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23 Sep
Board meeting starting at 7:…
@Watching_CCSD, it would be interesting to know how much the district spends on the shiny promo spot and the music.
Scamihorn opens by stating the wrong date of the meeting. Twice.
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23 Sep
'“The district does not and will not tolerate hate in any form,” Ragsdale said, reading from prepared remarks.'…
'Before a public comment period at the work session, board chairman Randy Scamihorn said he was preparing a resolution condemning anti-Semitism but that it wasn’t ready.' Not ready and not on the agenda.
'Those were his first public remarks since the incidents took place at Pope and Lassiter. Jewish and community leaders decried an earlier district reference only to “hate speech” and a similar response from Pope principal Thomas Flugum that didn’t specify anti-Semitism.'
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23 Sep
Public comment from the 2:30pm session of the board meeting.…
Just FYI, the board can elect to give speakers more time. They should have done so for the Rabbi. Cutting him off was wrong.
A parent recounted the antisemitic bullying her child experienced at a Cobb school---Simpson Middle School.
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23 Sep
'their clients are students with disabilities, including students with underlying medical vulnerabilities that cause them to be “at increased risk of severe illness, and possibly death, if they contract COVID-19.”'
The why:
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21 Sep
Sitting in on the Place for Hate? zoom. You can find info to join here:…
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15 Sep
'After the school sent a letter home to parents, which failed to characterize the incident as antisemitic, @ADL sent a letter to the Cobb County School District and Pope High School officials, offering assistance in addressing the incident and seeking information'
@ADL 'on the district’s plan to respond to the incident and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future – the letter went unanswered.'…
@ADL 'In response, Allison Padilla-Goodman, @ADL Southern Division Vice President offers the following:'…
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14 Sep
'he spoke of masks as tools of government overreach, accusing the CDC of doublespeak. We don’t need mandates to know what to do, he said on Fox and Friends.'…
'It wasn’t until intensive care units filled with COVID-19 patients, and the death toll was skyrocketing toward 20,000, that the governor did more to try to boost vaccinations.'
'“This is one of the first times in modern American history where we have a group of elected officials willing to put political chips down on a particular poker table, when those political chips are the lives of their constituents,” Koehn said.'
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14 Sep
'Almost 60% of all new COVID-19 cases are now in Georgia’s K-12 schools, the state’s top epidemiologist said Tuesday.[...]said the highly contagious delta variant is responsible for the surge.'…
'“The delta variant began spreading in Georgia around July 4,” Drenzek told a virtual meeting of the state’s Board of Public Health. “There has been an exponential increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths over the last 60 days.”'
'According to Monday’s COVID totals provided by the state Department of Public Health, more than 1.1 million Georgians have contracted coronavirus since the pandemic began in March 2020. A total of 20,705 Georgians have died, and there have been more than 76,000 hospitalizations.
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13 Sep
Since August. 'Georgia has lost more than 2 dozen teachers, staff since start of school year to COVID-19' @GovKemp, this is on you.…
@GovKemp 'The youngest was just 24 years old.

They were teachers and coaches. They were bus drivers and school resource officers. They were administrative assistants and daycare teachers. They were lunchroom managers and education specialists.'
@GovKemp 'Leah Ann Tinsley, 64, died of COVID-19 on Sept. 11, according to her son. She was a bookkeeper with the Board of Education and had worked at Rutland Middle School. She leaves behind a son and grandson.'
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13 Sep
Per a stakeholder, also re:the hate crime incident at Pope and others: 'Cobb’s ban on talking about bias, hate and race make it impossible for school counselors to guide students through difficult and complex conversations in developmentally appropriate ways as we are trained'
'In absence of being allowed to support students (the ones harmed AND the ones inflicting the harm) through this so they all end up doing better and being healthy emotionally, harsh punishments will be the go to'
This stakeholder has spoken to @ADL/ @ADLSoutheast and fears that the ban on CRT is an effective gag order on Cobb employees from discussing these issues with students, even when needed. Stakeholder fears the situation will get worse due to lack of addressing appropriately.
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13 Sep
Some takeaways: A district in Texas found a 16% positivity rate. 25% of the largest districts do not have mask mandates. More kids have been infected since August than the entire pandemic.…
27% of infections by 9/2 where children.…
Of the 20 largest districts, only 4 are screening asymptomatic students.…
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12 Sep
More about Pope HS: 'In a seemingly unrelated incident Thursday, some school property was damaged, with sinks ripped from their walls and mirrors stolen, according to the school's PTSA.'…
Pope PTSA claimed the theft/vandalism was a TikTok challenge: 'The post also notes the vandalism may be part of a "challenge" trending on the social media app Tik Tok encouraging students to boast about having stolen school property. '
Pope PTSA did use the words 'hate crime': "Many will call these teenage pranks, but these are hate crimes - and destroying property and stealing from your school is a felony."
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7 Sep
And, now, the horrifying comments by @CobbSchools board chair Scamihorn.
@CobbSchools 'Nicole, a pediatric nurse, said she spoke on the phone with him after the first week of school. She asked him what CCSD was doing to protect children under 12 who can’t be vaccinated. She said he told her that children don’t get it.'
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7 Sep
More re:@MariettaCitySch new test-and-stay which is similar to quarantine-at-school. They have mask mandate: '…
@MariettaCitySch 'Only school-based close contacts are eligible for "test and stay." Students and staff identified as close contacts of a COVID-positive person outside schools are not eligible for "test and stay."'
@MariettaCitySch 'The eligible student or staff member will be required to have an MCS-administered rapid antigen test on each school day of their 7-day quarantine. Upon receipt of a negative test result, the school will be immediately notified the student/staff member can attend school'
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7 Sep
Attempting to live tweet the @CDPHga emergency meeting re:COVID and schools. Quinones, Vahey, and Ragsdale are logged in. Chat appears disabled and I cannot see a list of participants.
@CDPHga Memark is logged in
@CDPHga A Ms. Taylor is logged in. Waiting for all members to log in.
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6 Sep
Good: 'The Kennesaw State University faculty senate has voted overwhelmingly in support of vaccine mandates at University System of Georgia institutions, as well as mask mandates at institutions in areas of elevated community transmission of COVID-19.'…
'The KSU faculty senate's votes do not change KSU or USG policy but essentially serve as an official opinion of KSU faculty and urge the university system to change its COVID-19 policies. KSU faculty senate members are elected by their department faculty'
'The USG's current policies "strongly encourage" but do not require mask wearing and vaccination at USG institutions.'
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6 Sep
'“Because we have the most (COVID cases) we’ve had right now.”'…
'Smart’s impromptu report came after he was asked to update the condition of Ron Courson. Courson, the Bulldogs’ hall of fame trainer and executive associate athletic director for sports medicine, tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday.'
'In addition to Courson, Smart said Georgia has “three or four guys with COVID,” meaning players, and that does not include “a couple of staff members.”'
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5 Sep
Vaccine uptake might be higher if people had to actually pay for this experimental treatment. Of course, we taxpayers really are paying…
It's great, but it's no replacement for vaccination. /And/ things like drive-through clinics and pop-ups in libraries, rather than actual medical facilities, seem unsafe.
And results are mixed: 'He recently referred a middle-aged woman who was unvaccinated. But, despite the treatment, she ended up hospitalize'
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30 Aug
Correct link for @AJC community conversation with school leaders re:#COVID19:
@ajc, chat is disabled for the community conversation.
@ajc @ajc, since chat is disabled, here is what I want to know from the @CobbSchools super Ragsdale---The evidence is in. Masks are reducing transmission. Just compare 14-day per 100K for 5-17 for Gwinnett (415) and Cobb (918). Will you mandate masks, even temporarily? If not, why?
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30 Aug
Verified: A @CobbSchools MS science teacher has been hospitalized with COVID. Working on more information.
Per my sources, the teacher is on day 11 of hospitalization. He is vaccinated.
I have the educator's name, but I am holding off until I can verify current school. If you have info, DM me.
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28 Aug
'The district reported 1,033 cases since last Friday, bringing the cumulative case total for this school year to 2,797. The increase was higher than in weeks past.'…
'The increase was higher than in weeks past. The third week, 942 new infections were reported. In the second week, 569 new cases were reported, and in the first week, 253 new cases were reported.'
'Every Cobb school has now had at least one case since school started, with many having dozens of cases. Two schools have reported more than 100 total cases — East Side Elementary and Sprayberry High. '
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