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WH correspondent with #RFA @Whca Sina News 14-19. @Caixin @Caijing 08-13. Contributor to FT/BBC/Qz. Made in Taiwan.ㄟ供台語.Opinion on my own.
Jul 26, 2020 17 tweets 12 min read
I made 3 episodes of podcasts documenting the voices of Shangdong Peasants families:《The Nightmare of Shandong's "village mergers"》#合村并居

These farmers speak up with desperation on their real struggles, providing us a rare opportunity to hear their voices. (1/12) Listen in to them:

《The Nightmare of Shandong’s "village mergers"》
■ 1: From peasant to "wanted criminals" pse.is/TFA68
■ 2: Who’s stupid move? pse.is/SR5YA
■ 3: The tragic land of Chinese farmers pse.is/UE8JM
Feb 6, 2020 9 tweets 6 min read
Breaking:One of the first whistleblower of #corononavirus , Wuhan doctor Lee-WenLiang(#李文亮), is confirmed dead. His final post on Weibo is on 1/31. (Lee was arrested by the police on 1/3 for “spreading rumors” ) Read this document from 1/3: At the meantime, #武汉政府欠李文亮医生一个道歉# (Wuhan gov owes lee an apology)is trending on Chinese social media Weibo at 9:40 Am ET.