New: Last week, a reporter contacted us to look into suspicious Twitter activity regarding Cameron Herrin. It didn't take long for us to determine inauthentic accounts were amplifying #cameronherrin and #justiceforcameronherrin hashtags. The inauthentic activity was blatant...
The accounts were frequently tweeting at @GovRonDeSantis and @10tampabay. Hundreds of inauthentic accounts were coordinating their pro-Cameron messaging and spamming the hashtags. We observed some automated activity, but humans controlled most of the inauthentic accounts...
We determined at least 40% of the inauthentic accounts we were monitoring were located in several countries in the Middle East. We reported the first batch of accounts we identified to Twitter, and Twitter suspended 521 accounts. Twitter then suspended another 86 accounts...
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21 Jul
⚠️The other day I tweeted everyone is susceptible to disinformation, and here is another example of how an inaccurate tweet from an account with a high Bot Sentinel rating can go viral. The tweet has over 20k likes, but the quote is fake...

Journalists, media personalities, and high-profile Twitter influencers have retweeted this inaccurate quote and shared it with their followers, and it has quickly gone viral organically. The same thing that we witnessed happen in 2016 continues to happen today.
I ran an analysis on the tweet activity data, and it's worse than I initially thought. Here are the top accounts that retweeted the fake quote with the highest impact.
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18 Jul
Yesterday, I tweeted disinformation isn't exclusive to one side. I received a bunch of replies "informing" me that it's a false equivalency. I didn't say both sides are equal, nor did I try to downplay what the Right is doing. On the contrary, my tweet was a warning... ImageImageImage
There are people on the Left who believe they are immune from being duped by disinformation on social media, and that is far from the truth. Moreover, there is a misconception that the Left quickly dispels any disinformation that permeates the Left...
Earlier today, I did an experiment asking my followers to answer five true or false questions. The first two questions were about Lauren Boebert, and I selected the two questions specifically because they are false, and the first question was debunked in January...
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18 Jul
💡We are going to try a little experiment. Determine if the following statements are true or false, but don't use Google for the answers.


1. Lauren Boebert took a photo with insurrectionists on the US Capitol steps days before 1/6.
2. Lauren Boebert's restaurant received a $233,000 PPP loan.
3. Mel Gibson saluted Trump at a UFC event.
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11 Jul
Each time I talk to a journalist, I am asked why companies like Twitter don't do more to stop disinformation, targeted attacks, bots, and toxic trolls? My answer is they can't, but not from a lack of trying, but because they are understaffed and under-equipped. Let me explain...
For this example, let's use Twitter: Twitter has over 1 billion users and approximately 330 million monthly active users. Twitter has nearly 6000 employees, and to keep it simple, let's pretend every employee focuses on keeping the platform safe and removing bad accounts...
For every Twitter employee, there are 55,000 accounts. In comparison, there are 328 million people who live in America and an estimated 800,000 law enforcement officers. So for every officer, there are 400 people. But the Twitter numbers are significantly worse than that...
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29 May
🤖The other day I let everyone know we were releasing the next generation of our classifier and classification model. I stated some scores would go up significantly and don’t open support requests because your score changed. Of course, people opened support requests anyway...
Please take a moment to read this entire thread so you can better understand why some scores went up.

We use millions of tweets to train our models, and we have over three years’ worth of data that helps us ascertain normal interactions versus interactions outside of the norm...
In simple terms, we understand how millions of people interact with each other on a granular level, and we also know which accounts are likely to be suspended based on our models. However, a classification model is only as good as the data used to train it and how recent it is...
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29 May
Let's be clear here, the GOP is using disinformation tactics to rewrite recent history. So here is the truth...

1/6 wasn't a peaceful protest or just another day at the Capitol Building. It was an attempted insurrection incited by Trump and several Republican lawmakers...
Antifa didn't plan or take part in 1/6, the people you see in the videos are Trump supporters. They were not peaceful protestors, nor were they on a tour, they were at the Capitol Building to murder lawmakers and keep Donald Trump in office. Your eyes aren't deceiving you...
Ashli Babbitt wasn't an innocent victim or some naive woman that didn't know what was happening. Ashli was trained in the military and she knew what she was doing was akin to treason. Ashli Babbitt was shot because she was trying to breach the House Chamber doors. Period...
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3 May
In his haste, Ryan Knight tweeted invoices the prove he paid under $500, but he raised $5,183, and told everyone he paid $10,000. My work here is done.🤓😂
Ryan Knight unblocked me, responded to this tweet, and then blocked me again. I just blocked him to prevent his stealth replies. His explanation doesn't add up.
It's clear Ryan Knight had pet insurance and they paid most of the bill. If the vet clinic was charging his card on file it wouldn't show a credit balance.
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3 May
Let's start with the obvious. The age of the dog changes in just a few days.
Three of the medicines the vet prescribed for Rugby expired in 2001. Um... what?
The invoice shows Rugby was in the hospital for 5 days, and not the 6 or 7 days Ryan claimed.
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2 May
OMG... I just took Liam outside for fresh air, and my neighbor came over to talk. His wife is a teacher at my daughter's school. He said India is fine, more people will die under Biden than Trump, and Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton is profiting from the pandemic.
If you are wondering, he is a person of color. This is the second person on my block that has something similarly crazy to me. WTF is happening?!
Are profiting*
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2 May
Do you want me to do thread on how I discovered Ryan Knight's sick dog GoFundMe was a scam?😇
I guess that is a yes!😂

I promise this is one wild ride, so get a drink and some popcorn...
First, I noticed Ryan Knight tweeted the same photo of his dogs every few months for approximately seven months. It's not damning information, but I thought it was odd a dog lover with multiple dogs was recycling the same photo... ImageImageImage
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30 Apr
🤖I told you guys about inauthentic accounts that were amplifying one Ma’Khia Bryant narrative. Today a piece by @andydowning33 was published outlining what happened:…

I want to share some of what these now suspended accounts were tweeting... ImageImageImage
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30 Apr
I see journalists and public figures say they wish they could block people based on different filters they set. Um... you can do that with the Bot Sentinel Auto Blocker:…

I know people get nervous using 3rd-party apps, but Bot Sentinel is 100% safe to use. ImageImageImageImage
We have journalists, celebrities, and politicians using our Auto Blocker without issue. Our Auto Blocker isn’t like shared blocklists; you tailor it for your account. If toxic trolls are harassing you, our Auto Blocker can significantly improve your Twitter experience. Image
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a Twitter account is a good guy with an Auto Blocker!😄😂
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23 Apr
You have seen the image of Ma'Khia Bryant "about to stab a girl," and now I will tell the rest of the story.

In this first frame, you see Nicholas Reardon exit his cruiser with his right hand on his firearm. Throughout the ordeal, he never removes his hand from his firearm...
Here Ma’Khia Bryant approaches the first girl, and Nicholas Reardon is approximately 5 feet away. He can see she is holding a table knife, and he walks towards both girls with his right hand still on his firearm. Note where the girl in pink is standing...
Now Nicholas Reardon is with both girls. His left hand is on Ma’Khia Bryant, while his right hand is still on his firearm. The other girl is on the floor kicking Ma’Khia Bryant. At this point, Nicholas Reardon could’ve disarmed Ma’Khia, and the incident would’ve been over...
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22 Apr
At, we research different types of social media manipulation. We often think about inauthentic accounts when talking about social media manipulation, but manipulation also occurs when “ordinary” accounts try to persuade others with repetitive messaging...
We observe accounts that search for tweets with specific keywords, and then they reply to those tweets with their scripted messaging. They often change the wording on each tweet slightly as not to be detected by Twitter’s algorithms and tools like Bot Sentinel...
There are now organizations that pay people to tweet, and a single organization can employ hundreds of people from around the world. We call it “decentralized manipulation.” Example: Organization (A) contacts people on social media and offers to pay x amount per week...
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22 Apr
I urge everyone to watch this entire video before rushing to say it was a "justified shooting." One still frame isn't the whole story.

1. Ma'Khia Bryant had a flimsy 4 inch table knife. It wasn't a large knife that is being reported by news outlets.

2. Nicholas Reardon had his hand on his firearm the entire time before he shot Ma'Khia Bryant. He had several opportunities to deescalate the situation before taking the fatal shot. He exited his cruiser with the intention of pulling his firearm.
3. Ma'Khia Bryant wasn't shot in the chest, and you will see that if you watch the entire video. She was shot in the back and side. The officer had enough time to tackle her from behind, but he was too busy aiming his firearm to shoot as if he was playing a video game.
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22 Apr
This is the knife the child was holding. People on this platform are acting like she was holding a Jim Bowie knife, and was about to gut the girl in pink. I watched the video in slow motion a dozen times, and the cop had his hand on his firearm as soon as he existed his cruiser.
She was close enough to be tackled or tased before getting close to the girl in pink, but the cop opted for lethal force instead. Her back is to the cop, and he could've have easily tackled her, but he was too busy aiming his firearm to shoot.
Everyone who are saying "she was about to stab that girl in pink," are conveniently ignoring the fact at the start of the video she is holding the knife and pushes one girl on the floor. She doesn't try to stab her, nor does she try to hurt her once she is on the ground.
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